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Hello folks, so I've been playing WarLight for a while and I think I've got a good grasp of the game, so here my observations and partial walkthrough (haven't beat Insane yet).

General considerations:
- You need twice your enemy's armies to capture a territory with high reliability. This rule is no longer true for very large armies, but it's true enough for most interactions.
- AR: armies to territories ratio. Indicates a region's potential compared to capture difficulty. The more armies for your territories, the better... but it also means you have to defend your region well.
- Swarm tactics: surrounding an enemy territory with armies just large enough to prevent invasion (for example a pack of 4s around a 6), then attacking with all the small armies at once. Very useful in the middle of a landmass or to prevent piercing through.
- Nibbling: capturing a territory only to deny your enemy a region bonus. Use it, abuse it, make sure it doesn't happen to you.

1/ Level 1
- Place all armies on Southern Europe and capture Middle East.
- Pump Middle East to 5, pump anything adjacent to Uklraine to 5. Capture Ukraine and India. You now have 11 armies per turn.
- Max India, capture Siam. Your opponent now no longer can win (he is blocked, and you have more armies per turn than he does).
- Max Siam, capture Indonesia.
- Max Indonesia, split your armies evenly to capture New Guinea and W. Australia.
- Max one of your last won territories, capture E. Australia. You just won a gold star !

Sometimes the AI leaves troops in W. Australia, so you have to play the last round a bit differently. But on the whole, gainging a gold star on this level is easy.

2/ Level 2
- Europe has the best AR on the map, so you'll want to capture it ASAP. Capture Brazil with 5 armies and Peru with 4 in the first round. Capture North Africa and Venezuela in the second round.
- Capture W. Europe and Central America. You should now expand quickly towards Ukraine and Greenland. You will see your opponent on turn 3 or 4, but they usually won't bother you this early, unless you are leaving a few very weak spots.
- Finish capturing Europe and start reclaiming North America and Africa. You should probably capture and depfend Middle East as well due to its central position. When reclaiming North Am., make a run for Alaska and secure it. this way, you'll have plenty of time to reclaim the rest while at the same time preventing foes from entering from Kamchatka.
- Once you own all America, Africa and Europe, move on towards Asia. I suggest building up a very defensive front from Europe and attacking from Alaska. You should also make a rush towards Siam to ensure no enemy receives bonus armies.
- You now have your enemy in a vice between your European front and your attackers from Alaska. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women. Victory is yours, most certainly with a gold star !

3/ Level 3
This one is trickier. Don't hesitate to restart if you begin in a ****ty area. Good areas to start with are the ones with high AR: Central America, West Africa, Scandinavia, Caucasus, East and West China, and India.
Important chokepoints you should keep an eye on are:
- Hawaii. It is worth controlling every time if you start in East Asia or Northern US. Defend it well.
- Alaska. Same as Hawaii.
- Egypt. Controls travels between Africa and Asia and is pretty easy to defend.
- Algeria. Controls travels between Africa and Europe
- Brazil. Controls travels between Africa and America, and is linked to every south american country. A pity South Am. hass such a crappy AR.
- Japan. South Pacific chokepoint. Very important in the defense of the Alaska-Anadyr connection, because it allows you to poke East Russia with ease, distracting your opponents.
- Norway. The only way to Svalbard from the east, and allows a good reactivity in Scandinavia and West Russia.

A strategy I enjoy a lot on this map is building the Axis of Evil: capture Greenland, Europe, Saudi Arabia, India and Indonesia so you split the map in two. Then work your way up along the Asian Pacific coast and capture East Russia, then spiral your way back towards Europe. You now control all of Europe and Asia. From here on, poke the US from Greenland and Russia to diminish the number of troops your enemies gain, then rain down on Africa from Spain and Egypt. Capture Antarctica from South Africa then attack America from the south. Oh, you can probably snatch Australia on the way, but don't bother too much, it sucks. Keep it under control but don't waste too much time on it before you've got at least 50 armeis per turn.

4- Level 4 - Europe
This level is actually quite easy if you take a good start. Max Southeast England, attack Northern adn Northwestern France. Move your Wales and Midland armies northwards. You will meet a large enemy army in France, use your airlift to defeat it. From there on, capturing France, then Benelux and Spain is easy.
Remember your 100 something army in Scotland? Capture Norway. Yeah, it's an allied territory, but who cares. Your ally is getting his buttocks kicked anyway and good AR regions are rare on this map. From Norway on, get Sweden and Denmark (also a good AR), then build up defenses in the north and progress from France towards the east, wall-like. With careful advance you can get the left half of the map in no time and then keep on rolling eastwards. Do not progress too fast; be sure to defend and use swarm tactics and nibbling.

5- Level 5 - Crazy
This one is pretty much like level 3, only your opponents are thrice your size from the beginning. This level is all about a good start: get a good AR starting point, and avoid at all costs enemy interaction before turn 4. This can mean you'll have to restart a few times, yes, but you cannot afford to waste armies in the early phases of the game. Capture and secure your region, nibble like there's no tomorrow, and act reactively. If you can afford NOT to use your reinforcement cards, by all means do so. Don't forget that your enemies will fight each other as well, so don't stand between them : let them weaken each other before you jump in.

6- Level 6 - Insane
Meh, still working on it.

Hope this could help.


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