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I'm doing some research...

I would like to establish fast, low latency communication channel between clients and Flash "server" game running on public "huge screens".

Clients are mobile devices that will act only controllers. No yet-another-app installation req. since they will utilize their almost-html5-mobile-browsers native Web Sockets or Java/Flash workarounds(?).

Can I succeed?
Most Flash Web Sockets code implementations I found (like are actually fallback solutions for non-WS borwsers. I would like WS to be part of how entire game "talks" to clients...

Is this possible or I missed some technical part that will make it impossible to accomplish? Like.. WS proto. implementations/incompatibilities/workarounds just won't work? Has anyone tried something similar?

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Have you checked out Kaazing ( There is a demo involving a mobile device controlling a car-driving display, along with a bunch of other ones, using both native and emulated WebSocket connections. Of course if you want to use websocket in your solution, the mobile device must support websocket itself (or you have to fall back to an emulated solution.) Disclosure: I've worked for Kaazing for more than a year.

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