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A nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line
seven syllables, etc... until line nine that finishes withone syllable. Rhyming is optional.

Here are the rules:
1)Your poems must be original. (No plagarizing)!
2)Your poem must be made specially for this thread. (No taking your old work!)
3)Your poem must fit the weeks theme.
4)Your poem must be submitted by the deadline.
5)You may only submit one poem.
6)Sorry you can't win two weeks in a row. (but you can still submit!)

If this thread gets popular, then maybe the winner could get a merit.
The deadline will usually be on friday, which in tis case is April 6th

This weeks winner, will have the opportunity to be a judge. If they do not want to, then I will ask second place, and ect.

Start posting your poetry!

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Any chance that this will get judged?

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Shame is upon me, and apologies I offer.
For I have returned from those who seem dead.
I am the lowliest of loyalists and I am sorry and not worthy.

Here is the judging which was of course due September 7th 2013

The fourth place shall go to MagicTree.

I rose from the slums to reach this point.
As to gain such authority
I, the ruler of the world,
Dominant above you.
I shall seek revenge.
All the scum who
Caused me pain
Shall End

What I like about this, is the steady flow and build-up of the poem. But I ask myself: "Would the ruler of the world let himself be harmed?". Still a fine entry.

The third place shall go to EmperorPalpatine

I've defeated countless enemies;
A massive crowd of opponents:
No one shall stand in my way.
I have made the order
To ensure my rule:
They will bow,
Or they

This is a fine poem. However, it does not bring something original to the theme. Of course this can be said of a lot of the entries, but I feel as if this was the most obvious way to go for the poem. Still thanks for entering!

The second place shall go to Acmed

All Hail
By being owner of all your souls,
My power shall not be surpassed.
Hark to me at my commands,
Or ye shall face the one
Who kills on the spot.
Bow before me.
Your freedom
Is now

This is a fine example of how the choice of words can lift an otherwise mediocre poem to one that could be called good. I like the line(s) "the one Who kills on the spot" a lot.

The first place shall go to jeol. Congratulations, the cookies I had reserved for you have been slightly rotting over the past two years so I had to throw them away.

Not to brag, but I seem to be here,
At the top of the world, above
All you sick peasants below.
I, ruler of your world.
Just think of it! Hah!
Oh my luck! Here,
I am served,

This is a good poem. It is very light and agile in it's presentation. I like it because it brings such a casual attitude to his rulership. Way to go!

I will see if there is any interest in the continuation of this contest.

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Sure, keep it going. It's something to do whie waiting for the main poetry contest.

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Well hello dear nonetting friends. The theme for the next Nonet contest is:


The deadline shall be next week: 1st of april

Good luck!

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No cookies? Dang.

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