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Okay guys... so my most recent game.. Cellular evolution fail due to my foot ball practice, its ends at 5:30, then i do homw work for 2 hours, soo i get on righ about know so i wanted to say I NEED A BACK UP! looking for a back up host.

So heres the game. you are a small futty critter in ANY, i mean ANY habitat you want but it has to be a general habitat and yes this is early earth you are on pangea, what is that? well then you shouldent be on this thread if you dont know.

you HAVE to put an effort into this game, please think about your choices and animal you CAN restart when ever and when you go extinct you are DEAD! for god but you can play ANY branch in your evolution i will devlope on that later...


Description: ( 3-4 sent.) what color is it, eye color, fur? does it fly? TELL ME DETAILS!
Bio: 2 sent where did it come from?
Perk: special ability any thing nothing over powered, no " when its almost dead it shoo lava out of its eyes killing ANYTHING an the grow to Godzilla's size and eats STArs" none of that)
im still debating ... nm

Strength determines phycial power and damage taken
Intelegance determines smartness and adaption)
Speed: determines agility and well speed
( any addition just ask)
Sentient percentage: ( how "human" are you? basically when you use tools and tribes an city and shi- srry habit)
building materials:
known structure:

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