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Hello all =)
I post this topic about Castaway 2 for talking about your favorite combo, including weapon, skill or pet.
I notice that some players have difficulty to beat boss.

For all boss, except the last, you can beat them by using 'Shield Bash'(Physic lvl 2), and finish little monsters with 'Spin' (Physic lvl 3). And repeat that. If you are low of HP, use 'Lightning Strike' (Thunder lvl 1), but check before if your cible is the boss! The boss is knock, and you can use this time for heal you.
For the last boss, I let you discover, I just say that 'Agressive mode' is the best for your pet.

I will give you my stuff:
-A Razor sword
-Saint armor
-The Beetle God Shield

For finish this topic, I'll give you a bonus: Make a lot of Exp quickly.

This hint need to be at the end of the game. Go to Forgotten Forge.
At this time, you must turn your pet into 'agressive'.

!Warning! These hint needs at least full Armor Plate, and ~30MAG stats.
You have 3 options:
-Use the skill 'Miasma' (Poison lvl 3) and go to the bottom of the map for killing the 5 last Lava Scarab, while your pet kill the last Baby Blue Beetles.


-Go directly to the bottom of the map.
When you are circled by Green Beetles (~4), use Spin.
Join the Lava Scarab, attract them ALL over you, and use the 'Lightning Trap' (Thunder lvl 2). If you can use Spin, use it, else use the 'Thrust' (Physic lvl 1).


-Go directly to the bottom the map, and pass through the Green Beetles&Lava Scarab, go on the right-bottom wall, and use 'Thunder Dome' (Thunder lvl 3). While the Thunder Dome is active, go back for killing Green Beetles at the same time.

In the two last hint, your agressive pet have killed every Blue Beetle.
After using that, you need to go out, and return.
With this hint, you will recolt A LOT OF Mana Herbs, Healing Herb, Castaway Feather, Panacea Potion and sometimes Ruby Shards.
For go out faster of the map, you can use a Panacea Potion found before.

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