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While this is by far my favorite release name to date, I couldn't help but think of this whenever I say zweihander:

Beginning immediately, we're going to be tackling some bigger projects internally as well as working on AG3, so we're going to be moving to a THREE week release cycle instead of two weeks. This means that our next beta release will happen on April 12, 2011, not April 5th.

At last check, we're about 75% complete with the features we want to have ready for the AG3 launch, and we want to make sure we get bugs fixed faster and more effectively.

On behalf of the webdev team (and heck, the whole company) thanks to everyone who is submitting bug reports, ideas and suggestions, and feedback (good and bad) on AG3 so far, both here in the forums and on Get Satisfaction. It's sooo much easier when our users get involved and give us an extra perspective on our development process.

So far, Release 11 has the following bug fixes and features planned, subject to change of course:

- threaded inbox display to see full conversations, similar to the activity stream
- new activity stream types
- inbox messages aren't deleting properly (James may have already fixed this on our live beta site)
- inbox messages should retain carriage returns for those of us who like to write actual paragraphs in our messages
- other enhancements and features on the Inbox based on feedback
- bugs with the rating widget, enhancements based on feedback
- bug fixes on the utility bar

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