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As some of you might already know. I'm Moon. This is my third attempt at keeping a thread alive.

It's totally gonna die,
and I might cry.
But it's worth a try :3

^ Poem of the OP. Please Help the poem prove itself wrong, and don't let it die. Donate your time and feedback to this poor thread, so it can feed it's baby poems. :>

Anyways. I'm not really sure what all this will contain, I just hope there will actually be people willing to help me become better at whatever I try to do. So... I guess that means I will be writing (duh), drawing, and other artsy-fartsy stuff I shall attempt.

So... That's all I have for the OP! I hope that all onlookers will enjoy what I do!

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November 7th, 2010

Successful Resurrection
Has just now occurred.
No apparent infection
Is your vision at all blurred?

Even though you aren't perfection,
I'll put you with the successful collection.
You name is Resur S. The Third
SURPRISE! You are half bird!

Now I will throw you into a crate
Where for one whole year you get to wait
Then I will take you out again
And that is when the tests will begin!

Don't you worry, we will keep you fed.
Pick one for now, Water or bread?
Now just sit there and watch the rest die.
Why, do you ask?
Because they can't fly.

Lets hope you can in a year or so.
Because if not, then into the trash you'll go!
It isn't evil, but it isn't great.
Now sit down and contemplate your fate.

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I very much enjoyed the bee poem.

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November 8th, 2010

Red dawn on the horizon
Blood on my hands
I didn't mean to kill him.
This wasn't my plan.

Since this one is so short I'll add the next one as well

November 10th, 2010

Invisible amid the crowd,
As the sound of blood
Hits the ground.

Lays him gently there to die,
Wipes off his blade
While the man cries.

Watching his eyes
Turn a lifeless blue.
He gets up to leave and bids him adieu.

Rather dark pieces that I'm not really happy with, but here they are.

I liked how that last one sounded a lot.

< _ <

> _ >

I may have shared it with others.

Do what you please with it, dear.

I very much enjoyed the bee poem.

Ah I'm glad to hear that. It is not often that I write (well... wrote) things like that.


School is starting to pick up and I'll be getting another job soon. I will try to keep up with this daily updating, but if I seem to drop off the face of the earth for a few days, fear not. I'm just rather busy. I'd like to thank anyone who is reading anything at all, and I'd like to thank those who comment even more. I know it may not seem like much, but I appreciate you all for spending your time reading.
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November 12, 2010

How can this be repaired?
When no one is waiting,
When nothing is there.

What am I supposed to do?
When there are no directions,
No map to turn to.

How can we fix this?
If you choose to be ignorant,
Just to have your bliss.

I'm ready to confront you.
I'm ready to confess.
But I can't find the words to.
So this emotion I will suppress.

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I have already posted this one before, but it isn't dated and I'd like to keep the order of these things.

November 21,2010

The wolf laughs with unrestrained glee,
as he pounces on his prey,
killing it instantly.
Biting into the flesh of the deer,
He rears his head back,
And howls with a sneer.
Now he runs through the length of the forest,
And he runs into a small field.
Where he finds a very small girl,
Oh, what a deal!
The girl walks up to him,
And he looks back with a glare.
She reaches out to touch him,
And his nostrils flare.
Another human enters the field,
He becomes very tense,
The human screams and runs away,
Now this doesn't make sense.
Why did the human leave the girl?
Why didn't she follow the man?
It seems the girl has nowhere to go.
Now the wolf starts to make a plan.
He'll keep the girl,
Since the man, she didn't follow.
He'll raise her in his new pack of two,
Now his heart won't be so hollow.
So he walks back to the forest,
And the little girl is right beside him.
He walks into a large cave,
Where the humans won't be able to find them.
The wolf raises the girl as his own,
And the girl begins to learn.
She knows every part of the forest,
Every tree, every path, every fern.
She grows older and so does he.
Now the girl goes out alone.
He is not there to notice that,
Humans now know about his home.
One day the girl leaves,
And she never comes back.
The wolf now has to live alone
Now love ,again, he lacks.

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November 24th, 2010

The skeletal Autumn trees,
Have lost their bright green leaves.
Having turned shades of brown, red and gold,
The trees are now turning old.
While they wait for the snow to stop
Their limbs begin to droop,
Their friends begin to drop.
Now spring is around the bend,
New seeds that the older ones send.
Those skeletal Autumn trees,
Have lasted out the cold.
Now it is time for the younger ones,
To become the ones so old.

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November 25th, 2010

he whispers of the ocean,
Calm my fiery mind.
Anger at the world,
Is lost in its soft tides.
Throw yourself,
Into this world of peace.
Refreshment from the rest of the Earth,
To say in the least.
Swim through the soft waves,
And relax as you float.
You are on your own,
Using yourself as your boat.
Let the ocean guide you,
Let it take you away.
It will keep you from the land,
It will keep your rage at bay.

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November 25th, 2010

These headphones on my head,
Keep out the rest of the world,
Till everyone else thinks I'm dead.

I keep them in all day,
So I don't have to hear,
All the things that they say.
It is simply better this way.

It's just me and my music.
My wall of music.
It keeps me alive,
It is my heartbeat.
I can't live without it,
It is what keeps me on my feet.

I can face any day,
With these headphones on my head.
There is nothing to worry about,
Nothing to fill me with dread.

Maybe someday I can face the world,
Without my music in my ears.
But I'm fine for now,
I'm just living in fear.

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November 25th, 2010

Dried leaves on the ground,
Crumpled and torn
Before long there is nothing left.
Nothing left to for us to mourn.
Not a shred of evidence,
That it was ever there.
New leaves die to be replaced,
More retire with the cold autumn air.

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Though the theme is simple, poems about autumn just really get to me for some reason. Was that last one from FLP or just a poem you made?

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All of these are FLP, darling. Look at the date above it.

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November 25th, 2010

What did I just do?
To make you hate me?
Something just happened,
How is it I can not see?

I'm sitting here
In the dark room.
All alone,
With nothing to do.

I'm still lost,
As to what I didn't do.
You never told me,
You left me with no clue.

You'll come back to me,
I'll wait for you.
Because you told me,
That if I wasn't there you wouldn't know what to do.

I'll just sit here in this room
And wait.
I just hope
It isn't too late.

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January 3rd, 2011

The flag in the wind,
Tossed about
Abused by the air
But shines for all to see.
To say,
We were here first!
This is my castle!
Pride is what keeps it flying.
Not the wind.
Even when it is folded on a coffin,
Pride, is the message it sends.

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Emily, are you still this morose, or was it just the consequence of teenage-hood? :L

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Emily, are you still this morose, or was it just the consequence of teenage-hood? :L

This is aaaaaall gone and out of my system, thank the heavens. Teen angst is what fueled my poetry, that's probably why there is nothing new. It is actually painful to post some of these, because I wonder what the hell was I thinking when I wrote such silly things.
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