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Hey I am currently working on a project and my role in the group is to create a simple game where you try to click at the right time to send a rocket as far up into space as possible, problem is I am not nearly good enough with actionscript, ive made all the art and I know how to animate but I am at loss with the coding.

What I need is a slider like in this tutorial: /16747/Catapult-Game.html

But instead of using a height/long slider I just want the slider to decided the power of the upwards thrust, I want the projectile(rocket) to only go up and only to the sides when its actually falling back down towards the ground, right now fun gameplay is not the focus and I am just trying to make it work.

Id be very grateful if I could get some help here, you'd really be saving my ***.
I am using AS2 btw, though if someone knows a solution in AS3 then i am not against changing.


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