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Ok, this is a guide to help you with getting the secrets in the game. As you know there are 4 secrets in the game. I'm showing you how to unlock them.

Reach for the Sky= with a railgun (or other longrange) go to the crash landing map and shoot to the sky over and over again until you get the medal. Reward= moon corpses mode.

I Hate Natural= With a assault rifle, go to the facility/lab map and go to the place where there is plants hanging overhead on the ceiling. Reward= unlimited ammo mode.

Love is blind= Do the first level on the Human Campain. Before the missile comes down go back to the place where you started and walk into the giant heart to get the medal. Reward= 4x health mode.

Oh Hi Kitty= Go to the frostbite map and go to the big iceberg at the very top.(It is nearly impossible to get there.) Once you are up there, go to the middle and jump. (The map drains your health so be quick!) Reward= lol cats mode.

To activate the modes, when you play quickmatch, select "special mode" to whatever you want. However for most modes, they subtract cr. The best mode is unlimited ammo mode. Thanks for reading!

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