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hi everyone, my name is pickpocket and i will be your host for the Armor Gamer Championship events. We will see a lot of excitement in this game. Here are the rules...

10 people can sign up at one time. all others must wait till the season ends to join. what will happen in this game is i will say a random game on AG. Once you know what the game is, you must go and play this game. once you play it, either take a screen shot, or simply post your high score on the leader boards. YOU CAN ONLY USE THE SCORE THAT YOU GOT THAT TIME. YOU CANNOT USE OTHER SCORES. you may replay the game and post higher scores. this will eliminate your lower score. keep replaying until you get the best score possible by the end of the week.

once 10 people are ready to play, the game will be announced. all players must go and play this game, or be disculalfied from the Championship. in the starting round, the people with the 4 LOWEST high scores are eliminated from the game. the remaning 6 will go onto the next weeks game. for the 2nd round, the 3 players with the worst scores are eliminated. this leaves 3 players on the third round. for this round, you must get the highest score of the three. the person with the highest score in the 3rd round wins the Championship! the winner is not alowed to play in the next season, but is alowed to give game recomendations to me for everyone to play. the winner can not play two season back to back, but can play after sitting out one round.

Who will be the ultimate Armor Gamer?

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