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In 'The Last Castle', I notice how high-ranking people(me included) refuse to let low leveled players into the game, reason being that they are too weak. This is a guide written by me to educate the low-level people how NOT to act like a noob in the game and instead act like you have played the game for years.

Do NOT invite high-ranking players to join your game via the chat room. Doing so will let everyone know you need some help playing.

2.Speech in the Game's chat room
If you are lucky as to get high-ranking players into a low level average game, do not ask them why they are there, unless you want them out. Affirm them that you are 'stronger than you look'. DO discuss tactics with them unless you suck at the game, then you will look really bad. Impressing them with what you say in the room will help.

3.Game mannerisms
When in the game, firstly, do NOT quit the game. It is considered very rude to everyone and in The Last Castle, you can't survive if you don't have 3 players. Well maybe you can if the other 2 are still very strong. Anyway, also, know what nickname shortcuts to call them by. Usually, calling them by their classes will do. Calling them by their nickname shortcuts will also be accepted. DON"T call them dickbiscuit. When other people call you by your class, don't say that you have a name. Very noob mistake.

In the game, you got to play as one of 3 characters. Don't play 1 class if you don't know how to play that class. Watch others play.
For Mages, mages tend to spam heal, as in you got to have your heal move and all the other submoves of heal maxed out. if a mage is bad, they will call you fail mage. Warriors are just there to kill off more monsters. don't stay at the center of the castle. Stomp is a useful AoE move for Warriors. Also, for Rangers, Focus is very important as a skill. Don't stay too close to monsters.

Thank You.

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I always play mage pretty good
i have met noobs!!!! now i am level 22
Most of them left me alone.....

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Anybody have a game similar?

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Level 94, and played for like a year or so, so I have a considerable amount of knowledge.

You can spam every ability in the game, litterally:

Dash, Rage, Granade and Heal are spammed holding their respective key and clicking either on a player (for heal), a especific zone (for granade), a direction (for dash) or a random spot on the screen (for rage).

And yes, you can do it with no mana, because the game is glitched to hell so sometimes rules are broken.

Anyways, coming back to the whole spamming every ability, every other ability that's not dash, heal or granade can be spammed this way (if I remember correctly, this may not work, so please correct me if someone remembers this or try switching the order of the keys I will mention until you manage to spam it):

Press the respective key for the ability and hold, then hold one WITHOUT letting go the other key and then spam left click on wherever.

It even works with snipe, but since this one is usually directed to the closest enemy by default and with %100 accuracy by the game itself, but when you spam it you need to aim, it works a little bit finicky.

Still useful if you manage to hit something though, it's fricking snipe, it deals a lot of damage.

So here you go.

Again, as far as the whole holding 1 and the ability key and all that, please, if it doesn't work, either keep trying (because it took me lots of tries) or switch the order of the keys, instead of pressing and holding first one of the two, do the oposite.

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