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I have come up with a great amount of ideas for a magnificent RPG, adventure, sandbox, survival, kingdom management type game set in the middle ages, and i need talented coders and any other people to help in the making of this game. I have layed out almost everything i have come up with in the short time from when i have thought of the idea, to now. so after you read the mechanics of it, and think you could help just post a comment or email me and we can talk.

1. The game will have the base rpg engine like castaway 2 but not much like it, just as a example, and the game will be in a isometric view like castaway 2 also (got inspiration while playing it).
2. The kingdom management will be like you get resource by assigning villagers to areas of resource rich areas that you discover on your travel's or by gathering them yourself while you are traveling.
3. The game will have a story to it but i wont tell it all here, but what i will say is your start out as a normal villager and something happens to you at the beginning of the game.
4. The game will be completely free roam, as in you can head out of your village and explore the world around you. you find caves to explore and mountains to climb, fields to cultivate, herds to tame, and many other things as you explore the land.
5. Their will be crafting which you can do on your travels but at a basic lvl. You will need to head into a town to do advanced crafting.
6. You will need to keep a hunger, energy, and thirst bar up as well wil you are on your traveling, so the game will have a survival aspect to it.
7. The scenery and terrain of the game, if possible will be randomly generated. so it will be a new experience every time.
8. The game will have a wide variety of items to make it feel more realistic
9. as you progress through the game your town will grow and be able to support more people, as well as advance in technology which will make it possible for you to mine better resources and make better items for you and your villagers.
10. if possible i want to make the game have a companion system where as you progress through the game and grow your town, more adventurers like yourself will come, and you can recruit them so they will accompany you on your travels.
11. you will be able to change you view point to 4 different views so you will be able to see everything of the world, or the view could change automatically depending on which direction your facing.

Final statement: Now that is all i have so far but i came up with all that in about 30min, but if i can get a a few people to help me make this i will put much more work into thinking, and refining the ideas, and details of the game.

Helping: If you would like to help make the game, feel free to contact me at or post a comment with what ever contact info you feel is necessary. all i require is what part of the game you want to help with, and we will move on form their. now if you have skype that would be great for discussing the plans for the game.

Questions or contributions: Now if you have questions or would like to contribute to this project, feel free to leave a comment and i will be sure to reply.

That is all and i hope you liked my ideas.

P.S. A major point i should mention is i don't know any flash but i do know a bit of java, and i think i am decent at texture making. so i think i could learn flash, and do the art for the game if i can get this project up and running.

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