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I intended to create this short walkthrough to make playing the game easier, especially on Survival Mode. But I won't give every detail of the game. So most of the time you have to explore story yourself.

*General info:
- This is an RPG game so skill system is quite important:
+ Main skills consist of STRENGTH (melee damage and max weight you can carry), ENDURANCE (max HP, food consumtion and sleepness), PRECISION (firearms), INTELLECT (picklocking, scavenging, reading books and using healing item) and LUCK (critial hit chance and... more luck).
+Sub skills:
.BLUNT: blunt melee such as baseball bat, club, ...
.BLADES: knife, chainsaw, ...
.Pistols: handgun like Colt 1911 and such.
.Long guns: shotgun and sniper rilfe.
.Automatics: assault rilfes and submachine gun (M4A1, SCAR, MP5, ...)
.Special weapons: M79 & RPG
.Smarts: more skill points when reading books, extra EXP and trade (buying things with lower price - note that you can't sell things, just trash them).
.Security: picking lock
.Searching: find more valuable stuff instead of junk (marked with a bin icon).
.First aid: healing items have more effect.
.Fitness: more stamina.
.Survival: lower food requirement and increase damage resistance.
- Just like what you expect from an RPG, you have level up system, looting, item inventory, ...
- Important: dying will result in losing a lot of EXP, you can reduce in half by choosing restart from outside (buidings).
- Killing low level zombies will not gain EXP.
- Don't hestitage to flee if you're overnumbered, find a wide space to counter attack.
- IMPORTANT: Try to complete achievements (the cup icon) if you can. Why? First, the sound of the achivement is lovely. Second, when you earn enough, you will have access to some unique items, especially the OVERPOWER MELEE WEAPON (also the best weapon to me) later.

*Creating a character:
- Choose anyone like. But if you decide to play on Suvival Mode (food and slept system), I advise you to go with someone has a decent Suvival skill: Soldier, Farmer, etc. (The higher Survival skill you are, the less food you consume and so on with your damage taken from zombies).

*Start off:
- The early levels are pretty easy, so you should save ammo and let your melee skill do the horse work.
- Most early melee weapons require Blunt skill, but don't worry, a 20 Blunt skill should do the job.
- There is almost no Healing item in the levels, so be sure to avoid getting bitten as much as possible.
- ALWAYS SCAVENGE EVERYHOUSE FOR FOOD because later in the game, food are harder to find.
- Keep what is important most to you, trash all uneccessary items (damaged weapons, junk, ugly clothes). Don't keep what you don't need because you can't sell these things for cash either.

**Early in the game, you should increase your Smart skill (try to raise it to 30 or 50 if possible) to make use of Skill books later you find. Be sure to increase Searching skill to find more food as well**

*Arrive home:
- After helping remove the military fence, you will enter this area. Still, you don't need to use your firearm a lot.
- Go house to house until you reach a store, enter it and take the quest from Keily (she needs her eyeglasses back). The glasses should be in a box on the ground next to the cashier table. Complete the quest to have her as your first companion.
- Keily's primary weapon is a knife, equip her a decent pistol and she will help you bring down a lot of zombies. Note that YOU WON'T GAIN EXPERIENCE IF YOU DON'T KILL ZOMBIES YOURSELF.
- Eventually when you get to the Repair shop, help the storekeeper with his quest TWICE to obtain a better melee weapon (Dam 20): It's pretty simple, you have to collect some junk, go scavenge the surrounding warehouses for these.
- Arrive home to continue the story.

**It is important to go progress the game fast unless you want your food to run out. Try running (press & hold Shift) when possible; search rooms as fast as you can. Also, do sleep often (sleeping raises hunger), keep your Sleep above 40% for better Intellect & Luck**

*Bridge to Union hospital:
- If you want to replace Keily with a new companion, then do it here. (As far as I know, there are only 2 companions in the game).
+ Enter a weapon store and receive the quest from Hank. He needs his weapons back and gives you a key.
+ Now, go to the apartment near that weapon store; search for room 201, use the key to open it. Blast through till you enter room 202, search the room for his weapon (your character should say sth if you're in the right room).
+ Bring the weapon back to have him your buddy. He is equipped with a powerful rifle (Dam 30) and proves himself quite effective agaist waves of zombies.
+ IMPORTANT: I don't know whether it is a bug. I equipped Keily with a pistol then I chose to replace her with Hank and then Hank is equipped that pistol instead of his decent rifle. So act as your own risk!
- Uptil this point, if you're lucky you will acquire a good melee which requires Blades skill (Dam 26).
- Your NPC is more useful with firearms than melee weapons. Moreover, you don't have to save him/her often due to his/her distance to the zombies.

**Now that you should be familiar with random waves of zombies (plus a scary alarm). My advise is that you ought to advoid encoutering them in narrow space, try to escapse to hallway or the street, you will have a better chance to mown them down. Keep in mind that you can not flee these random waves forever; you must finish 'em for good or they keep popping out whenever you enter a new area. And do you still remember the books you found, read them to boost your skills dramatically.**

*Hospital, who loves the hospital in a zombie game?
- The Union hospital is quite dangerous if you ask me. So be caution!
- There are many small rooms in the hospital, all you should do is to enter, search for item and get out as fast as possible. Our friends could jump off anytime and block your only escape route.
- As it supposed to be, there are plenty of healing items around, go get them all. Also, if you love inspecting, pay attention, you might found couples of notes here.
- After completing the main quest, the quickest way to get the hell out of there is to use the exit doors from each floor and run and run and run.

**Unlike your character, NPC can not be revived when he/she died. So here's a tip: if your sidekick is unlucky, quickly close your browsing tab, then start the game again. You probably have your companion back! Note that you MUST NOT DIE OR FLEE TO OTHER ROOMS, if so, the autosave will trigger and bye bye your trusted friend. Still, the best way is not to let the NPC die though, save him/her immediately by pressing G closely to him/her when he/she dropped to the ground.**

*Security officers and the King:
- In this area, you shouldn't miss the house of Union security. Go there and aquire the quest from the chief officer. Plenty of good stuff is waiting for you:
+ When you are in the subway, INSTEAD of entering the train, KEEP MOVING, you will be able to locate an unlucky officer, retrive the key.
+ Give the key to the chief, he will thank you and let you in the... ARMORY. Well, you know what to do!
- As I mentioned before, bring just the best with you to reduce the weight you carry. Yeah, I know, a lot of cool weapons, but you couldn't sell them or use them to complete quests, so why miss them?
- From here, firearms become more important as the zombies are much stronger. I recommend you to side with a submachine gun because it uses up 9mm ammo which you possibly had a lot. High accuracy with short time reload, there you go.
- Here you will first meet the King and his weapon shop, spend your money if you like. Beside achivements, there isn't really any other purpose for your money than this.

**As you know, your companion has unlimited ammo so you should equip him/her a decent assault rifle in order that he/she could engage multiple targets. A rifle like Hank's is fine but later, there are ways to many zombies to handle and a rifle takes a lot of time to reload. One more thing, better melee weapons often require Blades skill, so increase the skill for much higher damage.**

- Eventually you will make it here, the police station. Don't hestitage to enter, you can guess what you might get from such places. To get the stuff, you should search carefully for they key or use your Security skill to pick the lock.
- Dogs and crawling zombies are quite annoying, you should quickly switch to your firearm and send them kisses as melee often misses these baddies the whole time.
- Along the way, you will get pass an apartment similar the one when you helped Hank. It consists of 4 floors and well, many many zombies. There is a locked room; the key is on the checking counter on the ground floor when you enter the apartment.
- Often there are weapon caches near the army Hummvee, search them for ammo and medkits.

**Zombies are now deadlier than ever when come in a large number; multi bittens could bring you down in seconds. Use Healing items right away but if your computer is laggy, let's just say your character is unlucky this time. You can also raise your ENDURANCE for better Max HP.**

*The stadium, finally we're safe, right?
- Generally, you can temporary forget about the zombie friends, just enjoy roaming around and chit chat.
- The key character here is Barry. Help him with his quest.
- If you're having trouble finding information for Barry. The note is on one of the computer tables. Read it and come back to Barry for further notice.
- Note: if you can not trigger the quest to continue, try talking to Barry several times until you see the quest (Accept - Decline).
- Becareful though, many people have complaint the stadium is quite buggy with the quest.

**It is highly recommended that you should buy a Katana from the King shop. It is one of the best melee weapons in the game (Dam 40). You could fine one later on but if you could afford it early, it is still better.**

*The park and the HERC:
- Eventually, you will make it here. Enter the park, blast through our friendly guys and save your babe. I wish she was prettier but that is okay.
- Note that the HERC ARE NOT the Army guys as some people think. So the Army are still the good guys and they don't know a thing about the outbreak. Poor these soldiers.
- Rendervous with Barry and he will point the way to the Dock.

**You saw the new SWAT guy, didn't you? They are tough but not so hard to kill if you're careful. Let he turns around then shoot or attack his back or let your companion shoot him to dead. Don't worry about the minimum damage you make to him (-1), just couples hits you will end his miserable life. And the zombie soldier, too but he is without a shield, blast him for good.**

*The survivors, an old friend:
- Enter the safe house too meet up with the survivors and their leader. You may shout "He is the guy!" when you meet him. Yeah, he is the guy. Talk to him to process the story.

**Up till this point, if you completed several achievements, you should receive the special weapon: Battle Axe. Replace your old melee weapon with this one, you will smash zombies like flies.**

*The Port and the Army base:
- The port is spacious so zombies is not a problem. If you search this area thoroughly, there is a little friend for you.
- Just like the Police station, you will find better, not, much better toys here in the Army base. Search carefully and use your picklocking skill.
- Keep an eye for a parked Hummvee that you could loot for... Find out yourself, adventurer.
- There is a cool uniform in the Army base, too. Dress up like a soldier, soldier!
- The quest items are scattered in 3 rooms (if I remember correctly), scavenge one by one and you should find all of them.
- Take the required items back to the survivors.

**I don't give much instruction anymore because I don't want to spoil you in these levels and you probably know how to survive yourself.**

*The wall and your freedom:
- Wait for "the guy" to bring the wall down and process. WAIT!
- IMPORTANT, equip yourself and your NPC the best stuff you have. THE LAST TIP TO SURVIVE IS "What did Jenny tell Forest Gump to do?"

**You and your wife are nearly there, freedom.**

- "The guy" is here to buy you sometime, let him handle the job and keep moving until you get a cut scene.
- What to do now? What the cut scene!
- That's it, you made it after hours. Better go rest your eyes now!

**The game sucks sometime but overall, it is a great sequel. Do you agree?**

-- THE END --

**You can put your questions here, I will help you if I can. Thanks for spending time reading my walkthrough and sorry for my bad English.**

- Thank ConArtists for such a decent game -

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