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Or: The Tribulations of Two Nations as they Engage Over the Role of Women, Sammiches, and Various Other Things

Written by Maverick4 and Alexistigerspice

[b]I: A Reasonable Introduction[/url]

The Duchy of Maveria was a very humble country. It existed quite independently of other, lesser nations, and turned up its nose when forced to deal with others. It's people spoke quite openly about their own greatness, regardless of whether there was anybody around to speak to our not. And there was some measure of truth to this: For The Duchy of Maveria would be a formiddable opponent to face in combat, provided people actually waged wars anymore (the brutal thing had been done away with some time ago, but The Duchy never got that specific memo).

The leader of The Duchy was a man by the name of Mav. However, he was not called Mav. In fact, only three types of people ever called him 'Mav': Those who wanted to die, those awaiting death, and those already dead. Upon rising to power, Mav... er... The Prince had decreed that all would call him 'The Prince'.

"But," you're probably saying, "How can a Duchy be led by a Prince? A Duke is supposed to lead a Duchy!" And you are right to say that. For in the normal usage of the term, a Duchy was ruled by a Duke or Duchess. The Prince was quite aware of this fact, but simply did not care. He was The Prince of The Duchy of Maveria, after all.

And so we shall open our tale on The Prince himself. He's currently in his War Room, discussing the invasion plans of one of his neighbors. If we hurry, perhaps we can listen in on him...

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