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Click to see the prologue if you haven't.

You must read it to understand this.

Chapter 1: Violent Interrogation

The screen is blurry, but I can still see the dark figure. I slap the tall and muscular vampire with my full strength. The red mark I left at his face heals almost immediately.
"I told you. I can't."
I motion my slim hand for another slap, but Eagle takes hold of my wrist, shaking his head, signalling me to stop.
"WHO IS IT?!" I shout at the top of my voice.
"I told you, I-"
I interrupt the vampire with a boot to the face. This time, the mark didn't disappear because of excessive dirt.
"Useless piece of-"
"Colonel! Stop! Now, if you take a look at the screen, Vlad, you can see this dark figure. You can see it, can't you?"
Vladimir grunts and gets up from the concrete floor.
"I can see the figure, but I can't see the face."
"Eagle, we're wasting time-!"
"We're not, colonel! All we need for him in to focus. Focus, Vlad, c'mon!"
"My.. My apprentice."
"What? Apprentice?" I ask.
"Ray Guine.."
"Ray, where is he?!"
"He.. I have to get back to my hideout!"
"No. No way-"
Eagle steps back from him and me.
"No one kills the colonel. He's the colonel, not you, Vlad."
The silent air became stale.
I say, "Okay, let him out. Keep your guards up though."

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Chapter 2: The Pursuit Of Guine

I get my gear up in my position, checking that there's every weapon I need in my body armor. Checking the case with the silver lining, inside reveals a Cross sniper rifle. I was about to close it when my brain flashed a memory about the extra explosion contraption. I customize my Cross sniper rifle and say the password:
"This is a special kind of metal. And explosion."
The attachment blends in with it. This is why I always say Soon is a genius. He always is. And Cal is like a minor 'me'. I smile to myself as I stroll down the long corridor.

Eagle patches up and equips his special pair of boots. Crossboots, if you're wondering. These boots are specially made for him by Soon. Only Eagle is capable to sending his legs up faster than a bullet travelling to its enemy.
"I am strong," he makes a self-note, "I am fast."
He starts jumping up and down to get motivated when I ruined the moment by knocking the metal door with my skeletal knuckles.
"Can I have a moment with you?"
"Just come in."
I slide it open, making a 'konk' sound as it collides with the inner metal wall.
"So, what do you want?" Eagle asks as I take a step inside.
"About that grenade you threw a few hours before The Rise Of The Vampire, is Vladimir still infected from that?"
"He might be, but he's not showing any symptoms," Eagle states.
"Maybe the virus you inserted inside Vladimir can infect us-"
"Naw," he interrupts, "I personally made sure it won't infect even an insect."
"But we're talking about humans."
"Righto, colonel."
"You're really weird, you know that?"
"I am fully aware of that since the day I joined Vamp Pyres."
"Oh yeah, what did make you join them? Is it because you're hunting Vladimir with the help or..?"
"I only joined forces because the founder, George Hammerheld, forced the city to. He was also mayor, so he had the power."
"So, you were staying there too."
"Yes, in fact, I was living in George's house. Homeless, perhaps."
"I thought you didn't need a home."
"Long story."
"Right," I sigh, then suddenly became active, "Okay, we've got a mission to get to, get ready quick and I brief you on-"
"We're going to save Ray Guine."
"Well, you can brief, if you want. But that comes with a ten thousand push ups and sit ups each."
"I can handle that."
"But you won't be able to fly around."
Eagle squints his eyes and frowns, then came up, "Okay. I'll let you do the briefing."
"Good," I smile.

"And now, it's five hundred hours. Great," I mumble to myself as I make my way to the heliport.
"As you all know, we will be conducting Operation Guine. In this operation, we'll be going up against multiple-"
"They will not attack you if I say so," Vladimir bravely interrupts, "And I can command them to kill you, colonel-"
"You watch your mouth, Vladimir, or I'll cut them out of your face and stick it up your neck!" I shout at him, making a serious face and tone.
"This is what you want, so we are doing it! At least show some appreciation, you bloody vampire!" I shout once again.
I let out a pause, frowning as I am realizing something.
"Puns not intended."
I notice a soldier keeping an unstable pair of lips, trying to keep up with my barely or really funny joke. I step back to my position after realizing my position was broken.
"Anyways, we will rendezvous at 7th Street in the lobby of Acimals. Perhaps an animal research facility or something. Alright, let's go."
Everyone motions towards the heliport. I estimate about 20 soldiers in the crowd, including Eagle, Vladimir and my fellow squad mates.

I take an available seat beside Eagle, who is opposite Vladimir. Beside me are some soldiers. My squad is in another helicopter.
"So, Eagle, how-" I say when I got rudely interrupted by Vladimir who snarled at me loudly, revealing those long and strong vampire teeth.
I slouch back to my seat and stare at the metal plating where we stand, blankly without even blinking in a few minutes.

I almost fell asleep when the helicopter was going to descend to the ground. I open my eyes widely, then shut them because the light, even though it's a bit dark, was too glaring. Then, I shake my head like a drunk alcoholic and wake myself up. Eagle pats my back to help me. As soon as I am fully awake and ready, I check my weapons. Only my Crossknife isn't here. I am doomed.
"Eagle, do you have any Crossknife on you?"
"Nope. I just need my boots, that's all," he sighs with pride.
The helicopter finally lands. I felt really relieved when the loud noise of the blades spinning were over. I drop off and head towards Acimal which is just a hundred metres away.

"Okay. Squad Alpha, you come with me, definitely. Squad Bravo, you guys get to the top of this building and scan the area of further hostiles. Squad Charlie, you also come with me. Squad Alpha will be the bait, Charlie will be the infiltration squad, yeah. Squad Delta, you guys be ready when we get attacked. Throw smoke bombs and see through with night goggles. Spotting them is a must. Squad Echo.. What was your order?"
I heard a stomp and it came from Louise, a soldier fully devoted to Vamp Pyres because he thinks vampires are making the world an even worse place.
"Sir, may I have permission to speak?"
I sigh.
"Permission granted, Private Louise."
"Squad Echo and Charlie are probably going to play the most important roles in this operation. Echo will accompany Charlie in the pursuit of Ray Guine, our most prioritized target to be rescued."
"Yes, Louise, thank you for giving me a break."
He raises his right hand to his forehead, saluting me, then returns to his original position.
"Now, if any squad messes up, we can leave you for dead or exercise with me personally," I smile.
"Oh yes, Vladimir will be accompanying Squad Echo to see Ray Guine."
"Yes, sir!" the soldiers shout.

"Squad Bravo, are you ready?" I ask, waiting for an answer.
"Yes, sir. I see you looking from Acimal, sir."
"Good. What about Charlie?"
"Good to go, sir."
"We're on the rooftops just next to you."
I look up and see a rubber-gloved hand.
"Roger that. Echo?"
"In position, sir," Louise affirms. He always had that serious and truthful tone whenever he's in a mission.
"Alright, let's move!"
Squad Alpha, me included, by the way, heads to the entrance. A bunch of vampire acolytes stopped us.
"State your business."
I say as I get closer to him, "Hey, I'm actually lost. Could you kindly tell me where Constan is? My home is there and I need-"
My hand reaches his teeth and he sprawled onto the floor. The other acolyte went and did a straight punch to my face, but I dodged it by a few inches thanks to my enhanced reflex. Soon shoots tranquilizer darts at his arm and he fell lifeless immediately.
"Good job, Soon. Was that poison or knockout?"
"Knockout," answers Soon.
"Heh, poison's fine with me."
"Delta, get onto the hideout rooftops and scout the place for escapees."
"Roger that."
"Okay, Echo, Charlie, proceed through the back door."
I got my Crossrifle ready together with Cal and Soon and entered the hideout.

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Chapter 3: Operation Ray Guine

"Hey, little girlies! You guys missed me?!" I shout while putting my Crossrifle on the vampire's chin close to me and blast him off the ground. The next thing you'd seen was a headless body producing streams of blood. A vampire, who was inhaling something, maybe Lupin, turns around and speaks with an unusual accent, "Why are you here?!"
"Hey, Lupin working? No use anyways, you guys are dead," I assure.
"Cal, Soon, get some cover!" I commanded loudly as I move to a different position. I take cover behind a large dinner table and take out my Crossknife and then I remembered I didn't bring it.
"Dangit!" I curse, looking for my Crosspistol instead.
I take it out stylishly and shifted my weight to go over the table. I fire at a vampire who was blurring left to right and vice versa to confuse me. It hit him right through the chest and he collides with his fellow comrades that pushed him away as if they don't care.
A vampire takes the brave will to blur to me, but I ducked, dodging his swipe attack on the neck and sent an uppercut up his chin. At the risk of breaking my fist, it was worth it. I aim my weapon at him and fire, definitely executing him by my hand.
"Cal! Soon! What are you doing? Get to them and kill 'em!"
"Yessir," Cal and Soon gave a short and quick answer as they obediently charge with me.
That's when it hit me. What if they have a pistol? Or even worse, a rifle. I continue anyways, never caring about it in the first place. Soon says something to his calculator he brought up and the calculator turns into something unimaginable. A device that wraps loosely around the forearm that turns into the tools installed into it.
"Soon! Use whatever-your-thing-is and kill them!"
"Aye, aye, captain!"
I was a little offended by the word 'captain'. Soon makes the device turn into a Crossknife and quickly stabs a vampire in the chest. He retracts his arm and makes it into a Crosspistol and pushes in front, but not too near the vampire and shot him. He just died from the attacks Soon made. I was so amazed and dazed, I stopped on my trail and stare at the thing. Cal makes the next vampire as a platform and jumps up. He takes out a pair of Crossknives and spins around, knife to knife and makes himself become a drill. He cuts through flesh and bones, and probably organs. After reaching the stomach, he simply pushes himself from the vampire and made the perfect landing. I too was amazed at these two.

Two weeks ago

A week after The Rise Of The Vampire, I walk casually at the corridor and saw Cal in his large room, dropping from the air to a gymnastic cushion. I didn't know what the proper word was.
"Silly Cal," I mutter as I shake my head and laugh.

Cal gets up and collects his pair of wooden sticks as long as a Crossknife and practices his move he saw from an action fantasy movie.

I walk to the laboratory I asked be made just for Soon.
"How are your projects?" I ask curiously.
"Yes, it is going well, I already made a prototype of a device which will turn into tools for vampire hunting purposes," explains Soon as he types whatever code he needs to use for it.
"Cool, keep working on it."
He turns around.
"Yes, colonel," salutes Soon.

"Okay, if I open the case and insert this contraption in.."
Soon struggles while getting his object into a calculator, by the way, it's five times bigger than the calculator.
"And key in fg87.."
The calculator transforms into the device state earlier.
"Yes!" Soon shouts. It echoes across the lab to the corridor.
I also heard the echo and wondered what it was.
"Alright. Change the password to voice imprint, 'This is a special kind of metal' coded, 8442."
"Alright.. Time to test something new."
He heads off to the training ground to test out his new prototype multi-tool.


"Right. And I didn't know," I say as we walk down the stairs to round two.
"Cal, why did you even want to do that?"
"It's a strong move, yes."
"But you could just stab 'em and let them off to die."
"This move is a more interesting and exciting one. I am fully aware that you will collapse if you did this move."
"Watch out, Sergeant."
"Yes sir."
I laugh.
"So, Soon. The multi-tool-"
"I name it, Multi-Soon!"
"Okay, the Multi-Soon, when did you make it and test it?"
"Right after you've gone off."
"Wish I was there with you longer."
"Yes, colonel. Yes."
We were chatting profusely when a vampire surprised me and clawed my body armor. I go nearer to his face and I smile. Secretly, I put a Crosspistol to his stomach as I smile. I fire at him and see him crack his skull at the stairs.
"Nice try, bud. Alright, stay frosty, people."

Squad Echo and Charlie were making their way down to the basement. Vladimir was smiling all the time from after the interrogation til' now. Eagle and Vladimir really do share something in common, being weird.
"I didn't remember the stairs would be this long," Vladimir states as he pretends to get tired.
"Vladimir, I am going to ask you to shut up. You are giving our position away," commands Lieutenant Surge, a soldier, in everyone's opinion, abuses his power a bit too much, but he's still a valuable asset to Vamp Pyres.
"Okay, Lieutenant. I apologize."
Surge nods and gets back at walking. Surge sees onwards and saw a man. Surge holds up a stop sign to the other soldiers and went on alone with Crossrifle to the man.
"Identify yourself!"
"Identify yourself!" repeated Surge.
"I-I'm Ray. Ray Guine-"
Vladimir blurs to Ray and they greet each other with warm hearts and smiles.
"Vampires.." Surge whispers.
"Alright, let's go home."
"Wait, we still have to clear the base."
"Alright, do what you want to them, I don't care."
Ray gives a puzzling face.
They both blur up to the back entrance.
"The target is a vampire?!" shouts Surge.
The noise flowed to vampires' ears and they rush towards the source.
"We've got trouble! Squad Echo, Squad Charlie, fire!"

"Squad Alpha, Squad Charlie and Echo are in a large gunfight," says Louise from Squad Bravo.
"What? How do you know?" I ask as I proceed through a door at the lower level.
"Lieutenant Surge just reported to us."
"Not to me? I guess he didn't memorize the radio codes except Bravo's. Alright. Stay put."
"Affirmative, Colonel Gerard."
I kick the door open with my dirty boot and see Lieutenant Surge bravely trying to eliminate the vampires. Vladimir and Ray are no where to be seen.
"Soon, distract them!"
"On it, sir."
"Cal, give me a Crossknife!"
Cal followed his order and gave me a Crossknife.
Soon fires some shots with the Multi-Soon at the vampires to suppress them. I quickly run towards them and flips in front. I land and turn around to face the vampire, who had no clue what was going on, and just stabbed him in the neck. His head gets separated from the rest of the body, cutting off the spinal cord too. The other vampires shift their focus from Soon to me and Soon killed off one vampire. But no one killed two vampires. Who killed them? I look around and see Vladimir.
"Vladimir?" I ask, wondering where he came from.
"Oh, c'mon. The legendary Colonel Gerard didn't kill them in one second. How shameful," says Vladimir while make a duck face in sympathy. This angered me a bit, but Vladimir is kind of my ally now. I let out a slight air hump.
"Alright, Vladimir, do you have Ray?"
Ray comes blurring around me and Vladimir.
Vladimir laughs, "There he is!"
"He's a vampire?! You didn't say-"
"Oh, c'mon. Does the legendary Colonel Gerard complain like a nagging mother?"
"MOTHER?!" I shouted straight at Vladimir, then started to sob loudly. I'd even sink to the ground and crumple up into a ball. Not literally.
"And so the end of the mission.. turns out to be like this because of Vladimir," states Soon. He sighs.

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Chapter 4: Johny's Action Time

I walk down the corridor as usual, patrolling around like a guard. I come across Johny's room and go in.
"Hey, Jonhy.. Aah!!"
Johny's room became an arsenal of weapons. It was incredible for a small room. But it's still not as good as Mr. Adams' one.
"What happened?" I ask, glancing around the weapon-filled room, fascinated.
"I made it into an arsenal, duh. Anyways, I heard you came back from the operation just a few hours ago. Glad to see you're alive, my pal," Johny says while giving a smile.
"Um," I gag.
"Where did you get all these?" I ask again.
"Okay, don't tell the police," he says as he comes closer to my left ear.
"I smuggled it from Constan."
"You what?!-"
He covers my mouth instantly.
"Don't shout, you'll alert them. But, hey, look around, get a feel of the weapons. Some are better than others."
"Wait, I thought all Crossrifles are the same."
"No, you're wrong. Some have a 'noobtube' in them. Sorry, Call Of Duty slang word for a grenade launcher. It's a Cross grenade launcher attached to it."
"Noobtube," I repeat.
"Cross grenade launchers? I never heard of them."
"You never heard of them?!" Johny shouts, suddenly becoming furious, "This attachment has been the best vampire hunting tool in the history of vampire hunting!"
"Okay, mate. Sorry."
"Glad we straightened that out. Try out a few."
I grab a random Crossrifle with a grenade launcher and head off to the training ground.
"Wait!" Johny stops me as he presses a well-hidden red button. The wall to my right rises and a secret entrance appears.
"You even did this?"
Johny was too like Soon. But never too nerdy. He used to set traps for vampires in the woods outside our hometown. But to make a wall rise-
"Where does the risen wall go to?"
"A container for the wall. It's hidden when you look at the roof, don't worry."
I head straight and notice a shooting range.
"Awesome!" I suddenly get excited and jumpy.
I hold onto the Crossrifle, stock to my shoulder and aim at the unique vampire target. When I fired, I noticed something weird about the colour of the blast. It should have been red, but it's green this time.
"I saw green. What type of ammo do you use for this weapon?" I face Johny and question him.
"Aah. Tis' a very special ammo. It uses Crossacid ammo."
"Crossacid? Cross material plus acid?"
"Oh, cool. But this weapon isn't allowed during operation hours, though-"
"Oh, c'mon, please~" Johny begs.
"Um.. No means no, Johny," I say sympathetically.
He grumbles and shivers out of anger, but then lets go.
"Fine. Can I at least go out and kill vampires with this?"
"Yeah, you can. Just don't get caught by the police."
"Okay, Gerard-"
"Colonel," I correct him.
"Yes. Okay, colonel."
"By the way, I think I have a mission for you. Wanna give it a go? If not, I'll hand it over to Cal and Soon."
"Oooh!" Johny shouts, excited by this so-called-mission.
"Okay, come with me to the briefing room."
He nods.

"So, as you can see here, this notorious vampire, called Kelvin-"
"Kelvin?!" shouts Johny.
"Yes, Kelvin."
"You're gonna let me kill him, right? Right?!" Johny exaggerates.
"Actually, we're not-"
"Why?! He attacked me! But I dodged and ran away in time."
"He didn't chase you?"
"I went to his house. That was the time when you barged in Kelvin's house."
"Right. Good timing, eh?"
"Yeah. So, let me kill Kelvin."
"Actually, we need Kelvin on our team. The oldest vampire, Vladimir, can turn vampires into his vampires, like Ray. Ray can think clearly without Lupin. So can Vladimir."
"So what you're saying is that I get Kelvin captivated and let Vladimir turn him?"
"That's why you're the nerd, Johny," I laugh.
He gets puzzled, then realizes, then laughs.
"But can I still kill him?"
I 'facepalm' myself.

"Why do I have to go with Louise?" Johny asks.
"He's good. I personally promoted him to a Corporal now, since he did perfectly in the operation and helped me explained the operation."
"You made a mistake like forgetting what to say."
"Shut up!" I shout, embarrassed. Johny giggles.
Johny gets into a humvee with Louise. Of course, Louise will be driving.
"I'm ready to go!!" shouts Johny.

"We arrived," says Louise.
Johny got shocked from the noise Louise made. Louise was well-aware from the beginning when Johny slept until now.
"What was that for?" Johny complains.
"No time to chit-chat. We've got a mission to do, remember?"
Johny thinks for a while, wondering what happened an hour ago and finally realizes.
"Oh! Okay, let's get going!"
Johny gets off the humvee and speaks of the password to his Crossrifle. It unlocks.
"Okay. So, Kelvin is a very strong vampire, but can't live without Lupin. You go to the left while I go to the right to make sure there's no ambushes."
"Why not just get Kelvin out?"
"This is a stealth mission, remember?"
Then, Kelvin whispers, "Silencer.. Silencer.. Aha!"
He takes out his smuggled silencer and attaches it onto the Crossrifle. He goes to the left of the building. He spots a vampire facing his back on him. He seems to be taking Lupin.
"Nice," Johny thought.
He takes out a vial and his Crossknife and pours the solution onto the Crossknife.
"This should do the trick.."
He sneaks up on the vampire and slices him on the throat. There wasn't any explosion, but a dead vampire.
"This should last about 2 hours if I'm not wrong. Gotta do it quick."
He increases his pace to the back of the building and sees Louise.
"See anything?" Louise asks.
"Nope, nothing there," Johny lies.
"Okay, you stay here. I'll go through the front. I contact you when I'm ready."
He whistles his favourite song. It goes somewhere along 'countdown', then there's suppose to be an organ playing or something I wouldn't know.
"I'm ready," Louise says suddenly on his ear piece.
Johny was shocked a few minutes ago and now here it is again.
"Okay, I'm ready."
"According to the colonel, this building should only have one floor, which is pretty easy to cover. And, do not alert anyone, I tell you, anyone"
"Okay, okay, chill there, Louise."
"It's Corporal Louise to you," Louise corrects.
"Corporal Louise," Johny repeats.
"Open it slowly."
Johny does is slowly, obeying Louise's command. He spots Kelvin sleeping on a bed and Louise showing a 'shh!' sign with the index finger and his mouth. Louise takes out a Semi-Cross net that Soon invented, yet again, and walks slowly towards Kelvin. His snore's really loud and noisy, making it easy for Louise to walk to him. He throws the net around Kelvin and it shocks Kelvin until he is incapacitated.
Johny stands up straight and says casually, "Okay, let's go home."
"Not just yet."
He takes out a syringe filled with blood and injects it into Kelvin.
"This blood is taken from Vladimir. The genetics should turn him into his vampire."
"Wait, don't vampires have to, like, bite their necks," says Johny while clasping his hand as a biting sign.
"Well, yeah, but the virus also goes into the victim's blood stream which causes the-"
"Don't start with the lecture."
"Alright," Louise says while raising his hands, "Let's go home."

"So.. You just did it in a few minutes?" I ask.
"Yes, in fact, there was just Kelvin there," Johny lied again.
"Okay, good. Well done, private. You're close to becoming a specialist."
"What kind of specialist?"
"A stealth specialist!" I exclaim.
He nods willingly.
"But you're not going to be one yet, though."
"I know," says Johny.

0200 Hours, 25-3-2012

I was asleep by then, except Johny.
He opens the door of his room and looks around to see if there's anybody here.
"Nope, no one."
He steps outside and walks silently, soles of the boots to the ground, followed by the rest of the boots. It's a technique even Eagle already mastered a few hundred years ago. He opens a fraction of the door and squeezes out into the cold and dark air. He sees Eagle using a glider flying around between the borderlines of Constan and Juke.
"What the? Isn't that Eagle?"
He shakes his head.
"Nah, imaginations, pssh."
He walks down to a restaurant nearby, but the problem is, he's in his Vamp Pyres uniform. He sees various vampires, different in shapes and sizes, name what you want.
A vampire midget recognizes the uniform Johny is wearing.
"Hey! He's a part of Vamp Pyres!"
Johny was already running back to base when he sees a giant vampire twice Johny's size appears in front of him.
"You dead, Vamp Pyres!"

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Chapter 5: Saving The Day!

The siren horns loudly in my room like a girl shouting at my ear at the top of her lungs. I sit up quickly and immediately knew there were vampires nearby. We've had this drill for a very long time, frequently too. Maybe this one is a drill. Generals Hawk and Eagle usually makes us into a drill. I have no problem with that either. I quickly take my Crossknife and Crosspistol and head out in my P-Js. I actually didn't help Johny to the drill. We assemble at the entrance and the second I reached here, everyone started laughing.
"Shut up! This might be real!" I shout at them like an angry dad.
They stomp their feet.
"Yes, sir!"
We were already prepared as a giant vampire, holding something, possibly a human, smashes the entrance open.
Gunshots poured the entrance and loud noises made my eardrums numb as the shots brought down the vampire to shreds. Crossweapons didn't affect humans. Yes, I have tried it on myself to see if General Hawk was lying when I was 16. I was stupid, yes, I could have gotten myself killed. But, I did it anyways.

4 years ago, after a few months in Vamp Pyres

"So, you sure this thing won't kill humans?" I ask as we walk to the training grounds.
"Yes, I am very sure. Of course, if you do trust me."
"Really?" I eye General Hawk down, even though he's taller than me.
"Yes, I'm sure. If you don't believe, shoot yourself with that."
My face went blank. I take hold of a Crossrifle. Back here, only Eagle and Colonel Adams have Crosspistols. I carry it with both hands as I aim down my face. I begin to break a sweat. What if General Hawk wants me dead? What if he kills my mom? What if he wants me dead because I'm even more of a trouble than Eagle? Wait, he wouldn't kill me now, or would he?
"Oh, c'mon, gimme that gun."
The desperate general confiscates the Crossrifle and aims it down at me and fires. The bullet didn't even made a bruise to my chest.
"Wow. What was that?"
"It only works on vampires. It actually contains UV light, which is kind of impossible."
"Now, science just got hard," I say while rolling my eyes around.


The giant vampire was sent flying and crashing into a destroyed house to be further destroyed. The thing he held gets up and cleans the dust off him.
"Geez, you guys took a lot longer than I expected," Johny says while he's still cleaning his uniform.
"What did you do?!" I complain.
"Relax, a platoon of vampires will be coming this way, don't worry."
The noisy explosion caused Vladimir to wake up in his specially-made room, a blood-red-painted room.
"What's all that ruckus..?"
He walks to the entrance and sees a thousand of vampires gathering there.
Vladimir blurs up to my front and shouts to the vampires, "I am the oldest vampire in history! Get your Lupin drugs and get outta' here!" This time in an American accent.
The vampires were enraged to see their kind insult his own. They start charging out of anger and revenge.
"Here we go. Colonel Gerard, will you destroy them in one second?"
"Are you kidding me? No!"
"That's why I'm here. Sort of."
Vladimir blurs off before I had to say anything after. Off to slay his own species.
"Okay, just kill them as you please," I greet my men.
Every soldier went to a mini-war. I realize I'm still in my pajamas, not carrying any clips for my weapons.
"Screw that, I'mma train with ma' knife!"
I put the Crosspistol into my pocket, only revealing the Crosspistol's butt. Then, I slashes at the air with my awesome Crossknife. It actually contains the most kills I have this year. I run to them as fast as I could and sent two feet to a vampire's face. Then, I use his head as a jumping platform and elbow him down on the head. I heard a crack as soon as I land that attack. I slashed the vampire like using a katana. Ninja style. Yes, it did explode from the wound I made. I wouldn't even bother telling you guys about the fight because all I did was slashing and hacking. There were no fatal accidents, other than vampires, and only minor injuries like bruises happened. No scratches, for your information.
"Johny," I say after the fight, "Tell me what happened."
"Okay, so.. I was going outside for fresh air, walking around Juke, when I saw a restaurant of vampires.
"A restaurant? Did you see what they were eating?"
"Nope, too far. And that's when a retarded midget shouted to alert other vampires about me. I was already running away when the huge vampire you just shot came at me and grabbed me. I never did wonder why he didn't squish me.."
"He was stupid," I say, emphasizing the word in an Australian accent.
We both laugh.
"Seriously, fresh air? You could have just opened the window I've installed in your room"
"There's a window in my room?!"
I sigh while closing my eyes.
"Get down and give me a hundred."
"I said, get down and give me a hundred," I repeat.
"Why? What have I done?"
"You caused the whole town to wake up and some might be ill. You know how much the risks when we start a gunfight in a town."
"What about The Rise Of The Vampire?"
"They were already fully aware of the war."
Johny was still reluctant, "Some were asleep too!"
"I am your colonel, get down now!"
"What?!" I shout at him.
"Nothing, none of your business."

"So, let me get this straight, you have Vladimir in your faction now?" Adams asks while walking around his manor with his cellphone.
"Yes, he is a valuable asset.. Right?" I ask, hoping he wouldn't rage at me."
"He is. But the problem is, can you trust him? You've fought with him a thousand times and you can trust him? A strong nemesis? Or most suitably, the strongest vampire nemesis in the world?"
"He's good. He would've killed me a long time ago when I interrogated him with shouts and slaps."
"You slapped him? I see," Adams comprehends as he nods wryly, "All that for the injuries he caused you?"
"Ninety percent of them. Ten percent for real interrogation."
I hear Adams laugh through the phone.
"Okay, would you arrange a meeting for him? I want to see him."
"Aah. Sure, no problem, but if you die, don't blame me."
"I won't. I'm fully aware of Vladimir's speed and power he has. He can't even get a scratch on me. Yes, meet me at 2 P.M."
"Okay, Mr. Adams. See you there."
He hangs the phone up.

1400 hours, 26-3-2012

"So, why'd you join Vamp Pyres?" Adams ask as he crosses his legs.
"Why do you have to ask? It's obvious, isn't it?" Vladimir answers while relaxing on the chair in the briefing room.
"But, really. I need to know why you joined Vamp Pyres."
"You can wait, until I die. Wait, you could've died then! Haha!" Vladimir laughs, but Adams isn't.
"I'm not joking, Vladimir. Why did you join Vamp Pyres?" Adams repeats.
"Hey, hey, Adams. Chill. The Master Vampire Hunter is here!"
"Who?" Adams says while glancing around, but there's only the three of us, me included.
"He's right over there, duh!" Vladimir points out as he jabs a finger towards me.
"Oh, c'mon. Even Eagle's reaction is faster than his."
Actually, I'm not offended by this. It's really true, so true.
"Actually, he took a-"
Reflex training paid off. I managed to punch Vladimir at the right temple when he says that sentence. Vladimir's head moves to the opposite direction after the impact was taken.
"I feel no pain," Vladimir states, smiling.
I send a barrage of punches at Vladimir as he sat there. He didn't even fall down.
"I feel no pain!" Vladimir repeats, showing his vampire teeth this time.
"Stop it, colonel. I need my time here too, you know."
I take in these words and moves back. Vladimir looks at me with sanguine eyes.
"C'mon! Punch me!" Vladimir mocks as he also waggles his index fingers to come at him.
"Alright, stop! Both of you. You make me feel like I'm your father, although I am a father in my family."
Both of us look at him.
"All I want to know is that why you came into Vamp Pyres."
"Okay, I don't care if you leak the story to the media mass or any piece of-"
"Hey! I disallow any vulgarities in this room, you got it?!" I instruct him strictly.
"Colonel, this is for you too."
I walk to the listening man's side and hear him out too.
"I joined Vamp Pyres," Vladimir says as he eyes me down, "Because scientists, the vampire acolytes, are making a supreme vampire virus out of me, which they are trying to make it and inject it into their soldiers. The virus that can still enable them to think, but their reactions will be faster than of Eagle's. You hear me? Eagle's!"
He takes in a deep breath.
"And no one can react faster than Eagle, until the virus is injected into their first test subject. It will be the end of Vladimir, The Strongest And Mightiest-"
"Shut up about your title and get on with the story," I interrupt all of a sudden.
"Fine. They want to make vampires rule the world and make themselves renowned for the virus. Even worse than H1N1 or SARS, I can tell you that. It's like a parasitic virus settling in like zombies in those movies. We need to stop it. For all I know, it could infect you, colonel. They plan to make it travel airborne and waterborne too. Even during contact. Antarctica will be the last place they will infect, since it's the coldest place. I know a person who knows where the first stage will begin," Vladimir lectures.
"What's his name?" I ask, "Maybe Soon's computer can track him down."
"His name.." He looks to his left and right.
"There's no one left other than us, idiot," I say.
"Is Kelvin The Human Vampire," says Vladimir.
"He's not the Human Vampire," I state while pushing Vladimir by the face.

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Chapter 6: Kelvin The Human Vampire

Vladimir leans onto the interrogation table.
"Tell me what you know, minion!" Vladimir shouts while smiling horribly.
"What do I know is you guys made me this. And Lupin is better than your blood!" Kelvin angrily states while rudely spitting saliva onto Vladimir's face.
"Arh!!" Vladimir stands up straight and wipes them off.
"Young sir, we only need to know what you know. C'mon, help each other out? Or you want beating to help you."
"My mouth is sealed, *censored*!"
"Like to play it that way, eh?"
Vladimir turns towards the wall. He jumps towards the wall and pushes himself from the foot. He makes a backflip and manages to kick Kelvin pretty hard. Kelvin lost his breath and his lungs crashed.
"Bwaah!! Okay, okay, I'll tell you!" Kelvin coughs.
"Good, I like the way you respond."
"The first stage of the virus, Vladimir-"
"Aah.. A virus named after me.. now that's nice!" Vladimir celebrates.
"You don't want me to tell you?"
"I made you tell me. You want me to do it again?"
"No! Okay, okay. The first stage of the virus is being held in Acimal. The place you all have been there to get your disciple."
"Acimal, eh? When?"
"In two days, at 12 A.M."
"Now, I'm all confused. When? Tell me the date."
Kelvin thinks for a minute.
"C'mon! Is it Friday or Saturday?!"
"Friday. They will be producing the virus that you used on me," Kelvin says while eyeing down Vladimir angrily.
"I see. Well done, Human Vampire. Goodday!"
Vladimir leaves and locks Kelvin in the room.
I come in next.
Kelvin sees me.
"Gerard! What the-"
"No time to talk. Need you to get to Acimal at 2350 hours, Thursday. You need training."
"Wait, do I even need training? I've already hurt Johny," Kelvin brags while folding his arms like a boss.
"Nope, there were no scars on Johny. Just your big wound on the stomach."
"What? You guys scanned on me? Why?!"
"To see if the Vladimir's virus really worked," I explain.
"But, I clawed him down!"
"Nope. It's your imagination. Stupid flaws from the Lupin."
"You know about it? How did you learn all these-"
I slap Kelvin's face.
"Shut up! Get to the training grounds! You'll be training with Eagle, one of the best vampire hunters in the world!"
"Eagle? Who's he?"
"You'll know."

Eagle's boots smash Kelvin's chin and sent Kelvin a few feet off the ground.
"Oof!" Kelvin groans as he crashes onto the concrete floor.
"Don't like it? I can kill you here, right now, vampire. Get up."
He gets up, angered by Eagle's swift movement, which causes him to drive his anger into a hand. He runs towards Eagle and sends it upwards. Eagle was gone by a millisecond.
He looks around and sees Eagle by a split moment and get kicked down at the top of the head. Kelvin's neck breaks as he falls.
"Aaah!!" Kelvin shouts in pain when the pain goes away.
"What is this? I'm not dead..?"
"Yeah. Lucky for you, Vladimir had a kind-of-a-new gene formed in the virus, which is rapid regeneration. You can be killed by massive gunfire force because you have not adapted to the virus fully. Vladimir seems to survive a whole stadium of shots for a few minutes."
"Minutes? A normal vampire would've been dead a second ago!"
"Yes, quite the tricky one, he is."
"Yeah, he is-" Kelvin says conveniently as he notices Eagle was gone, vanished into thin air.
"He's going to do that again?" Kelvin thinks quickly as he instinctively moves in front and miraculously dodging Eagle's teleport attack.
"Nice dodge," Eagle praises as he lands and sends another kick, which is a roundhouse kick, at Kelvin and causes Kelvin to forcefully spit out blood. He crashes again onto the ground like there was an explosion. He gets up and sees nothing. When he turns around, Eagle was at a few inches away from him as he sliced Kelvin with his Crossknife. The explosion causes Kelvin to be blasted away, again, but this time, his arm got caught in the explosion and left the arm scarred for life.
But not this life.
"My arm!! Arrrgggh!!!!"
It heals totally in just a few seconds.
"Hmm. I must report this to Soon. See what needs to be done."
"Wait, where are you going?"
"To the lab genius. You stay here and practise your blurring."
He sighs.
Eagle leaves the training grounds.

Kelvin launches himself in the air and blurs from place to place in the air.
"This is so cool. It's so easy to blur now! Plus, I can fly!!"
He was teleporting short distances as I come in.
"Fun flying? You'll need it," I say as I aim the scope on my Crossrifle down at him and shoot.
Kelvin moves his head by a centimetre and the bullets miss his head. Kelvin falls and lands on his two feet. I drop the emptied clip of my Crossrifle and insert another clip. I shoot him again. He moves with incredible speed, dodging each bullet as he blurs. Then, he blurs to me in a zig-zag pattern.
"Too easy!" I shout as I swing my arm to my Crossknife and slashed Kelvin, but he was gone.
"Eagle taught him.." I whisper as I turn around, slicing Kelvin at the same arm before.
He crashes into the wall, arm regenerating again.
"Ow, ow, ow, ow. Watch the arm."
"Don't make me kill you, Kelvin."
"Yes, sir," Kelvin replies unenthusiastically.
I nod at him.
"Soon will be here to take a blood sample from you. Keep up your flying," I advise as I leave.

"Okay, Kelvin. Just relax, this won't hurt a bit.." Soon says slowly as he uses a needle to prick his finger for a few drops of blood.
Kelvin was blank the whole time.
"Okay.." Soon says as he squeezes the blood out, "There! You're done. I'll run this scan and try to improve it."
Kelvin looks at him and Soon returns the glance.
"I'm not making the virus, don't worry. You are interesting, Kelvin. I will see you next time," Soon interested in the Human Vampire as he leaves for his lab. I wait for Soon when he steps outside.
"So, anything interesting?"
"Yes, colonel. Kelvin can fly, even if the virus is only at the first stage of settling in!" Soons says while we walk to the lab, fascinated.
"Wait, the first stage? It's not even the final stage, yet."
"I know, that's what it's so amazing about it."
We both enter the lab and Soon runs a test scan on the blood samples.
"Okay~" Soon drags, "Got it!"
Soon looks at the result and he steps back. I grab him by the shoulder and ask, "What happened?!"
"This is absolutely.." He entrails off.
"Let me see that!" I get closer to the computer monitor.
'Scan completed. Virus proven to be mixing with another virus, possibly Vladimir's virus and Kelvin's virus. It is in their first stage, but has shown strong capabilities of Vladimir. Kelvin is getting stronger than Vladimir as you see this.'
"What? What kind of sorcery is this?!" I rage.
"I'm trying to find out the logical explanation behind this. "Please, colonel, give me a moment," Soons says while sidestepping past me and enters a large code into the computer.
"It seems there's no explanation behind this discovery!"
I slap my own face, on the forehead.
"Seriously? So, Kelvin will be of more use to us than Vladimir?"
"Yes, I think so!" Soon says as he gets more and more excited.
"He can start use Crossweapons, I think. Vladimir can, despite them burning his hands off. Kelvin doesn't have an effect."
Then I thought, "Could this be a gene of Vladimir's and Eagle's virus joined together? And since Kelvin hasn't taken the drug, how could he hold Crossweapons?"
This thought was interrupted as Soon starts to dance. This made me laugh.
"Hey, stop it! We've got to see it to believe it!" I state.

I grab a Crossknife and hold out my hand to Kelvin.
"Take this. If it burns you, immediately drop it."
Kelvin obeys me and takes it.
"C'mon, burn! BURN!" My stupid brain says.
"Weird, I thought it could have burned-"
"Oh.. my.." I gasp, "Soon! You have to see this!"
Soon bursts into the training grounds and immediately sees Kelvin holding a Crossknife. Soon laughs.
"Maybe create a virus out of Kelvin and make it human for everyone to take!" Soon suggests.
"How do you change a vampire cell to a human cell? Explain it to me."
"I have to calculate. This is my biggest project yet!"
Soon steals a drop of blood from Kelvin as he pricks his arm.
"Ow," Kelvin quickly says as the hole was healed immediately.
"Crazy fella', aight'?"
Kelvin nods.

Vladimir sneaks behind us as we walk to the lab.
"Wait, the first stage? It's not even the final stage, yet."
"I know, that's what it's so amazing about it."
Vladimir was shocked by this. We enter the lab, except Vladimir. He eavesdrops on us. Other sounds were a blur. When this came.
"What? What kind of sorcery is this?!"
This sentence piqued Vladimir's interest. He stands up to look through the window and reads the message on the computer. He didn't pay attention to the other sentences. Only this sentence did he pay full attention too.
'Kelvin is getting stronger than Vladimir as you see this.'
Vladimir was angered by this, but got intrigued a second later.
"Well, let's see who kills who first. We've already got our answer so.." He says as he blurs to the training grounds.

Kelvin was working on using a Crossrifle and flying when Vladimir bursts the door open.
"Woah! Vladimir! You scared me there."
Vladimir stayed silent and continue on his way towards Kelvin.
"Uh.. hello? Hello-" He gagged as Vladimir's speedy hand grabs Kelvin's neck.
"Gah!!!" Kelvin says.
Then, he remembers what Eagle did to him.
"What the?! Colonel!"
Vladimir turns around and lets go of Kelvin in one time and Kelvin disappeared. Vladimir turns around and sees nothing. He turns around again and got kicked at the chin. Vladimir was sent flying into the air, but he recovered from it. He was about to land when he received a cut out of nowhere. An explosion cut through Vladimir in the stomach.
"Crossknife?! How could he-"
Then, Kelvin was in the air. He moves towards the wall where the training dummies are and sends himself from the wall with strength derived from determination. He uses the speed to crash Vladimir down with a Crossknife. The Crossknife exploded on Vladimir, plus the momentum from Kelvin sent him destroying the concrete floor. Vladimir was already on the verge of life and death when Kelvin blurs even faster than usual to a Crossrifle. He swipes it from the ground and appears on the ceiling. He pushes himself from the ceiling and attaches the Crossknife to the Crossrifle, making the Crossknife a Crossbayonet. He pierces Vladimir's chest in an upright position and was about to kill Vladimir when Eagle came in.
"What is the meaning of this?!" He shouts as Kelvin jumps away from Vladimir and lands perfectly.
"Vladimir, get up and get out of here."
By now, a normal vampire would've been dead ages ago. But Vladimir didn't. His wounds were healed already.
"I came in to check how Kelvin was doing when all of a sudden, you," Eagle says, pointing at Vladimir, "Came here and tried to kill Kelvin."
"Kelvin was getting stronger than me already. I have to kill him. No one can be stronger than me! No one!" Vladimir shouts crazily as he gets up. His eyes twitches from the obsession of power and strength.
"We all understand," Eagle says. "I'm Vladimir and I'm the strongest vampire in the world. No one can kill me, ever!" Eagle imitates Vladimir in a girly voice.
"Why you!" Vladimir clenches both his fists and teeth.
"Nuh, uh. No killing in here, Vladimir. We take it outside, but I'm too lazy for ya'."
"What are you gonna do? Cower in fear like a baby, or I kill you."
Eagle tilts his head in a puzzling face.
"Cowering in fear like a baby is better."
"*censored*" Vladimir curses.
He sighs while shaking his head when Soon and I come in to join in.
"Vladimir? Why are you here and all the blood and the floor.."

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Chapter 7: Acimal Lab and Vladimir The Virus

2330 hours, Thurday

"Okay, sergeant. Keep me updated," I say to Cal as we travel in a helicopter.
"No sign of activity outdoors."
I hated scout mission. They're too boring. If I'm lucky enough, we get to kill an ant.
"Alright, I'm picking small activity at the entrance. There seems to be a vampire captive by two people. Maybe our hostile targets."
"Alright. Soon, do you have the Multi-Soon with you?"
"Well, of course. It's one of my biggest creation!"
"But you said making a human virus for us is bigger than the Multi-Soon."
"I said 'yet'!"
"It's not done?"
"Not done. Well, maybe I'll be done in a few weeks."
"Weeks? You always get the job on time."
"I do. This one is much harder than anything possible."
The helicopter lands 1 mile away from Acimal. We'll have to travel on foot to scout the area inside.
"Ugh, why can't we just kick their butts, interrupt the first stage, and then just go?" I ask Hawk.
General Hawk steps out of the helicopter and takes a deep breath.
"This is a virus modification stage. If anything goes wrong, we'll spread it and it will infect the world."
"It can't even go airborne yet."
"They may make it airborne at this stage."
"Oh, and now you're the smart one," I say sarcastically while turning my head around.
We take the journey on foot.
"You see any vampires, blast 'em. Not one vampire is to harm anyone here, understood?" I order.
"Yes sir!" Everyone shouts.
We go in squads of three. Squad Alpha, my favourite squad is with me, of course. A group of vampire ambushes us from the roofs. We fended them off easily. Random ambushes happened until we were on the street opposite Acimal. I make a hand signal and they all spread out to surround the building. There are no guards, no defense, making it easy to go in.
"Team Breach, are you there?"
"We are on our way here, Colonel Gerard. We'll be here in about 10 minutes."
"Cool," I say while nodding.
There was something lying down in the entrance. It was too dark for anyone to see, even Eagle wouldn't. But I took a glimpse at it.
"Soon, night-vision goggles, now."
He gives me the pair of goggles. I pull the strap and wear them. I pressed the 'On' button and green comes up. It's a lady.
"Hold on. I'm seeing something here. There's a woman lying on the floor. I'll go there and investigate."
No one opposes me as I head into Acimal.
"Hey, are you okay-"
The woman strikes my face. She clawed my face, but it wasn't deep.
"The colonel has been hit! Go, go, go!"
Almost everyone was ready to shoot.
"Wait, misunderstanding! She just acted on instinct!"
"Hey, you okay? You a vampire?" I ask when I realized this was a stupid question.
"Ow..." She groans.
"She's either taken Lupin or the Vladimir Virus. Wait, she didn't kill me when she actually could. Okay, Doctor Soon. What's happening?"
He codes in something into the Multi-Soon and an empty syringe comes out.
"Great. Hey, look! Soon has everything!"
The voice echoes out to lower grounds. A siren alerts the whole place.
"We've been compromised! What are you doing, colonel?! Now, we can't stop the first stage anymore!" General Hawk shouts, making me feel embarassed.
"Oh, c'mon.. it was a mistake."
"A stupid mistake, that is," Eagle adds.
My two trustworthy advisors, or worse, my orderers, indirectly.
"Anyways, we still can stop it. Cal, grab the woman and get back to the helicopter."
"What? Why?"
"Don't ask. Just go."
He sighs, and then followed my orders.
"Alright, people. Only this entrance and the back entrance are the escape paths. We all know because we went in here before, but weren't aware of this Vladimir Virus. Alright, Soon and Squad Bravo, follow me."
"Roger that, colonel," Louise says.
"All the others, get to the back entrance and break in through there."
"Affirmative." General Hawk says.
"Let's go!"
I take my dual pistols out and head towards the stairs.
"Soon, set a mini-machine gun at the CCTV and let it shoot anyone without Vamp Pyre uniforms. Real bullets, not Crossbullets."
I head on towards the lower ground. I clash with the door and it breaks down, surprising the guards here. I charge towards them as I shoot a guard closest to me. His body armor wasn't enough to take a beating. He was eating a burger! I laughed out loud.
"Crazy fella'," Someone from Squad Bravo says.
I take cover as the guards get their assault rifles up.
"Focus, soldier," I say to the one judging me.
"Yes-yes, sir!"
I take a peek at the side of my cover. I was able to see what it was when bullets almost killed me, instead just ripping my hair off.
"Guards are holding M16A3 or M16A4. Attack when desired."
There was a short pause.
Louise took up the courage and stood up. His reflexes kicks in and he shot one guy as his head passes the top level of the cover. He shoots another guard at the head and his head explodes in blood.
"Head shot!" He shouts as he gets down to cover.
The guards' morale is lowered. The head shot made them get to cover. I take out my knife and look up. Then I say to my speaker, "They've taken cover."
I jump over the cover next and run towards a badly-hidden guard. I climb over the cover he's taken and kick him at the back. He falls forwards. He dies as I put my armed hand over the man's throat and stab it. There was another guard getting up to shoot me when Louise shot him. I nod as I run to take cover.
"Louise, I'm clear."
He jumps over his cover and takes cover with his squadmate.
"Now what?"
"We.. Do you have a frag grenade?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Throw it there," I order him as I point it at where the majority of guards are hiding.
"Roger that."
He pulls the pin and throws the grenade to the crowd. I take out my dual pistols as he pulls the pin. I shot the grenade when it was in the blast radius for the guards and bullet and gunpowder mixes and it explodes. The guards were shouting as they were hurt. One guard's arm was burned off, unable to carry the rifle anymore.
"Fine, but only this time."
I take out my MP5 and blow my cover. I run towards a guard that was staggering to the med-kit. I knock him over with my shoulder and he staggers more. I take out my knife and steal a cut off the guard and left him to die. I put my knife back and arm my MP5. I spray everywhere, the bullets flying everywhere and some into the guards.
"I'm back!" Vladimir shouts as he bursts the door open and blurs to a guard and snaps his neck and smashes his head with his fists.
"Vladimir? What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to-"
"I'm also a part of this. Besides, wouldn't it be easier with me around all the time?"
"I-I-I guess s-so.." I say as I fidget and nod.
"Alright, I came through the front entrance actually."
"But how did you-"
"The elevator."
"But Soon set up the mini-machine gun."
"I'm a vampire. Hello?" He says as he leans closer, even though we're a few feet apart.
"Right. And how did you get from the door over there?" I ask as I point to the damaged door.
"I told you. Elevator."
"Okay, let's go kick some *censored*!"
I slap myself in the forehead.

"Okay, according to the colonel, this is where we attack the vampires," Hawk says.
"Do you guys have Crossweapons with you?"
"Because I got spare Crossweapons here in this case."
"Will you stop saying 'okay'?!"
"Okay," says Eagle while looking at a hypnotizing picture.
"Stop it, Eagle!" Hawk says while slapping Eagle at the back of the head.
"Argh!" Eagle shouts as he starts to get focused.
"Who needs Crossweapons when I have my Crossboots!" Eagle states in a sensible way as he runs in.
"Eagle.." Hawk shakes his head.
Eagle runs inside and sees vampires in this room. He estimates about 20 here.
"Alright!" He says as he looks back. Hawk hasn't even come down yet.
He blurs towards a vampire and jumps. Then, he sends the pair of Crossboots to the chest and the vampire explodes.
"Up, up and away!"
Hawk was already down with a Crossrifle. He shot whatever moved, except Eagle. The vampires went flying to walls in this room.
"C'mon, at least let me get a head start," says Eagle as he pounds a vampire like bullets ramming into him. The vampire dies, killed by bare hands.
"Gotta go, virus to take care of," Eagle says as he runs, matchable to Usain Bolt's speed, because he didn't want anyone except Gerard, Kelvin and Vladimir to know he's a vampire.
He rams the door open at the next room. The scientists are everywhere.
He then blurs to a scientist and rams his face with his hands. He then throws him up and sends him to a table of empty test tubes with his foot. He blurs around, smashing scientists' head one by one. Then, the head scientist opens the door.
"It's Vamp Pyres!" says the head scientist.
Then, he speaks in a weird tongue, "Jaghy. Camt fo he."
Eagle says, "You crazy? What are you-"
His eyes turn blank. He walks to him like a zombie.
"Good. Jaghy, camt fith he."
Eagle follows him into the next room.
Hawk comes into the room and sees scared and gory scientists. He sees Eagle walking with the head through the next door.
"Stop right there, you ugly beast!"
He's right. He is ugly. And fat.
"You don't him to die, don't you?"
Hawk notices Eagle's eyes.
"What have you done?!"
"It's called vampire language."
"Vampire language- Vampires share the same language with us!"
"No, you're wrong. When Vladimir was born, the virus was born with him and he spoke in the vampire language, better known as Vermpaire. It it used to control vampires like Eagle-"
"Eagle's not a vampire."
"Then how could I control him?"
Eagle's head begins to sway from the left to the right and vice versa.
"Let him go!"
"You're just going to stop us. Why should I let him go?"
"Go to hell!" Eagle curses as he takes out his pistol. By that time, Eagle has already taken the pistol by blurring and breaking the pistol into two.
"Eagle, it's me, Hawk! You know me as Hawk! C'mon, say something!" Hawk says while grabbing Eagle by the shoulders. Eagle rams Hawk away from him and he slams onto the wall.

I kick the door open from the side and see Eagle pushing Hawk into a wall.
"Eagle, stand down!" I order loudly. Then Louise alerted me of the fat monster.
"You, what's happening to Eagle?!" I shout, desperate to know.
"You'll know soon. Eagle, camt fith he."
Hawk grabs Eagle by the neck accidentally, but didn't cared. He tried to pull Eagle but Eagle was too strong. I arm my MP5 and aim it at the ugly scientist.
"Don't. Or else Eagle dies too."
"What?!" I shout, puzzled.
He smiles as Eagle and him leaves the place. I see Hawk sobbing, wet in tears, not sweat. I come over to him.
"Don't worry. We'll get Eagle this time."
"He's a freakin' vampire!!" He shouts.
"What? What happened?"
"I saw him blurring to me."
"Blurring.. Hawk. Only we can depend Soon and Cal."
"They were left behind to do some last-minute duties.
"Heh, last-minute. I always hated last-minute work."

Soon is done with the sensor.
"This should work-"
He sees Eagle coming out with the scientist. The mini-machine gun was about to shoot when Eagle blurs to the gun and destroys him.
"What are you-"
Eagle grabs Soon by the neck and chokes him.
"Eagle! Wha arya doin'?!" He gags, losing air by the second.
"Eagle, jive pim je and jive how."
Eagle leaves Soon and directs the scientist out. Cal was hiding like a coward behind a shady cover. They didn't notice them. Team Breach didn't come. I cancelled them out. A stupid choice, I would say.
Cal was shocked. Eagle? Where's Vladimir, then?!

Vladimir walked past me minutes after the incident.
"So, where's the virus?" Vladimir asks.
"They left with it."
"Where's Eagle?" Vladimir asks.
"Bad question," I state.
"The bad ending always happens when I'm here, aren't I?"
"Yes. Horrible, in fact," I answer monotonously.
"Okay, let's go back."
"Eagle was controlled by a scientist. A fat and ugly-"
"What? Fat and ugly scientist? The controller.."
"You know him?!"
"Uh.. We were partners since childhood. Then, we separated after a brawl. He was a stupid *censored*."
"What's his name?"
"His name.." He says while looking to the left and to the right.
"Stop repeating it, idiot."
"Is Kelvin The Human Vampire!"
"He's not!"
"Okay, fine. His name is Manstanon. Manstanon Ysti."
"Ysti," I repeat.

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Chapter 8: The Soon Virus

"Yes! Wait, no, no.." says Soon while walking back and forth, thinking what formula could make the vampire virus become a human virus.
"Yes, can't give up now. Can have less vampire, non-exist, better."
Over the weekend, Soon has been developing the virus, thinking of what formula he could use for the virus, which was staying still in a test tube.
"What if.." Soon says as he walks over to the special test tube and takes it. He leads it to a blood sample. The blood sample is of mine.
"What if.. I reverse the transformation of vampires, using the same formula on the blood, transforming vampires back to humans instead!"
He takes his glass mixer and sticks it through a human liquid bone cell in a test tube. He mixes it with the blood sample and washes the mixer off. Then, he moves towards the vampire skin cell, which was similar to the first, but he could only see pure white if it was a bit dark. He simply pours the skin cell into the sample. He quickly takes a cork and fits it inside the sample. A small explosion happened, but it didn't break the tube.
"It is true?! Is it done?!"
He takes off the cork, which was soaked with blood. He presses the intercom button.
"Colonel Gerard! I need you down here!"
I was in my office, doing paperwork when I heard Soon's voice. I reply with an 'okay'. I sped down towards the lab and see Soon's face, covered with happiness.
"I've done it!" He exclaimed.
"Done what?"
"The human virus! It will make humans as strong as vampires and help kill off the vampire virus!"
"Really? Try it on the woman we brought back."
"You don't want it?"
"I don't trust newly-made inventions. No way."
"Alright, if you insist."

Soon walks with me to the medical bay. I open the door. This was the only time I got to see the lady's face. I was overwhelmed by her pretty-looking face. My jaw dropped out. Soon ignores me and was about to inject the blood sample when-
"Stop! Don't inject it!"
"You said I could."
"Well, now you can't," I reversed at him, blushing. But Soon didn't notice any red on my cheeks.
"Okay. But who do we test it on?"
I tilt my head in wonder and kept on slapping my temple lightly. It is a gesture of guessing, right? No, who's getting the injection?
"Vladimir. Try it on him."
"Vladimir? Are you sure-"
"You said this could turn him back into a human. He can still keep his agility, but not his regenerative power."
"That's the problem. We need Vladimir as a vampire on this mission."
My focus shifts to my breathing. Then, I feel my heart pumping so loudly I could hear it.
"Try it on me."
"You? You have a chance of dying."
"Soon, I trust you. You're Squad Alpha, the best squad in Vamp Pyres, apart from Squad Omega."
Soon frowns at the squad's name.
"What's that?"
"The squad whom Eagle and Hawk are in."
"I thought they were in Echo."
"I rearranged them," I lie as I smile.
"Okay, back to the human virus. Let's test it out in the training grounds."

Soon injects the stuff into my bloodstream. I feel so revitalized, like I missed the whole action.
"Woaha!!!!" I shout. The sudden urge of punching the ground got to me, and I punched the ground with the strength of a vampire. A normal one anyways.
"Haaah!!!" My legs get all shaky, then suddenly moving them like a blur on the spot. The ground starts to be pummeled like a sledgehammer lightly smashing the floor.
"Right. The virus should settle in you. Be aware, that you can only do this for a few minutes before you tire out. You are now resistant to vampire bites, but it's not guaranteed that you'll not get vampire transformation. The virus will fight back though."
"Alright! Is this now a legit invention?!"
"Nope, I have to monitor you for the next 24 hours to see any changes on you."
I sigh, accepting the 'unishment' for the virus.
"Alright, alright. Where do you want to monitor me?"
"Anywhere, but your room is recommended."
"My room?! Yes! Armor Games!"
Soon laughs too, because he also goes to Armor Games. He nods while grinning, seeing the colonel happy made him happy too. A contagious happiness.

While I am monitored

Vladimir goes to the training grounds and sees two crushed spots.
"Hawk is going to be mad, Gerard."
He smiles at the surveillance camera. Kelvin comes in next, because Vladimir asked him to follow.
"So, we're doing this training thing? Do I treat it like our last battle?" Kelvin brags while smiling at Vladimir.
"No, you *censored*. You are going to dodge my attacks. Too bad Eagle ain't here to own your *censored*."
Kelvin shakes his head, disgusted at the vile tongue of Vladimir.
"Would you stop that cursing of yours? It's beginning to feel uneasy here. And besides, you don't want me to kill you next like before, do you?"
Vladimir grunts at Kelvin and releases a puff of air loudly.
"Get to the center. I'll kill you in just a second."
"Try me," Kelvin dares as he goes to the middle of the whole place.
Vladimir blurs and seems like appearing from above Kelvin.
"Please. Demonstrate real blurring next time," Kelvin mutters, judging Vladimir's blurring skills. He produces a very loud noise when he blurs, which is bad for stealth missions.
Vladimir was about to land a kick on Kelvin's head when he moved his head away and grabbed his leg instead. He slams Vladimir down and makes yet another crushed spot. Vladimir turned around with an angry face, everything healed up.
"I said dodge, not counterattack!"
"You didn't say I could not counter."
"Now, you won't attack nor counterattack me. You will only dodge!" He instructs as he gets up.
His speed brought him in front at Kelvin like a ghost. But Kelvin was calm the whole time.
He moves to the left, dodging Vladimir totally by the all-out body slam.
"Attack better, Vladimir," says Kelvin out loud. He didn't care what Vladimir thought. All this useless training was to show that Vladimir was better than Kelvin by tonnes or thousands. But Kelvin proved him wrong twice.
"I will," Vladimir opens his mouth and let out his weak voice while getting up. "If only you could shut up!" He willed his last punch on Kelvin.
"Pity, you couldn't improve."
He moves his right shoulder to the left, dodging the punch by a few inches and putting his hands in his pockets. He moves forward and pounds Vladimir's head with his own forehead. Vladimir was sent back, staggering and whining about counterattacking.
"Stop your *censored*. You ain't the strongest, so you whine. You are the strongest, you don't *censored* around. Get it? Don't cry, Vladimir, the strongest vampire in the world. Not. The only thing you can do is whine like a dog and brag about your power and how you could think. Grow up, man. Who needs you when you can get killed easily."
This pretty much *censored* Vladimir up.
"You think you're the best! You're not! You can still be killed-"
"But you die easier."
Vladimir shouts, "RAAAAAAAGH!!!"
"What are you gonna do now? Cower in fear like a baby, or I kill you." The exact sentence used by Vladimir.
Vladimir begins to panic. He's never panicked. Not once. Even when I tried to kill him in The Rise Of The Vampire. Or when Kelvin was about to kill him. Ego rose within him.
Vladimir blurs off the training grounds.
"Still bad at blurring," jokes Kelvin as he laughs to himself.

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Chapter 9: Human Feelings

Cal Palvaco, his full name, enters the colonel's room after results of the Soon Virus.
"Colonel Gerard," says Cal as he does the greeting salutation.
"Hey, Cal. What's up?" I say as I work on paperwork about the first stage of the virus.
"Colonel, there's something important I need you to hear."
"Well, obviously. You always seem so serious."
"The Soon Virus is successful."
"Okay, I know that."
"But, it cannot be used on vampires."
"Wait, how do you know?"
"We got a vampire trapped in the lab and injected it."
"So, no transformation after 24 hours? 48 hours?"
"No, sir. Only humans can use this."
"Tell Soon to work on it."
"Yes, sir. He's already on it."
"Good. Anything else?"
"Permission to play Boxhead 2Play."
I laugh at the request. A formal request for something informal.
"Aah! Sure, why not?!" I invite him over to wait for the loading of Boxhead.

General Hawk lies on his bed, tears running down to the pillow. Vladimir knocks on the door with politeness. Hawk alerted himself and wiped off the tears from his face. He gets up and walks towards the door. He looked through the peephole and sees Vladimir.
"How unfamiliar. Vladimir's knocking!"
He swings the metal door open to see Vladimir's smiling face.
"Hey, I thought you needed company, since I know you weren't good about the previous mission."
"Hah! I'm good, really."
"I'm coming in anyways."
Vladimir enters the room. He looks around and notices a number of Crossrifles set up like a grave.
"Oh, c'mon. Eagle's not dead. He's a vampire. If Manstanon tries to kill him, he'll defend himself, regardless of the orders he gives. I'm sure because I've tried. Yes, by the way, he is my brother-"
"He's your brother? Wait, he uses Crossweapons. How could he have survived."
"He took a drug."
"No, not that. Lupin must be taken frequently. If he'd taken Lupin, one of your guys should have died."
"I see. Well, I feel bad for not shooting Ysti."
"Ysti? You CAN shoot him, even though he's controlling Eagle!"
"Wait, what?"
"The controller cannot control his vampire to commit suicide, because that's what the mind doesn't want. Just living would be good enough."
"That son of a-"
"Would you like to practice with Kelvin? He's.. pretty goo-"
He corrects himself.
"Not bad."
"Okay, I'll see about that. Yes, uh.. thank you for the cheering up and the information," Hawk says as he bows his head in front of Vladimir.
"Pleasure's all mine, Hawk."
"General," He correct. "Hawk."
"General Hawk."
Vladimir leaves the place with a grin.

"Eagle, yo lat do hant, ghut, roh fot ril ke."
Eagle was released from vampire language. Eagle sees Manstanon, but didn't had the urge to kill, even though he's the enemy.
"What are you up to?! And where are we?!"
"We're headed off to the prison in Constan. We have unfinished and confidential business there."
"Confidential? Since I'm coming, don't you have to tell me what?"
"You won't remember a thing!"
Ysti was true about going to the prison, but not forgetting. Eagle actually witnessed everything even being controlled by the language.
"What? Where was I?" Eagle lied to get some answers.
"Well, since you'll get your memories wiped, why not tell you. You were controlled by vampire language. I figured so because you looked like Vladimir."
"How do you know Vladimir?"
"I've been with Vladimir for 500 years. Maybe more or less."
"You a vampire?"
"Nope, half."
"There's no such thing as a-"
"I'm the only one."
"Okay, okay, whatever. Since you're going to mind wipe me, why not tell me what you're going to do there?"
"Okay, fine. We're doing the second stage there. Happy?"
Eagle's eyes widened in shock. Other than that, nothing moved.
"Alright, you're in a house, a dark room here. Feel free to do anything. You can't break the walls though, too hardy."
Ysti leaves, leaving Eagle alone.
"Vampire language? As if.."
He shakes his head, then quickly strike his hand at the lowest of pockets. Out came his hand with a cellphone.
"Good, still here. I'll just need to-"
The door was slammed open and Eagle moves his hand to his pocket and hid his phone in a blur. It's too dark so Eagle calmly set it back. Food was served. It's fried chicken.
"Nice, gotta call Gerard first."

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