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Your hands are shaking... but you continue to write in your journal.

[/i] I'm all alone. No one here to help me... to tell me what to do. Corbis just went crazy. We should have known from the beginning. He gave us signs, but we ignored them. I had a feeling in my gut about him, and what he'd been up to before we all teamed up together, but I foolishly ignored that as well.

You take a break from writing, and focus on calming your nerves. Sweat dribbles down the side of your face, cooling you off.
You stand up, and look at the evironment. You're inside of a small room, with a dark hallway staring at you. You sit back down, and begin to write some more.

If you find this, journal, then you should be able to find the radio that I have left for you. Look in the desk, third droor. Turn the frequency to 30.6, and talk to me. I have no clue what these things are, so I'm hoping that you do. Please, contact me right as you read this.[i]

You place the pen that you've been using into your pocket. You then place the journal on the floor where you've been sitting, and you stand up once again. You take a few steps in front of you, then you look down at the monster that you killed a few minutes earlier. Its head is shrunken, and its hands don't even seem to exist anymore. Enormous blades have grown out of the monsters arms, and a few bones reach out from the monsters shoulders. Suddenly, the monster's arm moves, and the blade taps your shoes. "Ah!" you yell, stepping back. The monster lies on the floor completely motionless now. Your hands begin to tremble some more. "Its time to move, screw this place." you say to yourself. The intimidating dark hallway continues to stare at you. There is a desk beside you, where you placed the radio for someone to retrieve, hopefully. A lantern is lit, sitting on top of the desk, but it has little oil remaining.

What will you do?

Character Sheet
Physical Desc:
Suffering from: Nothing
Sanity: Low; Hands are shaking and you have a slight headache
Health: Maximum
Time of Day: Unknown
Companions: None
Inventory: Ball-point Pen

Choose actions carefully in this game. This game is mainly for advanced players... which means that you gotta think a lot and make sure you make few errors.

The Sanity means how... sane you are. The more monsters you encounter, the more your sanity will drop. If your Sanity reaches rock bottom, then your companions will consider you a threat and unsafe to be around, and therefor they will kill you. If you have no companions, then you will be okay, but monsters will find you more frequently and it will be more dangerous. To decrease your sanity, drink alcohol, or just simply talk to companions about memories or talk about something you miss. Anything that would help you keep your mind in place.

The category named: Suffering From, tells you what your suffering from pretyt much. You have to eat, drink, and sleep in this game. If you don't get enough sleep, you will suffer from sleep deprivation. If you don't drink water, you'll suffer from dehydration, etc.

So... what will you do?

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