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Hello.I've seen a few threads asking for more tags and/or genres.Wouldn't it be cool if users could make their own genres and put games in it that match it.People could then thumbs up,like, or whatever its gonna be called,to let people know which ones are the best to trust.Kinda like this
Tower Defense
-Kingdom Rush
-Bubble Tanks Tower Defense
-Cursed Treasure
And it could have the links and pictures of the game.It could also be like a way of showing someones recommendations for some good games to play.To you AGers.

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Well remember that would me milloins of people making names for tags and catigories, but tags are dev defined thing so users have no part in that...

Personaly the catigores me have now are fine. But even if more ar wanted I think that a user-make system would be complex and not needed.

But are you saying genre like the ones on the top of the screen (ie. Action, adventure, ect.) If so making more catigores would make it harder! You would have hundreds of them and user deffined so it may not be accurate.

But if you me tags those are dev defined, and a lot of them are *officail* names like tower defence, top down shooter, platforme those are all names that there should not be anouther name for (unless made up)

To tell you the truth user-made or cuztomizeable site tend to turn in to a mess, AG is trying it's best to be a &quoterfesonal" game site, and keep from falling in to traps many other site fall in to, though this may mean less cuztom or free-to-do-anything-you-want systems but it better in the long run and is better for the users, just like guvernment laws though some may think there limiting but there to keep you safe.

*steps off of soap box* lol XD sorry!

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