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So, just about everyone I know has their own thread in AMW, and I decided it was high time I started one of my own. I'm no artist, but I fancy myself to be a bit of a poet. Here's a few by myself:

The Five Seasons

In the cool of these days
I lie in the grass and contemplate
In a fresh and gentle haze
These beautiful breezes of late
I long for times to go on forever
But alas, they always stay never

Through the days of heat
I long for the autumn
Through this swelting waves to beat
A cold, wet column
Like a fresh breath of life
To end this heated strife

In these months so gold
When fresh joy enchants
The colours grow bold
With gusts of cool windy rants
I fear my life is gone
When these perfect days move on

Like a renewal of heart
These ages are bathed in white
When gone are the times of hurt
Here the young are fresh with delight
Sweet peace, joy, and love
Soon flies away like a dove

Ah, this fifth season
It is how I am alive
It ends without reason
It all too soon doesn't arrive
When this season is gone
To the afterlife, I move on

You Live To Die

Men live, men die
A pat on the back
Beats a poke in the eye
This pendulum is out of wack

As life marches on, love might find you
If it does, it might stay
Or it might sail on with a ship's crew
If it's still there, hooray

Soon, tragedy strikes you down
Life starts to end, fall to pieces around your ears
Those bright lights of love may turn brown
If you're lucky, come true will all your fears

Soon pain will come 'round
Like a swimmer drown'd
You have no will to be alive
You impatiently wait for death to arrive

When you see him come over the hill
You run to greet him, as a friend
Suddenly, to life you have the will
But it's too late; come, has the end

The Long Road
As I walk along this road
I see many dead on the road
I see bodies on the road
I see limbs on the road
I see heds on the road
But never on this road
Have I seen love on this road
Never once happiness on this road
Everything is dead on the Long Road
Walk life traversing the Long Road

I'll add more as the days go on
Even though time leaves
I'll not be long gone
For he that in me truly believes

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