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Hello everyone, this is my Sonny 2 Biological Legend Run Walkthrough. Hopefully, if I made this well enough, you should all be able to access zones 6 and 7 without too much difficulty. You may have read other guides, but this is mostly made up entirely of my own thoughts, save for some things like the Withdrawal Combo. Don't be afraid to give me feedback on this, I'm sorry if I missed anything

Well, in its description, the biological class supposedly harnesses its power from strength and speed. Speed though is mostly for later on. In this guide, I focus more primarily on strength moves rather than poison moves, because you waste a lot more ability points with poison moves, and they just don't deal enough for them to be worth it. Your gear should be mostly strength and vitality for Sonny, but strength over vitality given the choice. Speed goes third until later on, and instinct last. Veradux's gear should mainly be for instinct and vitality, strength being third on the list. Speed is not very key for Vera, as healing always hits, and for almost every battle, he will be on phalanx or defensive. For Roald/Felicity you'll want strength and vitality, with speed third, exactly like Sonny.

Depending on how badly you want them, you can get most of the achievements with this guide, or some if you'd just rather get Over the Ashes and be done with it. Later you can get some achievements with other classes too if you want. You will get these achievements for sure using my guide:

The Tape



Jail Break

Old Ghosts

Over the Ashes

You have the option of getting these achievements below if you want to:

Black Magic- I suggest not doing this because you will come to a point in time on zone 5 where you'll be at the Specialist plus Hounds battle. Veradux will just be 3 percent away from leveling up and getting to the all-powerful level 21, where he'll be able to use item store gear, making the battle easier for you.

Pacifist- Again, going for this will probably make you re-spec, I suggest doing this on challenging difficulty along with Black Magic.

Doomsday- This one is doable with Speed-Bio, however I'm not sure that you'll get it, I can't guarantee it, and you would be better off going on psychological and using the shock coma combo on (it's explained on the bottom of this guide)

All Star- You should've already figured out you need three classes for this.

I do have all the achievements so if you need any help on any of the other ones ask me if you want to.

Anyhow, re-spec after the first battle and you'll have 19 free ability points which you should put into vitality. All other points should go into strength for now. At around Zones 4 and 5 you might want to save some nice speed gear for later on in Zone 6. I also recommend turning autosave off to get some nice weapons by replaying battles. Whoa this is kind of off-topic but I just found out that Sonny 2 has a typo I think! If you go to Zone 1 and click the blood, it'll say, "This is no regular priion, there seems to be..." (instead of prison)

And I thought Krin was perfect! (Just kidding Krin is indeed perfect that's just something else)

Now that we're done with all this chit-chat we can get started.

Zone 1: New Alcatraz, The Iron Prison


Level One  Integrity 4/4
Adrenaline 1/3
Level Two  Vicious Strike 1/4
Level Three  Break 1/2
Level Four Disrupt 1/2
Level Five  Disrupt 2/2
Level Six Savagery 1/4

Levels 1-6 Ability Bar(Put more on as you get new abilities)

Destroy, Leading Strike, Adrenaline, Break, 2 Vicious Strike, 2 Disrupt


Prison Guard- Alternate using Destroy and Leading strike, no problem.

Prison Guard(2)- Same thing, easy

Brutal Convict, Agile Convict- Still easy, you might want to use the "vicious strike combo"which is just using vicious strike until you run out of focus. I made it up myself!

Brutal Convict, Agile Convict, Cunning Convict- No problem

Doctor Leath, Prison Guard(2)- Kill the doctor first and then kill the guards, even if he uses mutant injection, the battle is still easy.

Twisted Experiment- Your first challenge. Keep Veradux on defensive and consistently use adrenaline on him. Disrupt him whenever he uses withdraw or shadow blend. Break if you're low on health.

The Warden- Another tough battle, use adrenaline, break, and disrupt and you should be fine. Watch out for Death Sentence though, but you should still be able to beat him after that.

Doctor Hedger, Frankie- Kill the Doctor first, and go for Frankie after that. Not quite as hard as the other battle, but still keep Vera on adrenaline and defensive.

ZPCI- Just disrupt whenever he uses Aim For The Heart and use the above methods.

Felicity- Because of her Black Metal buff, equip two more disrupts on your bar for both vicious strikes. Make sure she has no focus always and let Veradux do the healing and hitting. Once she casts serious business she stops using black metal but can still hit for a lot so don't be afraid to keep using disrupt. This is a really long battle.

Achievement 1, The Tape, is yours!

Zone 2: Oberursel, The Frozen Village


Level Seven   Predator Form 1/4
Level Eight  Agile Exposure 1/3
Level Nine  Agile Exposure 2/3
Level Ten Agile Exposure 3/3
Level Eleven  Anesthetic 1/4

Level 7 Ability Bar

Destroy, Leading Strike, Break, Predator Form, Disrupt, 2 Adrenaline, Vicious Strike

Level Eight Ability Bar

Destroy, Leading Strike, Break, Predator Form, 2 Disrupt, Agile Exposure, Adrenaline

Level 11 Ability Bar

Destroy, Leading Strike, Break, Predator Form, Disrupt, Agile Exposure, Adrenaline, Anesthetic


Frost Zombie- Easy. Remember those ice buffs though. Use Predator Form right after Destroy at the beginning of a battle to regain focus and go into a Destroy-other move-Destroy combo.

Roald, Insurgent- Interesting conversation

Frost Zombie(2), Frost Terror- This battle is pretty tough. Keep Vera on phalanx and Roald on tactical so he can cast greater purpose. Attack the upper frost zombie using predator form, destroy, and agile exposure. Also use break too when necessary. Use Adrenaline on Vera if he gets low on health/focus. With one zombie down, the battle gets easy.

Knight- Easy

Knight, Priest- Use disrupt on the priest and he will cast a move of his called re-focusing that stuns him for several turns. While he's knocked out hit him hard and try to disrupt when the knight uses guarded. Once the priest is taken care of, the battle is yours.

Frost Lord- Use disrupt whenever he uses reconstruct or recuperating. If Vera's getting behind, use adrenaline.

Mage, Priest, Knight- Disrupt the priest first to make him cast refocusing. Then use Destroy, Predator Form, Destroy, Agile Exposure, Etc. Hopefully you should get him down pretty far. Keep Veradux on phalanx if he gets behind, and if the mage casts doom use adrenaline on him. Disrupt the priest after he wakes up to minimize his healing and you should take him down moderately easily. After that, go after the mage and try to disrupt the knight's guarded if he uses it on the mage. At around 800 health, use break on the mage and then use a strong ability. Hopefully you and your team can take him down. After that, the fight is easy.

Mage, Mage, Knight- One of the hardest fights in the entire game. Use Destroy first on the bottom mage (the knight only uses guarded on the top one) and put Roald on aggressive. If Vera's doing well, use predator form. If he's not use adrenaline. Eventually you should get into Predator Form. If Vera gets doom use adrenaline again and disrupt/break the mages as much as possible. Put Roald on tactical too. If you or Roald get it, it's not quite as harmful, but you still might want to take some preventive measures like the ones above. Use the same strategy used in the last battle for the bottom mage and hopefully you'll kill him, but with energy phase he goes down fast. Once the first is down, you pretty much win but still play it safe with adrenaline, break, and disrupt. This might take a long time to get right but it works eventually. If you or Veradux gets two dooms on them, you will probably have to restart.

Cult Leader- Use two Disrupts at the start of the battle. Almost all of his hot-hydraulic-build-moves scale with focus, as you may know already, so taking away his focus makes them a lot worse. Once Disrupt is ready again, use it to put him at a very low focus level. Use Disrupt also whenever he uses retrograde. This battle might take long, but you can use agile exposure more easily here because the leader doesn't seem to have much speed. Eventually he turns into the Baron.

The Baron- This battle is definitely the easiest on biological. Equip four disrupts onto your bar and take out adrenaline and break. Keep disrupting him so he uses Deep Burning. You also can use Agile Exposure to speed up the process even more. The battle should be very quick and easy. I highly recommend turning autosave off replaying the battle to get the Unholy Runeblade, which is extremely good with 34 Speed, 43 Strength, 26 Vitality, and plus 93 shadow piercing. When I replayed it, though, my computer had it in for me and I didn't get the Unholy Runeblade until I had wasted 45 minutes and about 20 tries. I would say it's worth it, though, as usually it should only take 4-5 tries, even if Roald will be the only one reaping the benefits because by the time you're level thirteen you'll be able to use Annihilation which is tremendous. Give it to Roald and take his gun, if you want.


ZPCI, Blood Hound(2)- Every time I play this battle I realize I forgot to change my bar back. Anyway just follow the level 11 bar above. Roald should be packing a lot more of a punch with the Unholy Runeblade. Keep the upper dog on anesthetic and use adrenaline to heal off infected bite and poisoned blade. Disrupt the ZPCI guy when he uses Aim for the Heart.This shouldn't be too tough, but you might get unlucky.

Captain Hunt- Some say this is even harder than Mage, Mage, Knight. I put in a disrupt for adrenaline. Go for the sniper first. Break the Sniper whenever he has both Crouch and Lock and Load on. Disrupt the medic after you've broken the sniper's shield and when he puts master surgeon on. Keep doing this and hopefully you'll kill the sniper. Now, constantly use Disrupt, Break, and Anesthetic on the Medic and the captain. Put Roald on tactical so he can use greater purpose and minimize the damage when Hunt starts using Marked for Death. You should kill the Medic unless you get unlucky, then turn on Hunt. His desperate shield is nothing next to your firepower. Now Roald talks about how you can get out by train and the battle ends. Hopefully you got the exceedingly rare drop ZPCI Sniper rifle like I did for the first time. If not, oh well, It' not even strong, it just looks sweet.

Achievement 2, Predator, is yours as well!

Zone 3: Ivory Line, The Train


Level Twelve Toxicant Form 1/1
Level Thirteen Reform 1/3
Level Fourteen Reform 2/3

Level Twelve Ability Bar

Destroy, Leading Strike, Break, Disrupt, Predator Form, Toxicant Form, Agile Exposure, Adrenaline

Level Thirteen Ability Bar

Destroy, Leading Strike, Break, 2 Reform, Predator Form, Toxicant Form, Agile Exposure.


Spectre- Replay this battle until you get Annihilation. It's an amazing weapon with 17 speed, 85 strength, and 9 vitality.

ZPCI(2)- Use Disrupt or Break whenever they use Aim for the Heart. Keep Vera on phalanx and Roald on tactical. Shouldn't be too tough.

Spectre(2)- This battle is a lot like the earlier one. Should be easy.

Protagonist, Antagonist, Beast. Kill the purple one first, and then go for the red one. Use reform if you have too, it's a pretty good move. This takes a pretty long time and is kind of hard.

The Hobo- Watch out for his pity and bad smell moves. Hopefully you can take him down without the smell getting too horrible.

The Real Hobo- More of a storyline battle than a challenge.

The Host- Use Break when he casts Dark Rage. Watch out for Overdose, but other than that, an easy battle.

Spectre(3)- Spectres by themselves aren't tough, but with three this is a pretty hard fight. Use reform whenever needed but try to kill one off fast to make the battle a lot easier. Just keep attacking and reforming.

Clemens the Deceiver- Equip Disrupts for your Reforms on your bar. Disrupt him until he has zero focus so he stops casting unknown condition, and does a melee attack that will heal you if unknown condition is on you. Keep disrupting him until he starts to cast shadow state and nightmare, in which he stops casting unknown condition. Sooner or later you'll get him down enough where he'll reveal his true form and he'll take 200% more damage. Then it should be easy. You could replay this battle to get Shandor's Darkstaff for Veradux or Sun-Struck Horrors for Roald, which I happened to get the first time. It's probably better if you get the Darkstaff because at this point at I had for Veradux was a lucky Standard Rifle from the ZPCI guy in Zone 1, and the Darkstaff has about 55 instinct, 45 speed, and 45 vitality. If you really want to get black magic use pretty much the same strategy but you'll need to use reforms, along with toxicant form to keep your health up.

Zone 4: Labyrinth, The Tunnel of Illusions


Level Fifteen  Reform 3/3
Level Sixteen Endurance 1/4
Level Seventeen Crystallize 1/3


Tunnel Beast- Watch out for juggler's grasp, make sure Veradux heals it off. As usual though, the first battle of the zone is easy.

Vivian Vixen- Her move at the beginning of the battle makes her receive almost no damage, so do whatever you want. Once it wears off, she's in her true form. Still an easy battle.

Gregor the Roach- Oh how I used to flinch at the name. The good thing is that we have Disrupt. Equip 4 Disrupts and let Roald do the attacking, Vera do the healing, and you the Disrupting"use Disrupt every turn unless he's stunned. Make sure he doesn't have enough focus to cast Roach Vitality.

Shunny- Put Disrupt on for Break and wait to use it until he uses withdrawal. Take him down and use reform if you need to. After withdrawal, he might use reform if his health gets low again, so keep him at low focus.

The Magical Monkey- Watch out, he deals a lot of damage. Break him when you can, and use reform whenever necessary. He doesn't have much health, though, so try to get him before he gets you. Vera might not have much health at this point, so you can buy the mace/shield combo at the train store for him.

Mokoshotar- Whoever she uses Were-Wolf on, put them on relentless. You can do the healing if Vera has Were-wolf on him. If you are put on it, don't worry about using a strong move, because all your moves just get 6000 added to the damage total I think. Should be easy.

Bunny- Be wary, he can do a lot of damage. Attack like mad when he uses his move called holy hand grenade, but keep Veradux on phalanx unless he uses it. Even if Vera dies, you can still heal with reform. Keep attacking and hoping he'll use the grenade. You might have to restart, but you should be able to win.

Flower Zombie- Whenever he uses good trip, use agile exposure and let you and your teammates minimize the healing. After that, he'll use bad trip, in which you do the same. Easy.

Hydra, Fire Claw(2)- Try to kill of the claws first, although they are very resistant to physical attacks. Let Vera use Electro Bolt on them, they are weak to lightning attacks. This stage of the battle isn't tough, however. The hydra and the claws don't do much with their fire attacks. Once you kill both claws, the Hydra starts to use poison moves. Potent Toxin is by far the best one, so watch out for it. Watch out for infect, too. your physical moves do a lot on him, though, and you should get him down easily enough. In his third stage, he'll use Epinephrine and Heart Attack, which you should be wary of if you have a lot of Epinephrine on you. Replay this battle to get Emerald Death, another amazing weapon. Also now you can buy the acidic vision and leggings from the item store.

Tunnel Worker(3)- That stuff is good for Roald, maybe Veradux, and maybe you, depending on how tough the battles get.

Zone 5: Hew, the Dystopia

Remember to keep some speed stuff.


Level Eighteen Crystallize 2/3
Level Nineteen Crystallize 3/3
Level Twenty  Evolution 1/3
Level Twenty-One  Evolution 2/3

Level Eighteen Ability Bar

Leading Strike, Destroy, Break, Predator Form, Crystallize, Agile Exposure, Toxicant Form, Reform


Riot Police- Again another easy battle starting the zone. Break when he uses perfect aim.

Riot Police, Blood Hound- Attack the hound first, crystallize the riot police if you need to. Use reform if Veradux gets behind.

Secret Police(2)- Crystallize one police and attack the other. Should be easy.

Police Colonel- When he has Guns Blazing on, which is his move that causes him to deal lots of extra damage to you, then crystallize him. Then he should put Reloading on, which lets you deal a ton of damage, so you should put everyone on relentless and hit him hard. Sometimes he won't put reloading on, and he'll put it on when he's using Guns Blazing. If that happens, break him, make sure your team is fully healed, and still attack him. This gets a bit tricky. When I played him, Vera died but Roald and I still made it.
Felicity- Give her all of Roald's armor and other armor from Zone 5 that's too high of a level for you or Roald and give it to her. She does more than Roald and is two levels higher.

Care Taker, Blood Hounds(2)- Crystallize the top tog because that's the one that the Care Taker buffs. Attack the bottom dog and keep Vera on phalanx. WIth Felicity is should be easier to inflict damage. Try to keep everyone at high health, so when both dogs are up while Cystallize is one turn away from being ready,you'll be ready for them.

Riot Police(2), Android Guard- Equip two Disrupts on your bar and take out Toxicant Form and Break. Crystallize the bottom Riot Police first, and then use two disrupts on the Android Guard. Then hit him with agile exposure if you can because it'll always hit, and try to kill him all the way. If you know you can't, Disrupt him some more so he'll knock himself out again. In the meantime, make sure you keep Crystallizing the bottom police and Disrupting Perfect Aim. Once the Guard is down, turn on the Top Police, it should be easier now. Once he's dead, it's over.

Android Guard(2), Specialist- Keep your Disrupts. Crystallize the Specialist due to his black metal ability, and dangerous ones. Disrupt one guard and go for him, if the other uses Guarded on him, try to Disrupt it. Keep the Specialist Crystallized until you kill the first Guard. Then turn on the Specialist and Crystallize the Guard. Even if he cast black metal on you, he doesn't do much damage. Even so, use disrupt if you can to make him use his pesky Leading Strike. Or you can disrupt the Guard to make him Re-Focus. Eventually you'll kill the specialist, which then you just use Disrupt some more, and say goodbye.

Mayor, ZPCI- You're getting closer...

City Council- Equip Break and Toxicant Form back on for your Disrupts. Crystallize one City Council Member, and the other one down to about 2000 health. Let Felicity keep hacking away at him while you work on the other. The first member should die sort of fast, and then the other surviving one will cast state of emergency, which then you should attack him like mad until he has 2000 focus, which then you Break him and hope that he either misses, doesn't go for you, gets silenced by Felicity, or dies. If he gets Felicity or Veradux, he goes down to 200 focus, so keep attacking him and hopefully you'll kill him.

Specialist, Android Guard, Secret Police- Equip your two Disrupts back on again for Break and Toxicant Form. Start by Crystallizing the Specialist and then Disrupt the Guard. Go after the guard, Disrupting him again if need be. After you kill him, go for the Police. All this time the Specialist should still be Crystallized. Once you kill the Police, you can keep the Specialist up so you can kill him.

Specialist, Blood Hounds(2)- I think this is the toughest fight in the whole game. You should put Crystallize and Reform on for your Disrupts. Start off the fight by Crystallizing the lower hound. Then use leading strike on the upper hound, the one Felicity should be attacking when put on relentless. Use Reform if you need to, but try to Crystallize the Specialist then. The only one left should be the upper dog, who Felicity should be hacking away at with a little of your help, although you should mostly just be Crystallizing and helping Vera out with Reform. I would advise, on your few attacking turns, not to use Agile Exposure, as it almost always misses. There will still be those turns while Crystallize is cooling down and both hounds are up. You should be good, though, if you have some good vitality items. Buy the Cyber armor if you need to from the item store for you and Veradux. Felicity should have some of the Colonel's armor which probably is too high of a level for you. Anyway, if you get the first hound down, keep the Specialist Crystallized and go for the other hound. it should be easier to kill him because you don't have to do as much Crystallizing. Once you kill him, then turn on the Specialist.

Android Guard(2), Secret Police- This battle is much easier. You can either go for the Secret Police or Disrupt the Guards and go for them. Crystallize if you want, but it's not needed.
Mayor, Guardian Cannon- This battle is actually pretty tough. Go for the cannon first, don't worry about the mayor yet. Don't let him have any more than 35 focus, because if he does, he'll unleash a shatter bolt move that scales with his focus and will kill you. Bring Disrupt along if you want to stop this. However, Felicity helps a lot with her Silenced and Knifed moves. After you kill him, the Mayor will become enraged and will start doing a lot of damage. if he starts to do to much, try Disrupting him or Crystallizing and making sure Vera gets caught up again. Than he'll use his Destroy Healing, Destroy Damage, and Team Sacrifice moves. These moves give you a lot more health, but the mayor does more too. I was actually stunned by him and Vera died, but I still won the battle.

Achievement 3, Legend, is yours!

Zone 6: ll Sanctus, The Supreme Court

At this point in the game you should train until you are level thirty. Now I suggest that you re-spec into a full speed bio. Try to find gear that gives you as much speed as possible and get these abilities.

Endurance, Crystallize 3/3, Slash, Corrosion 4/4, Envenom, Infect, Withdraw 4/4, Savagery 4/4, Predator Form, Agile Exposure 3/3, Anesthetic, Toxicant Form, Subversion, Sharp Senses, Shadow Blend 4/4, Evolution 3/3

My bar went like this:

Predator Form, Toxicant Form, Agile Exposure, Withdrawal, Corrosion, Crystallize, Shadow Blend, Leading Strike

Use this combo:

Corrosion-Crystallize(optional)-Predator Form-Toxicant Form-Shadow Blend-Agile Exposure-Withdrawal
This should give you massive amounts of damage, give or take a few depending on your armor.


The Metal Warden- This battle is simple, I played it before I finished my Re-Spec and training. Do it with just Vera to get Jail Break. Death Sentence shouldn't be too tough to handle.

Time Bomb- I actually got the Doomsday achievement here, but like I said, I can't guarantee it. Now you should go for speed and all that I said above. For my speed armor I used the Nightstrike Armor, Corvette Boots, Riot Leggings, Royal Grips, Bloody Ambition, Azure Shredder, and Azure Flatblade. Train Roald all the way if you really want it, and give him some high strength armor. Use Corrosion, then Toxicant Form, Shadow Blend, Agile Exposure, and Withdrawal. Mine hit for about 39, 700. Then hit him with Agile Exposure, Corrosion, and start the combo again but use Predator Form, then Toxicant Form, and so on. Oh well I hadn't looked at that achievement in a while and I though you had to beat in less than 30 turns so I tried really hard to get it and I actually did it in less than 30 turns, so yeah this should be easy enough for you.

Achievement 4, Doomsday, might be yours!

Nostalgia- To get Old Ghosts, you have to go without your teammates here. Equip Crystallize, Predator Form, Toxicant Form, Agile Exposure, Withdrawal, Corrosion, Shadow Blend, and Leading Strike. Equip the Mending Beacon for the Flatblade and give the Shield and Flatblade to Vera. I used the same combo above. Nostalgia got one fate on me but Toxicant Form helped heal it off, and he just got one on when Crystallize wore off, and then I used Withdrawal, which gave me a lot more healing.
"Wait a second, that was so easy..."

Old Ghosts achievement is yours!

The Judge- This battle is also very easy. Put your teammates back on and use the combo. If you get apprehended, you probably can still do it. I got apprehended after I used corrosion and then used Crystallize the turn after, so she couldn't do much after that.

Zone 7: Sho'Tul Shelf, The Divided Cliff

In the item store here, I suggest buying the Velocious Helm and the Velocious Armor. Other than that, you should be good to go with your other Zone 6 speed gear. I bought Felicity the Furious set as well, except for the armor.


Dr. Kilma- Switch out a Subversion for Predator Form on your ability bar. I recommend going without Felicity on this one to speed the battle up. Use this sequence of moves:
Crystallize, Leading Strike, Leading Strike, Nothing, Subversion, (If he already used his heal last turn, use Crystallize, if not do nothing), then repeat. Give his armor to Veradux, it almost looks as good Vera's starter armor.

Twin Guardians- This battle may give other classes an extremely tough time, but not as much with Biological, at least with my way of doing it. I will warn you, though, this took me about five tries to get perfect due to unlucky double-turns but you should not have too much of a problem. If you do, ask me, I might've worded or said something wrong.

Equip these abilities on your bar: 2 Crystallize, Predator Form, Shadow Blend, Leading Strike, Agile Exposure, Corrosion, Withdrawal

Start off the battle by using Predator Form on yourself and putting Vera at phalanx and Felicity on relentless. Then use Corrosion on the top Guardian. Then Crystallize the bottom Guardian. Then use Shadow Blend, Agile Exposure, and Withdraw on the top Guardian, and put Vera on relentless. Crystallize the bottom Guardian and let Veradux and Felicity finish him off, you may be needed to help too, however, he should go down. Now you might be thinking, "Why not use corrosion and then Predator Form, to give you a 10% more damage boost?" This is so that if the bottom Guardian uses his magic bolt, you still have 400 health left because Veradux healed you the second turn because you used Predator Form the first turn. Also, you eventually finish off the top Guardian anyway.

Now keep Crystallizing the bottom guardian to wait for Predator Form to finish its cooldown. I suggest using Crystallize one turn before the other wears off in case of a double-turn by the bottom Guardian. Keep doing this until Predator Form is ready. When it is, and you have just used a Crystallize, use Corrosion, then Predator Form, then Crystallize, then Shadow Blend, then Agile Exposure, then Withdraw. You should be able to kill him there with Felicity and Veradux's help. If not, keep fighting. If he kills you with his Electro-bolt, maybe Felicity and Vera will come through. If he kills someone else, you can either keep attacking him and try to get lucky or crystallize him and wait for the combo to be ready again, just to be fully sure.

(Withdraw removes Crystallize too, so don't worry about him being shielded)

Yosuke- This battle also gives a lot of other classes trouble, but not biological. I used Crystallize, Predator Form, Shadow Blend, Agile Exposure, Withdraw. Easy as pie. I think his flame weapon might be the best for a speed bio build.

Versu The Corrupter- Same old, same old. She should go down easily. Somewhat of a letdown, I think the orbs should die more easily.

Well, Over The Ashes is yours! Now you can try out other classes and try to get all of the achievements in the game. Thanks for reading my guide! Whew!

BTW if you read my comment about doomsday above the shock coma combo for psychological is:
High Voltage-High Voltage- Shock Coma-Shock Coma-High Voltage-Retrograde

You need only 1 ability point into high voltage, but shock coma needs to be maxed as well as retrograde. You need overdrive too.

Do this on an enemy like the Baron or the Bomb and their HOT for over 100% of their health turns into DOT for over 100% of their health. Enjoy!

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why is it hard for me to beat the baron? i got the stats and the right moveset but it keep killing me?

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I passed multiple (hard to pass before) monsters thanks to you! keep up the good work man! can you also tell me any other games that you are playing that we or I can enjoy? good job man!

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Idk about anyone else,but you're guide made it harder for me in the beginning when i could have just used my own play style(I had to restart because of it),otherwise very useful!

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I tried to defeat Mage-Knight-Mage using this guide. It didn't help me.

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i always die to twisted experiment no matter what i do

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