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Gantic Romantic offers an intimate look into Armor Games' most mysterious moderator beginning with his early writing experience, through his innovative and subversive contest entries, his subsequent inclement vignettes set in the subconscious, and his lean but pithy literary stylings and reserved humor that forever cemented his aura of mystique. In a riveting series of autobiographical interviews conducted by himself in third person, the lexophilic moderator explores his enlightening three years on Armor Games. By drawing on his past experiences and indirectly encouraging others to see beyond the word during the time he has spent in the community, the eclectic writer unknowingly shrouded himself in impenetrable sesquipedalia and Gantitudinal platitudes but in [i]Gantic Romantic[i] now seeks to cut through the clutter capitalizing characteristic incisiveness to unveil the truth. The interviews revel in his sense of wordplay and whimsical subversion of language transparent in his dialogue as both the interviewer and interviewee. While too often are writers, and other artists, too vain to recognize their own failings, this impressive collection of verbose and laconic conversations is both an inflationary and humbling commentary--on himself and the community in which he seems hermetic.

Unravel the mysteries Friday nights at 11 pm, starting June 10th.

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