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Important skills that you should when your around lvl 10 and above:

Fire Elemental for extra hits and dmg while fighting + protects you from nearby mobs.

Divine blessing if you want to see your max damage!

Sprint you like speed, then get it! ( Specially if your a dual! )

Guardian if you want to be go dive in a mob of monsters well here is your skill. ( Caution: Guardian skill has like an hp, not sure how much though. You will see what i mean specially when a unique monster is attacking you, but if its just normal monster the guardian ability last much more longer.)

assassin great for all weapon build!! ( specially for dual wielders! )

Backstab!! can be used as a cheap shot on monsters with armor, if your a PRO you can also cheap shot boss with this. For me its the strongest skill for killing bosses! Buffs + Buff Pots + boss with no armor + all lvl 3 backstab skill used = boss down or either dying!

Enlightenmentnice passive skill to get if you want your dmg, crit, hp and defense to go up. ( You should really get this maxed out if you want your crit to reach 80% + )

- Tips and hints -

Be sure to have a higher lvl than the boss or dungeon. 2-3 lvl is enough.

Elf poem quest = s. wind crystal at first slot then at center is stone of blessing at top slot is crystal then at right slot is s. water crystal.

Lore Keeper Achievement = Space on well till you get a Hp pot, then head to Paul ( Warehouse ) there you will see a 2 tree at his left side.. Go to the next one!

Jump on kimura = 2 ways to do this, Try to push kimura in a corner so he doesn't move that much or if you want the easiest way, go fight a ghost don't kill it.. just wait for it to summon more ghost then go near kimura and then jump on the ghosts, if you are near kimura while jumping on the ghost that will also count as jumping on him even though your jumping on the ghost.

Legendary sword = whats so legendary about this one?? when your around lvl 60+ i think, that's when you can obtain yitian sword from treasure chest's. The first Yitian sword you'll get will get you the achievement finished. Or you could just buy 1 from the blacksmith.

999 hits = you can do this once your avatar is strong enough, this is the fastest and when i say fastest way its really fast! Once you enter a room with 2-3 ghosts, hit them till they're almost dead. Wait for them to summon more ghost. Stay in your position till all of em comes close, once your ready you could jump on em! 999 hits will just take you around 2-3 mins depends if you do it on 1 try.

Yooseki stones = DONT THROW THEM OR SELL THEM!! As im reading some post i read that some players has lost there yooseki stones?? I don't know how though?? ( Well if you actually lost the stone well too bad, you'll just have to start all over again, coz there is no other way to trigger the event where Celest gives you the stone again. ) Celest gives you the stone everytime you finish a quest boss! But the first one she will give you is before you fight the Minotaur.

Slimes = **** slimes here in Arcuz 2 are really annoying, but they sure do help a'lot just as long as you can kill em! Try this: Sprint + attack and serk pots + Fire elemental + then whack the sh!t out of them slimes!! ( Beware Slime Mama!! Once you kill a slime there is a chance the momma will spawn! She is HUGE and has much more HP, and when she's almost out of HP everytime you attack she generates tons of mini slimes that are like on drugs because of their speed!! ) Good news is she also drop a Dimensional Portal!

Dimensional Portal = Be sure to have atleast lvl 2 Sprint, and before you use the portal be sure to cast the sprint first! When you use the dimensional portal you'll be transported to a room where you'll have to find the green chest! But you only have 10 seconds!

Buff Pots = Always buy buff pots everytime you go back to town. You'll never know you might encounter the dual headed ogre or the stupid skeleton king! ( Once you finish the game you'll know why i called him stupid )

Magic Resistance Bug = Well im not sure if this works on all Arcuz 2, First of all im not playing Arcuz 2 online, i downloaded the game so no need to connect to the net. Well no harm for you to try this though.. Here it goes, once you level up dont spend the SP, just save it so that everytime you open your skill page the accept button is there. The bugg is that everytime you press accept your magic resist goes up by 1% or 2%. Not sure if this work if your not wearing any equip with magic resistance, haven't tried it.

Yellow or Set equips = For me yellow equips are the best to use, but if for example you dont have any strong equips and you get a set item well there is no prob in using that. Why yellow equips? Well first of all set items are hard to complete, if you ever complete 1 there is sa chance that the set has some low lvl parts. Example you get a shadow weapon at lvl 20, then you get the other parts while your lvling up, well its pretty obvious that there is no way that you will use the lvl 20 right? Unlike the yellow weapon or armors, even though you get a lvl 20 yellow wep it has 10 compose where you can just upgrade it to your liking... unlike the set you'll need to complete all the set before the other effect activates. It really does depend on your liking, but if you want to achieve some uber damage and crit % you wont get it from set equips.

Well i guess this is it for now, need to sleep first
I still have plenty to put here, and also if you have some questions about Arcuz 2 ill be glad to help you!!
I hope you'll find all of this helpful!

Enjoy Playing!!

Btw, if your wondering what lvl and stats my character has well here is some info:

Name: Devron
Level: 120
Str: 233 (Spent 200 points here)
Agi: 77 (Didn't spend any here just enlightenment and some tomes)
Con: 71 (Didn't spend any here just enlightenment and some tomes)
Luck: 463 (Spent 395 points here)

HP: 11348 Skill point: 4876

Damage: 2896 - 3251
Crit: 91% ( Im wearing 3 lvl 4 crit, 3 lvl 3 crit and 4 lvl 2 crit and im seeing red everytime i attack a monster! )
Defense: 546 + 1420 ( still kinda low, all my def bonus and +def% are only at lvl 2. )

Ive been playing for hmm... about 1 week only, i just heard that there was arcuz 2 and there really is one! Hehe, im playing 3-5 hours only ever since i've downloaded Arcuz 2. Im an expert on arcuz 1 so arcuz 2 is no problem for me!


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