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It's time for Seventh Grade all over again in this RPG. What will you do? Make friends, get good grades, maybe even find a little love - It's up to you!

Here is the character sheet you will use:

Name: First and last name
Gender: Male or Female
Age: 11-13
Description: Tell us about yourself. What do you look like? What's your personality like? Things like that.

Schedule: Here are the classes you will take. Some are mandatory, and some you get to choose between. You may arrange the order of the classes in any way you like.

Social Studies
Language (pick a language)
Study Hall
Music or Art

Now divide 25 points among the following stats:

Strength: How strong you are. Useful for anything physical.
Intelligence: How smart you are. Useful if you want good grades.
Dexterity: How fast or nimble you are. Useful in sports.
Endurance: How long you can keep on going. Also useful in sports.
Charm: How popular you are. Useful in social situations.

Friends: You will get friends throughout the year.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend: If you are brave (and lucky), you might even find some love in this game!

I'll use my character sheet as an example:

Name: Johnny Stuff
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Description: Brown hair and eyes. Very reserved. Usually wears long-sleeved clothing and jeans.
Period 1: Gym
Period 2: Study Hall
Period 3: Spanish
Period 4: Science
Period 5: English
Period 6: Math
Period 7: Social Studies
Period 8: Music
Strength: 4
Intelligence: 8
Dexterity: 5
Endurance: 5
Charm: 3
Friends: None
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: None

More stuff will be added if I think of anything else.

Have fun!

-Mr. Stuff

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