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it's not a coarse.

Load and look:

-p -85 -1f -8f -2c -8n -3c -8u -4b -93 -5c -96 -6d -96 -7e -93 -8c -8u -9b -8j -a4 -85,-p -82 -1b -7o -1k -79,-1b -7o -21 -7e -2r -75 -3q -6s -4o -6m -5r -6i -6t -6f -81 -6f -95 -6m -aa -74,-ad -74 -as -7c,-au -7c -am -7r,-5d -98 -50 -8r -4u -8a -4s -7m -4s -73 -53 -6j,-7t -93 -81 -8h -81 -7u -7t -7b -7p -6q -7g -6d,-6q -8a -69 -88 -5t -7p,-64 -77 -6k -6u -76 -71 -7c -7h -7a -82 -6r -8b,-6v -8a -6v -7n -6v -75,-6v -87 -6r -7l -6s -72,-6s -8a -6p -7n -6s -75,-6n -8c -6u -7r -6s -7a,-7b -7t -6m -7q -64 -7o,-68 -85 -6p -7o -7a -7d,-74 -74 -6j -7h -60 -7o,-68 -74 -6h -7m -6j -87,-63 -82 -6i -7m -6f -76,-63 -7h -6l -7b -77 -78,-6g -87 -6g -7k -6i -72,-66 -7c -6p -7e -77 -7m,-6l -8a -6m -7o -6p -78,-76 -7c -6o -71 -65 -74,-74 -82 -73 -7h -6r -82 -6c -7k -6q -7a -68 -7e,-67 -80 -6s -82 -7b -7m -6t -76 -67 -72,-64 -81 -6q -89,-66 -74 -5r -7j -69 -7u,-u -8a -1i -8i,-24 -8u -2k -99,-1b -8h -1t -8v,-11 -8a -1f -8q,-1q -8k -2b -91 -2s -9a,-29 -8r -2s -91 -3e -9c,-2o -8r -3a -92 -3s -9d,-2v -8u -3k 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2m 76 3e 7l 49 82 53 8c 5u 8e 6m 84 7f 7m 83 74 8l 6g 92 5o 95 4t 90 3u,91 3v 8k 3d 8b 2n 85 1r 7v 11 7q 6 7q -k 7r -1g 7s -29,4s 9r 4s al 4r bh 4m ce,5j a2 5l as 5n bm 5r cg,56 f5 4h el 3k eb 2k e9 1l eh n f1 -5 fg -11 ft -24 g9 -34 gg -40 gm,59 f2 5t em 6o ed 7m ek 8j f6 9l fq ap gb bt go d1 h3 e2 hb,e3 hg d9 hj c8 hj bc hh aa ha 98 h2 86 gr 71 gm 5r gi 4k gi 3e gn 2b gt 1a h3 9 h6 -o h4 -1p h1,-2m gv -3m gt,e1 hd dd hu cg ib bf ig ab ii 95 ij 80 ij 6q ij 5g ii 4b ig 37 ie 23 ic u i9 -3 i6 -19 i1,-2b hs -38 hl -42 ha -4c go,-1s gt -2e gt -2u gv,-1p h0 -2d h0 -2u gt,-1a i0 -1u ht -2h hq,-3t gm -4c gn,4f -rp 4t -r0 56 -q4 5i -p1 5t -nl 64 -mb 6b -kv 6l -jk 72 -ib 7i -h2 81 -fs 8j -ek 95 -dc 9l -c9 a2 -b4 ad -a0 as -8j b9 -7b bi -5v bs -48 c8 -2j ci -18 cp 5 cu 1b d2 2j cv 3p cu 4u db 67 dt 7f ei 8r fa a9,4e -rr 42 -r6 3i -qe 30 -pi 29 -ok 1h -nl m -mn -8 -lm -19 -kn -2e -jo -3k -im -4m -hk -5q -gn -71 -fu -8e -f6 -9p -ef -bc -dr -cp -dd -dp -ch -ed -bi -f1 -ae -fo -93 -gd -7s -h2 -6i 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-1k go,-38 h4 -2k hh,-1m gv -2n gt#

Isn't she pretty?

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