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You start of at age 10, As a kid you cannot have a job or get a date, you can only go to elementary school. But as you get older you get more fond of your opposite gender and feel more rebelious. sSoon but not yet.

yay(I hate this)sheet time

School:Armorwood Elementary school
Part Time jobsTOO YOUNG)
Full Time JobsTOO YOUNG)
Acedemic points:15
English:1(includes reading writing and spelling)
Sec Language:1(secondary language like french, spanish)
Arts:1(includes art and music etc)
Time of day30am
Location:You're house(bedroom)

Evertone's story's have the same choices but just because their time changes doesn't mean your's does to. Basically everyone has their own story. You can spend your acedemic points whenever you want. You can even trade your points for cool, rare items and gain more points by doing activities.

You can find part-time jobs at the billboard or type "look for help wanted posters" at town square. You must be at least 14 to get a PT job. For a full time job go to the office, stores, or bill board, or resturants etc. You must be at least 20 and pass your colledge exams to get a full-time job.

You can do activities and earn acedemic points at your school. then there will be a bar like this: 0/20 complete. If the activitie is finished you get points.(kinda reminds me of highschool hero)

If your hungry you can go home and eat, go to the convenient store and buy snacks. Healthy foods increase energy, health but decrease happiness. Regular foods increase energy. Sweet or fast food increase happiness, energy but decrease health. If your 13 or older you can go to resturants like the coffee shop or seafood resturant. Sometimes you are alowed to eat at a frien's house but you're friend must confirm it. If not order takeout but cost money and health.

I spent OVER 9000(not really) minutes making this so at LEAST apreciate it cuz my fingers are getting cramps. You will find more actions to do during the game. Feel free to ask non-stupid non-insulting questions if you get stuck. Remember to include your character sheet if you're doing an action or interacting with items/people. You don't have to inclute the sheet when asking a question(although it would be nice since I get confused easily and I spent a long time making it.

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