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This is somewhat in response to the bots posting all these football and hockey threads with 'less-than-legal' content.

So my idea was to create a filter or holding area for new threads in event of chronic spammers, ad bots, etc. . It could be enabled or disabled at any time so it isnt a constant burden for moderators/administration to have to deal with.

As of right now, these bots have taken up entire 1st pages of certain sections (Suggestions, Video games, Forum Games., etc.) and to my knowledge deleting large amounts of threads is not a quick task nor efficient of said bot keeps making more ad threads hile you're banning the user or deleting one thread. With this filter, all of these threads (including legitimate ones) would he sent to a holding list/zone where the legitimate treads could be approved and the rest possibly streamlined for deletion, maybe like an email inbox format so you can just check all the extraneous threads and delete them all with one click?

Anyway, just an idea and I'm not sure if it would even be worth the effort or if it is possible. Criticism is appreciated.

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The adbots could also be stopped if CAPTCHA is implemented in AG3. Without it, this seems like a good idea, especially if there is a quick way to approve legitimate threads.

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