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First off, I rarely post on any forums- that being said - Be Nice! :-)

I have played through on both regular and premium editions twice each so I have some solid lvling tips and character building tips.

Tip 1. Unless you're really bad with a keyboard, I would only recommend 7 or less points into defense, nothing really hits hard enough in this game to worry about stacking your health and with no penalty to death its almost pointless.

Tip 2. That being said, if you want to use magic, stack all magic. If you want to smash and slice things stack str/atk, if you want to do both- still stack str/atk with maybe 10-12 points into magic, thats all you will need.

Tip 3. For all of you Magic users, there are four important spells-
1. Miasma- this is the third tier poison spell, if you stack straight magic you will be able to gain a level nearly ever 1 to 2 minutes. To do that just enter a highly populated area and cast the spell and boom, tons of exp. If you are having trouble at first you may want to start on lower level areas for guaranteed kills. A cheap tactic to do this very fast is to enter the area cast, wait for kills, exit area refresh page, and then rinse and repeat. The spell has a two minute cooldown time so refreshing the games saves you roughly 1 minute 40 seconds a cast.

2. Thunder DOME! This third tier lighting talent hits a lot harder than Miasma, but it doesn't cover the entire area. It actually will only hit monsters relatively close to you. Regardless this is a great spell to cycle if you do not want to refresh the page after casting Miasma in the previous area. A good ability to pair this with is Boost or the second tier ability in the healing tree. When doing this, Boost, cast Thunder Dome and try to cover as much of the area as possible for full effect.

3. FIREBALL! This is your bread n' butter on boss fights and when taking it one monster at a time. It hits like a truck and it only has a 4 second cooldown, not to mention only costing 4 mp.

4. Finally, Lightning Strike! This is your single target nuke. It hits harder than anything else on single targets and is usually an instant kill its cooldown is about twice as long as fireball but it also stuns the target and sets it up for a kill, which is huge on boss fights when you need them to stay still so you can fireball 'em down. Needlessly to say, it's usually a one-hitter quitter.

For my Melee brother out there who just like to squish things and beat brains in, I have a simple rotation for you
1. Swing- always take advantage of a 100% stamina first strike
2. Thrust- Attacks the enemy with the force of 100 stamina
3. Shield Bash- your second strongest melee attack and also stuns the target longer than any move in the game- also can be a great opener
4. Swing- 80% and Higher, swing away
5. Spin- the bread and butter of melee. A very strong attack that hits the target multiple times with strong hits. Your melee nuke.

and if all else fails, Lightning bolt.

Item wise- Full Paladin Set, and then saint when you want to be a mage of destruction, with the Deadwood staff when obtainable

For Melee- Get the Nailbat and then the vindicator from the very go and then farm iron like its your job- when you get 5 Iron Globes you can combine it with a Wooden Sword (Can be bought at shop) to make the Razor Sword. Best melee weapon until the Morning Star which hits just as hard but is lighter. In terms of gear, you are going to want to mix and match Minotaur and Saint in order to get the best attack and 35+ magic for your Lightning Strike- Alot of paladin pieces are great early as well.

Hope these tips are helpful- I love this game!

PS. For you RPG players out there with IPhones, are there any apps with a similar play style to this game?

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