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Welcome to Art, Music and Writing. It's the chillest place on Armor Games for artists, musicians, and writers. Kick back and share your work.

We respect intellectual property. PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Even if it's not or can't be copyrighted, it is still possible to plagiarize. Credit anything you did not create to the person(s) who created it within reason. Attempting to pass off someone else's work as your own will result in a ban.

1.) Plagiarism will not be tolerated. We cannot stress this enough. Attribute anything that you took from somewhere else and there should be no problem within reason. Report plagiarism to a moderator.
2.) Discussion about books, art, music, etc. by other people, i.e. professionals and other people you don't know, goes in Popular Media.
3.) Obscene material is not allowed. Sex scenes, excessive violence, excessive language, explicit gore, and content otherwise better suited for mature audiences are not allowed. 'Obscene' and 'excessive' is subjective and there are gray areas. Please report content that offends you and the moderators will deal with it accordingly.
4.) Please be aware of how much data you are posting. Posting several megabytes worth of media in one post will take longer to load. Not everyone has a high bandwidth.
5.) Be polite when giving feedback to another user's work. Criticism should be constructive. If you don't like something, don't be a jerk about it.
6.) Please check out the BBCode Guide on how to embed images, use bold and italics, as well as other things.

1.) Do not claim someone else's artwork as your own. That is plagiarism.
2.) Embed images using the BBCode image tags. The tag must be in lowercase. The URL must be the image URL, not the page or frame the image is shown. Right-click and View Image or Right-click Copy Image Location to get to the image URL.
3.) Images have a maximum width of 670 pixels before a scrollbar will appear. If the image is wider, please use a smaller image and/or link to the image instead of posting it on the forums.
4.) Please use a smaller image and/or link to the original image if the image is more than 10% larger than either 1000 px high or 1MB.
5.) Credit and/or source brushes, renders, textures, characters, etc. that you did not make. If you referenced at someone else's work to make your own, please include a source and/or credit the original artist.

1.) Do not claim someone else's poem, story, or other piece of writing as your own. That is plagiarism.
2.) Please post a link to a story or other written work if it is long. Anything greater than 10% more than 5000 words is pushing it.
3.) Credit and/or source characters, objects, settings, etc. that you did not create. Ask for permission before using another user's image, character, etc. in your work.
4.) The forums will only accept ASCII printable characters. Other characters will result in unwanted symbols. If your piece of writing was written in Word or similar word processor, make sure all quotation marks (and apostrophes) are straight quotes ("" '' and not curly quotes.

1.) Do not claim someone else's song, lyrics, film, music, or video as your own. That is plagiarism.
2.) You cannot embed any sort of music or video file on Armor Games. You will need to upload the file and post a link to it if you want to share it.

Please read the following posts for information on plagiarism, infringement, and constructive criticism. Any questions and comments can be posted on this thread.

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