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Here are all the kill bonuses in Raze 2, Hope this helps you!

Headshot!: Kill an enemy by shooting them in the head.
Crotch Shot!:Kill an enemy by shooting them in the crotch.
Butt Shot!:You guessed it, Kill an enemy by shooting them in the butt.
Assassin: Kill an enemy by shooting them in the back of the head.
Surprise!: Kill an enemy by burrowing a saw through the ground. This can only be done with the Shredder weapon, basicly killing an enemy through a wall or through the floor.
Direct Hit!: Kill someone directly with an explosive.
Spree Ender: \\Kill someone who is on a killing spree. This can easily be done in quick-play with 1 bot. Let them kill you a few times until it says "[CPU Player] Is on a killing spree!" Then kill them and you will get the kill bonus.
Splish Splash!: Kill an enemy with splash damage from a non-explosive weapon. It is recommended to go into quick-play with a static field, and wait till someone shoots you with an explosive weapon and use your static field. (It takes some time :P)
Reflection!: Make someone shoot your static field/katana (When in use) causing them to kill themselves.
Juggerkill!: Basicly, just Kill the juggernaut.
Show Stopper!: Kill someone who is carrying a flag.
Slasher!: Kill someone with your katana.
Hot Hot Hot!: Kill an enemy by setting them on fire.
Haunted!: Kill someone while waiting to re-spawn. This is easily done with the landmine, or some sort of fire weapon.
Embarrassing! Get a kill with the Golden Masuer
Disco Inferno!: Kill someone while on fire.
Chill Pill!: With the Hailstorm, Kill someone with a bullet which has bounced 5 times.
Kill Steal! Kill someone who is fighting someone else.
Mine your step!: Get a kill with the Landmine.
Capture King!: Get a kill while capturing a flag.
Defender!: Kill someone who is stealing your flag in Domination.
Juiced!: Kill Juice-Tin in Quickplay. Just keep reseting the game until Juice-Tin spawns.
Rad!: Like the Juiced kill bonus, But kill AddisonR.
Survivor!: Get a kill with 1 hp remaining. TIP: You have more chance of getting this kill bonus with the Adrenaline Boost, which is found in Equipment.
Speed Shot!: Kill an enemy while travelling at 35 MPH. Best done in the Frostbite map.
Show Off!: Kill an enemy while carrying the flag.
What Shield? Kill an enemy who has over 20% shield in one shot- Holy Grail Recommended!
What was that?: Kill an invisible enemy.
Corpsplosion!: Just spam a corpse with lots of sticky grenades with the grenade launcher until they kill another player.
Thanks!: Have an enemy kill one of their own team off your static field or katana.

That's all of them. Once again, Hope this helps!- Jsc1998

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