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well i was a simple spriter til i though they need to do something but sit there, i could get other devs to use my sprites but they never gave credit like they should! so i tryed programming my self! after trying GML and having problems (don't get started on that one...) i tryed flash, every one said it was bad back a GM but i found it was wounderfull! so here i am programming flash! i have been in the learning stage for a year, i wanted to get a good start and learn from the top and not free website! so i looked at moock colins books and feel in love with AS3! hre is a link to my site

Flying Fox Development

i would love any ideas or hints from the oldys and the newbies about developing! also for newbies there is a dev's corner full of links and such for programs and such!

but i would be glad to link to other dev sites so we can create a web of devs and help every one out big or small!

i apershate any comments! and thanks for any help! i am glad to help and thankfull for any help!
(atleast vist it please!)

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