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wats the best map youv ever made? heres mine
-18 1i 18 1i 15 1nl,-19 1j -5s 1j -62 26b,-64 26b -o8 2pi -2k8 2pp,-2js 2q6 -2ju 2jg,-2dq 2oe -2h5 2oe,-2h7 2oe -2hv 2ob -2ik 2nu -2j6 2n8 -2je 2mb -2ji 2le -2jo 2k9,14 1ni 12 262,11 260 3u 260 bf 2o5,9u 2ma ah 2m0,bb 2o2 bj 2oq c0 2pm cn 2qn di 2ro eg 2so ff 2to gb 2uk h4 2vf i0 308 j4 314 k8 320 lg 32r mr 33n o8 34i pn 35a r8 360 sp 36m ub 379 100 37p 11l 385 13b 38e 152 38k 16q 38o 18i 38s 1aa 391 1c2 396 1dq 39b 1fj 39g 1hb 39m 1j3 39q 1ks 39u 1mk 39u 1o9 39p 1ps 39e 1rf 391 1t4 38k 1up 386 20e 37o 223 37b 23p 370 25e 36m 274 36e 28q 366 2ah 361 2c9 35v 2e1 35t 2fp 35t 2hh 35v 2j8 364 2kv 36e 2mm 36p 2oc 379 2q1 37r 2rm 38f 2tb 394 2v1 39q 30m 3ai 32c 3bc 342 3c8 35p 3d5 37f 3e2 396 3f0 3as 3fu 3cj 3gs 3eb 3ho 3g4 3ik 3ht 3jd 3jm 3k5 3lg 3kr 3n9 3lg 3p2 3m2 3qr 3mi 3sk 3n2 3uc 3ng 405 3ns 41u 3o6 43n 3og 45g 3op 478 3p1,478 3ov 4ua 3cv,4u8 3cv 52n 3ps,4u9 3cv 5f1 3oj,478 3p2 530 3r7,52m 3pt 532 3r5 5f1 3ol,52r 3r5 532 3r5,5f4 3ol 5fq 3ok 5gt 3oh 5i5 3oc 5jg 3o5 5l2 3nq 5me 3nf 5nt 3n2 5pe 3mk 5r1 3m5 5sm 3lj 5uc 3kv 604 3k7 61s 3je 63k 3ij 65e 3hp 679 3h0 694 3ga 6b1 3fq 6cu 3fc 6er 3f0 6gq 3eo 6io 3ei 6km 3ef 6mj 3ef 6of 3ei 6qa 3ep 6s6 3f4 6u2 3fk 6vu 3g8 71p 3gv 73k 3hr 75f 3io 77a 3jj 795 3k9 7av 3kt 7cn 3ld 7ee 3lr 7fu 3m5 7h6 3mc 7ig 3mj 7ji 3mo 7kj 3mr 7li 3mq 7mi 3mn 7ns 3mi 7p7 3mb 7qn 3m1 7s0 3lm 7ta 3l9 7ul 3kq 801 3ka 81e 3jo 82r 3j6 84a 3ij 85p 3i0 87a 3he 88s 3gt 8af 3gd 8c3 3ft 8do 3ff 8fc 3f1 8h1 3ek 8in 3e8 8kc 3e0 8lr 3dq 8n2 3dl 8oc 3dg 8pd 3db 8qi 3d8 8ru 3d4 8te 3d0 8un 3cu 903 3cr 919 3cq 92g 3cp 93j 3cp 94k 3cp,94g 3cp 9uv 3ck,a9f 1v0 aq6 1up a3p 1v2 b87 1uj,b8a 1uh bf4 27i bk0 2ck bqa 2i3,bpk 2hq bqb 2i8 br7 2iq bs5 2j7 bta 2jk buh 2jv bvl 2k5 c0n 2k8 c1s 2k7 c35 2k5 c4f 2k1 c60 2jq c7a 2jd c8c 2ir c9e 2i6 cam 2hb cbq 2gh ccs 2fk ce0 2en cf5 2dp cgc 2cr chl 2bt civ 2av cka 29v clj 28q cmp 27h cnu 267,cpr 1t4 d22 1so,ctm 24q d5q 24i,d98 1kg d92 1ts,d6d 1qe d90 1to dbr 1q7,djv 1v9 deo 314,dd6 312 d5m 24j,-1s -54 -7u -54 -6l -6b -7t -54 -6v -3k -7u -53,-2k -54 28 -54 s -3o 26 -54 p -6f 27 -55,9v0 3cj a58 3cb,9uu 3ck 9v2 3ci,a58 3cc a3q 1v1,-2dq 2od -2ag 2oe#8qg 33q 8ng 33o 8nj 35k 8qh 35m 8q8 37g 8mn 37d,8rd 33e 8qh 389,8qh 387 8tc 37q,8th 342 8s6 360 8tl 376 8ur 35r 8tg 342,8uo 33r 8v3 371 8vr 353 906 37d 90n 33m,8nv 39f 90q 39c,8vu 38e 91s 39h 8va 3ba,9ju 34m 9fm 34o 9fm 379 9ik 379 9io 39c 9fq 391,9ir 348 9m2 34a,9ku 34f 9kp 374,9m9 34s 9le 35e 9li 36p 9nf 36r 9ns 34o 9mo 350,9on 341 9o8 35c,9og 343 9qh 33m,9qh 33o 9qb 364 9o7 357 9nu 37t,9mt 350 9m4 350,9pv 37m 9rl 39j,9rm 38a 9sl 3ab 9pr 39e#B -18q 2ot 8e,B -18j 2ou 86,B -191 2os 5k,B -18u 2or 8e,B -190 2oq 87,B -18q 2oq 8e,B -18p 2oq 8e,B -18r 2os 8e,B -18r 2os 8e,B -18o 2os 8e,B -18m 2ou 8e,B -18m 2ou 8e,B -18l 2ou 8e,B -18k 2ot 8e,B -18o 2ot 8e,B -18p 2os 8e,B -18m 2or 8b,B -18k 2oq 8b,B -18m 2oq 8e,B -18m 2oq 8e,B -18m 2oq 8e,B -190 2ou 8e,B -18j 2os 8b,B -18j 2oq 8h,B -18q 2or 8i,B -18o 2oq 8e,B -18p 2oq 8a,B -18o 2op 8e,B -18n 2oq 8a,B -18o 2op 8d,B -qn 2oe 8d,B -296 2oc 8c,B -29u 2oe 8e,B 9tl 21j 1f,B 9tn 21t 19,B 9tl 21q 19,B 9tl 21j 1h,B 9tv 25e b6,B 9u3 2bv b7,B 9u0 3bm mf,B 9tv 39g mf,B 9tt 36r mg,B 9tt 340 mg,B 9ts 303 mf,B 9tp 2rq b9,B 9tr 2ev b8,B 9tr 21p ci,S co8 23l,T ddr 30n

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