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Alright, so I've been playing this game for two days now, and I've completed it twice, both on hard. But those don't have anything to do with this but oh well.
These are the missions that I've done and have had enough time to write some crap down for it.
So yeah, here we go.
1. After creating your character you'll be dropped into the game.
2. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen.
3. Keep going right to get out of the area.
4. Kill all the zombies.
5. Search the first house for everything. Only grab things that are essential. Do NOT grab the worthless stuff, since yeah, it's worthless.
Task 1: Breaking Through - Find a way into Brookvale
1. If on Hard mode go to the safehouse and rest if you need to. Also serves as a great save spot.
2. You could go and talk to the people inside the safehouse but it's a waste of time. Also, search everything.
3. Go all the way to the right of the screen to find the survivor and Ed Boone. He will give you a quest. Follow the instructions and find Ray.
4. If you didn't follow the instructions he's at the blue house with the mailbox that says '12'.
5. Go inside, go upstairs and you'll find him. Search EVERYTHING, like I said, if on easy mode I found some money in the drawyers on the first floor.
6. Ray will tell you to go back to Ed, since he didn't have it. Go to Ed and continue the task.
7. He tells you to go get the bolt cutters himself. Go to house 14, the one with the dual garages. Go inside the house and go right, kill the zombies and search to the very far right, the bolt cutters should be there.
8. Go to Ed to turn in the task/quest thingy. You'll earn 300XP.
-New Map Area Unlocked-
Brookvale - Danger Level 4.

For now I'm going to keep going on this, but I'm still going to keep playing the game. If I missed something please reply and tell me!
I need help with this also, if you have any info tell me! And I'll include your username in the post.
Also, with people with issues with the game, take them somewhere else. This isn't a rant post.

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