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Let me help you guys,....most of us faltered only during the landing and it takes time to master it,.....


Step 1:Fly at around 200-300m height before landing.

Step 2:The speed at which you land doesn't matter, can land at 90-95 and still wont crash.

Step 3:The most important step,the position of your plane is important,i.e.,your back wheels must touch first and the transition should be smooth,i.e.,stabilize your plane just before touching the ground and your plane wont blast.

Step 4:As soon as your wheels touch base,quickly press the down button and reduce the speed to zero,closing the engine wont help with it,keep your engines on in case you land very late,i.e.,after the half way mark of the airport strip and might need to fly again.

Some Tips:-

1.You will have to fly a bit higher and land late when there are trees and rocky terrain just before the air strip.

2.You can fly low when you are landing on the airport just after the sea.

3.Fly short distances early on so your engines don't die.

4.Improve your plane mechanics and extinguisher's which are the last 2 attributes first.

5.Sometimes while using Z at a low height,your plane might just crash because of engine failure or fire,etc., and you wont have time to react.

This is it for now and i think this should get you started,....
Tejas aka cooltj

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