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i've got some ideas for updates in the future or maybe a part 2!

Some of the ideas are not mine because i have read those in the posts.

idea 1: Sarelgaz brings Vez'nan back to life and together they launch an attack on you.

idea 2: Acaroth steps out of his grave and launches an attack.

idea 3: You will be the 'enemy' and send your troops to attack.

idea 4: Sarelgaz has grown very powerful, so you and your mages brought vez'nan back to life,
First he doesnt want to help you but then he discovers sarelgaz wants to capture valardul too.
Together you strike back, Vez'nan with sending in some sort of reinforcements and you with your towers.

Hope you like my ideas!

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Why does no one post?

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No one else post? Well here was my idea it's alot to read, but still it sounds amazing AND IT IS STILL A TDS GAME:


Introduction: Hello I know I'm new here, but yet had to post this because immediately after finding this game a week ago then playing this compared to my xbox got me urging to sell my xbox. (And I Just bought that xbox..Old one died)

Anyways, I instantly started with an "" account and later got the premium content for 2.99.
(I would've done more, but these ideas should be in it if I'm gonna pay anymore then that.. If they were put in it would be $20 maybe?)
Now when I saw you could get interesting costumes like "Mortal Kombat", "Star Wars", and even "Street Fighter" related reinforcements I was like oh cool sounds amazing, but when I used everything I got I felt like... That's it?

After beating the game it said "something" along the lines of: " Thanks for playing, would love to hear more ideas from you. So then I started thinking.....

(If you Read all the way through it and understand the idea and concept you will see why it gives "Kingdom RUSH" a whole new meaning to RUSH)

The Huge, but FUN, Leap idea:

Own Customizable Kingdom on map! - This "Customizable Kingdom" should be a place on the map, depending on if you are playing "Local" or "Online",
where your Kingdom is placed at. Other players would be viewable, if online, near you and can view stats of their kingdom such as: AP, Army Population, HP, Health Points of Kingdom, and FT, Faction Type.
Other players would be able to send out their built army on a moveable map where the armies look a bit tiny while still being able to see other peoples castle.

Simpler explanation of Combat system: So to simplify this all, the game starts out by clicking start and then the menu for you save file pops up asking you to login to armor games or play locally, but whether you select either one you should still be able to customize and build your own kingdom and make a story line of what you guys think it should be. So you click new game and then it opens up the MAP. Now On the map, if playing locally, it should put your kingdom near other kingdoms that fit according to the storyline, if playing online, you should be able to select an area around the huge map where not too many Kingdoms/Players are already at. Once you've got you're Kingdom build, upgraded, and customize, you should BUILD YOUR ARMY. Now to build your army you click on your own Custom Kingdom on the map and that zooms in and shows only the inside of your Kingdom where you may upgrade certain sections of the inside of your kingdom where you will spawn out your army troops with each "barracks" being a different type of fighter, soldier, or monster AND with a max limit of 15-20 people or less spawned out of each "barracks".

Once you've done your upgrading for your army there should be an area outside of the Kingdoms Castle area, Like in the "Evil Wizard" Level, where your land is and where your towers for defense should be. You may click and upgrade them at will, but you need gold to do so you so go back to the map and challenge a player to battle.

Challenge a player by clicking on their Kingdom, Instead of them being able to refuse your challenge your army will automatically start walking outward to attack, if they do not have their army ready in time to fend off your army and your army reaches their kingdom then the TDS will start, (Tower Defense Scenario) During a TDS the players will be sent to the zoomed in screen where their customized land and towers will be placed that lead to the opening of the player's tower that is being attacked.
Also during a TDS no other players may attack either player that is in a TDS. For example, if during a TDS and the attacker's army destroys the towers, kills the Champion at the door to the Kingdom Castle and breaks down the door they will have a chance to take down the Kingdom's King.

Allegiance Or Capture:


The Kingdom's King that is being attack now must defend himself against whatever is left of the army, champion, and King/Elder, but since the attacker is the "visitor" and the King/Elder is the "Home" they get Higher durability, Doubled Health, and faster recharge rates for any abilities (This varies depending on players King/Elder's Upgrades).

Once the King/Elder has been killed you will instantly gain a huge amount of gold and everything in your Kingdom will regain a small amount of health, if needed, Kingdom will get (+1 - +2) added to Kingdom/Tower Durability and all Towers that are currently built in your kingdom will be fully healed unless they're completely destroyed, which they'll have to be rebuilt.
If the King/Elder was not killed, but instead captured that player has conquered them and now gets newer towers and upgrades to be able to use which also in lies them to gain an extra, but weaker champion, 1 extra ability added to King/Elder. Abilities, towers, and upgrades are applied to the appropriate Kingdom only AFTER the captured Kingdom has been completely repaired. Once the Kingdom is fully repair though, it gains all stated abilities including an additional +2 to everything, HP, Durability/Armor, TD (Tower Durability), King/Elder HP.
(The newer towers, upgrades, and the 1 ability that are gained depend on the FACTION of the captured King/Elder. For example Vampire Conquers/Captures a Death Knight Kingdom then the Vampire Elder would receive +1 extra Death Knight ability, and a extremely weak, but extra Death Knight champion and the Death Knight towers and upgrades for those towers and of course a good amount of gold duh.)
NOTE 1: Before fighting the King/Elder, when the King/Elder is to be fought he still get those "buffs" as explained earlier, but also gains, the remaining hearts or HP, that were leftover in the TDS fight.

NOTE 2: When a player loses, and their King/Elder was killed, they may build near their ruined Kingdom to try to quickly retake their Kingdom. To do this directly after battle they may click anywhere that's not to close to their destroyed Kingdom and which will create a Caravan to deploy a few soldiers, fully upgraded, and 1 Champion with 1 ability. Same rules apply whether if captured, but if your time has run out you will not be able to save your King/Elder
Also, when being captured as a King/Elder you now are conquered under their rule so you may rebuild, but 2 things firstly you get the ability to build the same towers and upgrades that they have and your Kingdom's Castle Color will be under their color until you rescue your King/Elder. To do this you may attack them back at any time, but only after you've finished building yourself and remember you have no king so the ending fight will be tougher without him, but there is a lucky side to this because if you can't save yourself and the Kingdom that has captured you gets Killed your King/Elder will automatically be freed. Remember Only 1 King/Elder freed per loss, unless that Kingdom was fighting more then 1 player(s) at a time.
(Whether you're online when they happens or not when you get back online your kingdom will be restored and will notify you of what has happened recently.)

Building an Allegiance:

When hovering over another player's Kingdom Castle in the MAP while online you'll notice some typical stats like the look of their King/Elder, HP, KD (Kingdom Durability), and FACTION/Type, but then when you go to CLICK on them while hovering you notice 2 pop up menus instead of just 1for challenging. The 2nd pop up menu above their Kingdom Castle will be Allegiance/Join Kingdom.
Joining and making a team, technically, gives you temporary access to each player's abilities, towers, and upgrades, though you are limited to 1 or 2 of each. (Doesn't limit YOUR stuff, Only limits the EXTRA stuff you get.) Up to 4 players may join an allegiance due to many players that may want to go on a vicious conquest. Above each player, that is in an Allegiance, will have a small square that represents each team members custom color divided into 4 smaller squares inside the bigger one. Also included, is the name on each team member, for example if a Vampire Kingdom join's a Necromancer Kingdom the Vampire Kingdom's NAME will have the Necromancer Kingdom's NAME right next to it, which also corresponds with any extra team members.

(Oh jeez I think we'll be needing a bigger harddrive now! )


Release this in a BETA form so we can test it and feed back different ideas, comments, suggestions, or what else should be added.

Name Idea: Kingdom Rush 2, Kingdom Rush 2: EPIC RuSH!, Kingdom Rush: EPIC,WTF, OMG, ROFLMAO, Kingdom Rush (2): Obliterate! Or FACTION)

Keep Old Saves from first Kingdom Rush!

Playable or Useable Bosses, Have Own King And/OR Champion with special abilities

Upgradeable AND Damageable Towers!

FACTIONS: Elementalist Kingdom, Viking K., Barbarian K., Necromancer K., Angel K., Demon K., Death Knight K., Elven K., Behemoth K., Orc/Goblin, Monster K., EW, Empowered/Enchanted Warrior Kingdom, Vampire K., Werewolf Kingdom, Hybrid(Vamp&Werewolf) K., AND Last but NOT least The Classic Kingdom! (Maybe even a Kamakaze Kingdom for those People who love to see things go BOOM!)

I'll be adding more to this spot specifically!:

These would be as follows:

Elementalists: King: Arch Mage Master (Nameable & can be Upgraded only once to Enchated A.M.M.) Champion: El'mentifico! OR Enchanted Arch Mage.

Vikings: King: Voktokin (REnameable & No Upgrade) Champion: Erkvien/Viking Armored Warrior (Renameable)

Barbarians: King: Beronon the SoleBreaker (Renameable) Champion: Argoren Must Smash Face! (Renameable)

Necromancer: King/Elder: Zopard - Edor mar da ess dorr (Renameable) Champion: Reku-Zen Netherbone Expert (Renameable)

Misc Notes:

When other players armies are running around the MAP trying to get from one Kingdom to another if they intersect each other they will attack one another, but only do very little damage and won't cause a huge fight and they will keep on walking while doing so. If each one hits HEAD ON then they will start forming a pile killing one another till the victor emerges and continues on the path with what's left.

Depending on the different FACTIONS of each Kingdom the naming of everything should be different. (Even Barracks could be called Dungeons for Vampires)

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I just like all the ideas. Just give me new levels and more weapon upgrades and I will love it!

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Great Ideas!

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there should be a new hero for frontiers: the candy elf. and, a bonus level could be candyland. candy elf could have a bazooka or minigun that shoots gumballs. the gumballs would stick an enemy to the ground for 2-5 seconds or just mKe the ground sticky. then he should "transform" into a buff and tough caramelized version where he tacks zero damage and does a lot. but then the caramel would slow him down. candy elf could also summon peppermint ground spikes. and have licorice vines wrap around enemies. whew! just wanted to get that all out! hope kingdom rush frontiers uses my ideas!

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