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Hey, I'm writing this as an speed guide. I won't be picking up items that aren't useful to the mage class, nor will I be taking all the quests. Obviously, if you're using the premium version, it'll be faster, but the strategies should work just fine even if you're not.

This is my 3rd play through. The first I did as a melee spec with points spread all around because I really didn't know what I wanted to do. The second I did with a magic spec, knowledge of what I was attempting to do, and blazed through it.

Use this map for reference if you get lost:
(Great map TJ. Helped me a lot in writing this )

Mmk, so... Start the game

If you're on premium, go ahead and equip your goodies in the first area. Note that you can actually wear both of the premium boots at once. Go through the dialogue and head to the next area.

In the second area, go grab the stick if you're playing regular. If you're on premium, just use your boomerang and cut your way to the next area.

Third area, go ahead and abuse some stuff if you want. You'll need 3 Shells and 4 Hides by the time you make it to the 5th area. You can pick up herbs and such if you want, but you really won't need them. I personally won't be picking up anything but the crafting materials I'll need, Castaway feathers, and monster eggs

In the fourth area, you get your pet. I named mine Kitsune. This is one of the best in the game and you'll be using it for a while (the only 4 things I'd replace it with are a Thunder Snake, Glacier Anaconda, Firestarter, or Hellhound. The premium pet actually sucks and is pretty much a waste of time, since it doesn't heal at intelligent times and doesn't fight). When you've got your crafting materials, head to area five.

I'm gonna take a second to talk about spec and stat build. You have a few options. You can completely forego HP initially and spec full magic, or you can take a slight HP boost (3-6 points) and catch up on the magic. The main thing is that you need enough HP to survive getting 1 shot, but that's not a large issue until you reach the thunder snakes. As far as skills go, you can either save for lightning bolt first, then build into poison, or go full poison, then into the lightning skills. Lightning will be your primary single target nuke, and the level 3 poison ability, Miasma, is how you'll be annihalating most everything in your path. The choice is up to you. For this run, I'll be taking poison first, then into lightning, and maxing magic for a while. As a side note, Lightning Strike requires a target. Sometimes the game is friendly and auto-targets, but not always.

Head into area five. Whack the iron chunk five times and it'll turn into iron ore. Talk to the Sigil and get the quests Softens the Blows and Make It Sharp. Craft the pieces. Equip the shield, and, if you're non-premium, the shank. Talk to the Sigil again, turn in your two quests, and get quest Beat the Bully! Use the Gate Key on the gate and head to the next area.

Big Blue the Meanie is three screens away. On the way there, feel free to xp a bit and get some levels under your belt. Getting to Miasma fast is pretty crucial. On your way, pick up pieces of iron ore (the nodes appear as yellow dots on your minimap). You'll eventually need 6.

First Boss: Big Blue the Meanie
My stats: Level 4, Magic 14, Poison Bolt, Death Bog
This boss is easy. Just stand on this side of the river and he'll stand across from you attempting to reach you (but, as his fat beetle self can't swim, he never will). Spam boomerang, poison bolt, and/or Lightning Strike until he dies. Go pick up the Blood of Crius that he drops and proceed to the next area.

In the next area, use the Blood of Crius to open the gate. Make your way up two screens to the gate of Oceanus. If you went with a low HP build, let your pet tank the enemies. Other than that, continue massacring the masses of defenseless bugs in search of the all-glorious Miasma.

As you can't open the Oceanus gate yet, continue up and left into Astraea's Bastion. In the Bastion, talk to the Sigil.
Quest list:
Beat the Bully! (turn in)
Iron Makes Us Stronger
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Down with Slithering!

Buy list:
Stick (if you don't have one)
Old Guard's Helmet
Old Guard's Chest Armor
Old Guard's Sleeves
Old Guard's Leggings
Wooden Shield
Regal Sword
Wizard Rod
However many potions you feel you need (as we're not training agility, your regen will be terrible, so mana potions are a plus)

Equip the Wizard Rod, Old Guard's gear, and Wooden Shield. If you got some eggs you want to hatch, put them in the hatchery. Quick slot your potions. When you're ready, exit stage left.

In the next area, kill some stuff if you need xp, and head north. In the next area, head left. Then head to the left exit of the next area. This is a Sigil Sanctuary area. In these you can refill your potions and turn in quests. You should have 6 iron ore by now. Combine them into an Iron Ingot.

Iron Makes Us Stronger (turn in)
Reinforce This Baby (get, complete, turn in)

Exit left, into the second boss fight.

2nd Boss: Sister Pedro
My stats: Level 7, Magic 29, Full Poison Tree
Nuke it, dot it, help the whelp groups...
Basically just don't get hit by the poison missiles. Blow it up with all your spells. Loot the Sapphire Shard after it dies. Combine Sapphire Shard with Stick to create Apprentice Wand. Now, go BACK to the last Sigil, or you won't get the quest for the next boss.

Down with Slithering! (turn in)
Sorcerer's Apprentic (turn in)
I See You!

Go left again to the boss area. Go north. In this area, pick up the Old Knight's Memento on the northeast corner, then continue north for three screens (until you get to the next Sanctuary). Remember that Miasma is your friend for murdering entire screens of enemies for nice xp

Those Crafty Sprites
Forge of the Nymphs

Go left to the next boss area.

3rd Boss: Peeping Tom
My stats: Level 9, Magic 35, Poison Tree + Lightning Strike
I one-shot him with a Lightning Strike. Grab the free feather and head south.

South through one more area is the Forge of the Nymphs. The Forge is on the left side of the screen. Combine your Round Shield with the Old Knight's Memento for the Warrior's Shield. Don't forget to equip it Head back to the previous Sanctuary (either by fighting your way back, or using a feather and teleporting).

I See You! (turn in)
Forge of the Nymphs (turn in)

Exit top right (not north. The path is kind of hidden by trees. Use your minimap to find it). This area has the Gaea Seed at the top of it. Craft the Imp Branch using the Gaea Seed and the Apprentice Wand. Take the exit on the bottom right to enter the next Sanctuary.

Anger Just Leads to More Violence
Those Crafty Sprites (turn in)

Exit right. We'll be facing the Thunder Snakes soon, so if you haven't bumped your HP already, I'd suggest spending a few levels getting it to 120-180. In this area, Miasma will wipe the field minus two enemies. They're the two above the gate to the north. Bolt the two of them for good xp Exit south for the fourth boss.

4th Boss: Petunia the Angry
My stats: Level 10, Magic 38, Poison Tree + Lightning Strike
Two Lightning Strikes will kill her. Dodge poison bolts and let your pet tank. Loot the Blood of Oceanus and use a feather to return to town.

Anger Just Leads to More Violence (turn in)

Exit right and use the Blood of Oceanus to open the gate, continuing right. The exit is on the bottom right. In the next area, use Miasma to clear the field (except of Baby Gilas) and collect the Paladin Talisman in the center of the area. Combine it with your Old Guard's Helmet to make the Paladin Helmet, then head south into a Sanctuary.

Remember Those Magi
No More Sand For Reynard

Exit south. This area has Thunder Snakes. Don't get one-shot Keep an eye out for their eggs, as they're a pretty sweet pet to have, not needing line of sight or melee range and all... Exit top right.

The next area has a Golem Talisman if you want it, but you won't need it. Exit north for the fifth boss.

5th Boss: Greedy Reynard
My stats: Level 12, Magic 44, HP 110, Poison Tree + Lightning Strike, Lightning Trap
I cast Lightning Trap, then Bolted him. He hit the trap and died.

Head north (the exit on the right). Next area, head up and take the exit on the right into the next Sanctuary.

In a Land Called Honalee
No More Sand for Reynard (turn in)

Exit to the right. Exit the next area on the bottom right. Get the Paladin Talisman in the middle of this area and craft Paladin Chest Armor from the Old Guard's Armor. Exit south into a Sanctuary.

Beware the Thunder

Exit right. The next area has a ton of mobs and is a great Miasma target. I hit level 14 here, giving me access to Thunder Dome, which is a great skill (almost as good at wiping a screen as Miasma). Exit south.

Head down the path and left into the next area for the next boss.

6th Boss: Puff No More
My stats: Level 14, Magic 50, HP 130, Full Poison and Lightning Trees
This one heals and is somewhat annoying if you let the fight go long (made that mistake my first time through). Long story short, cast Thunder Dome and loot the Blood of Iapetus Head north from here.

Loot the Seal of the Magi and feather your way back to town. If you have pets, deal with them. Otherwise, teleport to the Sanctuary near Phoebe's Forge. Exit top right. Combine the Seal of the Magi with your Wizard Rod and equip the Staff of the Magi. Go back to the previous Sanctuary and teleport to the one next to the Gate of Iapetus.

In a Land Called Honalee (turn in)
Remember Those Magi (turn in)

Exit left into the gate, use the Blood, and head north into the next boss fight.

7th Boss: Mother Sobo
My stats: Level 14, Magic 53, HP 130, Full Poison and Lightning Trees
Again with the Thunder Dome. Exit top left.

There's a Paladin Talisman in the top left of this area. Grab it and combine with one of your two remaining armor pieces. Exit north. Nothing to say about the next area. Exit north into Theia's Forge. Take the top left exit.

In this area, grab the final Paladin Talisman at the top left of the screen and make your final piece of Paladin gear. Exit bottom left into a Sanctuary.

Beware the Thunder (turn in)
Happy Swamp Wallowing

Exit bottom for the next boss.

8th Boss: Mr. Tank
My stats: Level 15, Magic 55, HP 140, Full Poison and Lightning
Dome trivializes this game lol. Loot the Blood of Hyperion and return to the Sanctuary.

Happy Swamp Wallowing (turn in)

Go back to Tank's area, use the key, and head left to the forge. You can use the Village Key to open the way back to town if you like. When you're stocked up, head left to the 4th boss area, then go up to the Hyperion gate. Use the Blood of Hyperion and head north.

In this area, take the top right exit into a Sanctuary.

Needs More Iron
She's As Cold As Ice

Go south again, then take the top left exit this time. This area has your first Saint Talisman (I also got my Glacier Anaconda egg here ^_^). Grab it and forge a Saint Helment from your old Paladin Helmet. Exit right for the next boss.

9th Boss: Grandma Simbi
My stats: Level 16, Magic 60, HP 150, Full Poison and Lightning + Heal
Bolts to the dome. Exit north.

Up and around the top of this area, down the left side and exit south into a Sanctuary.

She's As Cold As Ice (turn in)
Slush Puppy Love (and Hate)

I'm also taking this opportunity to return to town and start my Anaconda on its path to being my best friend. Exit left. Kill stuff and head north for the next boss.

10th Boss: Garm
My stats: Level 17, Magic 62, HP 160, Full Poison and Lightning + Heal
Lightning. Apply directly to the forehead. Loot the Blood of Coeus and head north.

Open the gate and head right to your next Sanctuary.

Slush Puppy Love (and Hate) (turn in)
An Eye for an Eye

Head south. Kill things, get the Saint Talisman on the bottom left of the screen. Craft Saint Chest Armor from the old Pally gear. There are two exits on the right. Take the bottom one. (Sidenote, also just got Hellhound and Revenant eggs )

The next area is huge and is a great Miasma target. It has 4 exits total. You want the one on the bottom one on the right to get to the next boss.

11th Boss: Eagle Eye
My stats: Level 18, Magic 67, HP 170, Full Poison and Lightning + Heal and Boost
You know the drill. Head south.

Kill some stuff. Head right. This area has the Necromancer's Heart. Head around the bottom and right sides of the lake, down through the middle, back up on the top left, and down the left side. Feather back to town.

An Eye for an Eye (turn in)
Needs More Iron (turned in using the globe from AEFAE)

Teleport to the Sanctuary next to Croeus gate. Head south, then take the bottom right exit again. Miasma this area for sick xp, then take the exit on the right. Exit the next area on the bottom right of the screen for your next Sanctuary.

Pinnacle Voodoo
In (Beetle) God We Trust
Six Legged Showdown

Exit south for the next boss.

12th Boss: Vicious McGrub
My stats: Level 20, Magic 72, HP 180, Full Poison and Lightning + Heal, Boost, and Ice Shard
Rawr. Loot the Blood of Cronus and exit south.

Grab the Beetle God Essence just to your left and head back up. Return to the Sanctuary.

Six Legged Showdown (turn in)
Volatile Fury

Head south again (getting tired of this area?) This time take the top right exit. Open the gate and go north again for the next boss.

13th Boss: Fafnir
My stats: Level 20, Magic 72, HP 180, Full Poison and Lightning + Heal, Boost, and Ice Shard
Another healer that gave me trouble in my first run. Revenge is a dish best served twice Left is the next Sanctuary.

Volatile Fury (turn in)
Beware of that Blind Spot

Exit left. There's a forge in the bottom left of this area. Combine your Imp Branch with the Necromancer's Heart to receive Deadwood, the best staff in the game. +21 Magic? Yes please. Exit north. Follow the path up and to the right, then back around to the left and exit top left for the next boss.

14th Boss: Cyclops
My stats: Level 21, Magic 84, HP 180, Full Poison and Lightning + Heal, Boost, Ice Shard, and Ice Wall
Yep. The path leading to exit starts at bottom left and goes top left.

This area has a Saint Talisman at the top left. Make a piece and head right. Head right one more time for your final Sanctuary.

Pinnacle Voodoo (turn in)
Beware of that Blind Spot (turn in)

Exit south. Cast Miasma. Travel the windy path to the far right side of the zone for your final Saint Talisman. Head south. Combine the Beetle God Essence with your Blast Shield to make your Beetle God Shield. Go north again.

If you have any wandering left that you want to do, quests to complete, items to craft, etc., do them now. Next up is the final boss. Exit is top right.

Final Boss: Vulcan
My stats: Level 23, Magic 92, HP 180, Full Poison and Lightning + Heal, Boost, Ice Shard, and Ice Wall
Generally speaking, this is a somewhat hard boss that requires you to play tennis with your pet to damage it at all. My first time doing this was a nightmare (gained 6 levels while trying to kill him due to all the adds he was spawning and the fact that he would always turn into my attacks). I just make him stand on a lightning trap and spam ice shard on his backside (can be done without using any pet tactics)

Walk through the last gate for the end cutscene. Hope you enjoyed playing it. I know I did. Just beat it this time in 3 and a half hours, writing time included. Devs, great job on the game.


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true, skull pixie doesn't heal very well, but it leech's health from your enemy.(not boss's)

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you will wanna clear all the bushes you find because there are somethymes Herbs,coins,or wood in there and you wanna grab the wood so you can get the morning star
Its really long to get the morning star but its worth it

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