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This is another re-take on the Armatar discussion because we need to clarify a few points.

First, this topic is to discuss how the AG3 beta manages armatars.

Secondly, if you just want to ask for new armatars, discuss it with Dan.

Third, we are still discussing whether we want to allow custom armatars in the future, because of copyright and licensing issues that will come up from that, so that idea is ON HOLD.

If messages in here aren't about the interface we've built, how we could improve it, etc., then I'll probably trim the message.

Questions about how to unlock armatars, etc., are totally welcome and I'll provide answers as I have them. As of the time I write this, the understanding I have is that all AG2 armatars will be unlocked on AG3 by default, and we will unlock seasonal armatars through some process eventually.

We are also going to start asking game developers for one or more armatars related to their game, which users can select, but I don't think they'll be locked in any way. We've talked about unlocking special armatars based on achievements, but since achievements aren't finished yet, we can't go into much detail on that.

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