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Hi, I'm Arnas.

Evolution of Magic 2 is the name of the game. It's currently around 80% done. The prequel is inferior to what this game will be. You can find it if you search 'Evolution of Magic' on Google.

You must have Paypal in order to be paid and you will be given full credit and marked as a person who collaborated on the game when I upload this to Kongregate, Newgrounds and ArmorGames. We can discuss the payments later.

If you don't wish to be paid, I'm not sure what you'd want in return. If you are okay with just being credited or you'd like something else, please let me know beforehand. You may also share your own ideas with me and I may use them if I like them.

Amanda was the programmer for this project but she will not be online for 3 weeks due to heavy catching up with work and graduation. She told me it was okay to get another programmer to work on the project while she is away. She will still be credited, naturally.

The program we use is Swishmax, but don't worry, since you will be coding, I believe it's no different from other programs. We use ActionScript 2 and I can give you directions for most of the stuff we will work on. I've been using Swishmax for around 7 years myself.

You must be active. If you have any questions, I'm here to answer them.

You can contact me on:

Newgrounds: Arnas
Kongregate: AmandaArnas
AIM: ArnasLime

I have Skype but I'll only use it if I must. I don't use a microphone

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