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I know this thread has already been made before, but seeing as it has probably died or is been buried deep into the realms of the Tavern forum, I decided to make a new one! =)

What if... you were a castaway on a tropical island... your ship has sunk near a tropical island in the middle of nowhere and you won't be rescued for several decades, because nobody misses you and will come look for you...

...and here comes the fun part! You can have 3 things that can/will wash upon shore at your island? Anything is allowed (except for any explicit stuff of course!), but it's a maximum of 3 things..., share with us what would those 3 items will be!

And to sum things up... these are the ground rules:

# Name the 3 items of tour choice;
# Elaborate on why you would want those particular items;
# And what would you do with them?

I'm wondering and looking forward to what the answers will be! =)

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