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Well, this could be a world event, but im not totally sure. Notify me if I'm wrong.

Well, recently i gave my e-mail to someone who asked for it. Next thing i know, i woke up and check my in box. I soon find to 1,846 messages. Yes folks, 1,846 individual messages. One unique one being this:

Jasper & Associates

On behalf of the Trustees and Executor of the estate of Late Mr. Edwin
Gabriel, I once again try to notify you as my earlier letter was
returned undelivered. I wish to notify you that late Mr. Edwin
Gabriel made you a beneficiary to his WILL. He left the sum of Ten
Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (USD$10,500.000.00 ) to you in the
codicil and last testament to his will.

Endeavor to get back to me as soon as possible to enable me conclude my job. I hope to hear from you in
no distant date.
Yours in His service,
John Jasper Esq.

e-mail safety needs to be considered for those youngsters out there. Never ever believe these messages. For the most part, never even reply. Well, take a look at these promising strategies, tools and tactics to help you understand and fight spam.

1. Ignore Delivery Failures of Messages You Did Not Send
If you wonder why you are getting delivery failures for messages you know you did not send, the cause may be a worm or a spammer, and it's probably not on your computer.

2. How to Stop Spam with Disposable Email Addresses
Once your email address gets in the hands of spammers, you will get spam. Lots of it. Find out how to use disposable email addresses to dispose of spam (and spammers) effectively.

3. How to Report Spam with spam cop
Complain about spam the right way easily with spam cop, which does all the analyzing for you and generates a perfect complaint email, too.

4. Disguise Your Email Address in Newsgroups, Forums, Blog Comments, Chat
Make it more difficult for spammers to get your address by obfuscating it when you use it in newsgroups, forums and the like.

5. Use a Good Anti-Spam Program
Achieve a near spam-free email account by employing one of the great anti-spam tools that filter junk mail using all kinds of clever strategies.

6. Use Disposable Email Addresses at Your Web Site
Disposable email addresses can put an end to the spam you get from mentioning your email address on your home page.

7. Don't Use Your Primary Email Address to Sign Up for Anything
You never know what might happen to an email address you use to sign up for Web sites or newsletters. It might be passed on to spammers.

8. How to Know the Email Address for Spam Complaints
Complain about spam to the right person.

9. Domain Owners: Set up Throwaway Addresses to Fight Spam
Create email addresses for use in sign-up forms on the fly to identify â" and radically ban â" sources of spam.

10. Assume Mail from Unknown Senders is Spam
I don't know you... you must be a spammer! Here's how to use your email address book to identify and filter spam.

11. Make Sure Your ISP Doesn't Filter Your Newsletters as Spam
In a laudable effort to curb down on spam, many Internet Service Providers are filtering junk mail before it can reach you, and sometimes catch good mail, too. Here's how to talk to your ISP to make sure you're getting all your favorite newsletters without interruption.

12. More Email Addresses Mean More Spam
Spam behaves a lot like cars. Wherever you build a road for it it will travel, and it will always fill up all the available space (and more).

13. How Long, Complicated Email Addresses Beat Spammers
Spam will, eventually, make it to any mailbox. Any? Here's how to make it hard for spammers to guess your address.

14. Spam is Named After Monty Python's Spam Skit
Why unsolicited email is called spam. And spam.

15. Whether or Not to Unsubscribe from Spam
If junk mail that lands in your email in box contains unsubscription instructions, does it make sense to follow them?

16. Use Bayesian Spam Filtering to Get Rid of Junk Email
Get rid of spam reliably, precisely and effortlessly with statistical means.

17. How to Submit Spam to spam cop via Email
The shortest way from your In box to spam cop is by forwarding your spam to spam cop for analysis.

18. How to Filter Spam Using ISP-Supplied Junk Mail Headers
Maybe your Internet Service Provider runs a spam filter that changes messages subtly if it believes they are junk. Here's how to make use of this simple yet effective line of spam defense.

19. Don't Use "This is Spam" to Unsubscribe
The "This is Spam" button is an easy and effective way to get rid of spam, but you should make sure you use it only for spam. Otherwise, bad karma may not be the only unpleasant consequence.

20. Watch Out for Those Check boxes
Make sure you don't opt in for emails you don't want, and watch out for check boxes when you submit any form on a Web site.

So there are some tips to avoid e-mail spam and bugs that have you screaming at your in box the next day. If you don't understand most of these tips, thats okay, most probably haven't, or won't happen to many of you. I'm begging you, watch who you give your e-mail to! It is very important. If you reply to one of those messages, the damage would get 10X worse. They can find more information and steal it. Were talking identity theft here folks!!
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Wow you put a lot of work into that! Also that's so much messages! I guess you learned that you should never give your e mail to people you don't know. That's the main reason why I don't display it on my page like some people do.

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It was a well trusted person, they used it for some British site that then used my e-mail and sent it to more sites. These sites then sent it to even MORE on and so forth it sucked! You never what could happen.

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yea i get alot too these days... hotmail spam filter is becoming crappy but gmail and yahoomail is doin good(well for me)
but 1846 now thats crazy

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