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The Superhuman is based on my RPG, which now has about 1000 posts plus. I thought of this crazy idea and went on with it. I hope you guys like it, and take the time to criticize and comment on my thread. Thanks very much.

Vamp Pyres: The Master Vampire Hunter will still be updated. Here's the link.



In the year when the Big Bang theory happened, there was a goddess named Azure. She did not help in the Big Bang theory, but helped to maintain peace between the Solar System and the Jorge System. But, she was more to Earth because of the humans in there. More humans worshiped her than that of Jorge, which is a planet similar to Earth.
This caused Jorge to be jealous of Earth. So, Jorge elected a president to lead the war on Earth. This was in the future, 2250 A.D. Giant star ships gathered around Earth and sent attacks onto Earth. Earth was as modern as Jorge was. The attacks were repelled off easily. So, Earth and Jorge had this war, from 2250 A.D until now, which is 2445 A.D.
The Earth leader, Garth, is leading the attacks on Jorge, whom Azure had chosen. Yet another sign of favoritism, which made Jorge determined to destroy Earth more. Azure realizes that she was at fault, so in order to make Jorge equal with Earth, which an actually best Jorge in a few years' time, Azure gave Jorge a giant purple bolt, set in an ocean. Scientists notices this before others did. So, scientists went to the bolt on a fast speedboat. A scientist, Fort Yus, volunteered to test out the bolt by touching it. The results shocked the whole world of Jorge. Fort was given a super power. It was Super Brain.
He found out a way after touching the bolt on how to divide this and hand it to the soldiers to decrease odds of losing. And so, he divided the bolt into every country. Commander Jack, a supreme leader of Jorge, disallowed this, and therefore, stopped the producing of the purple bolt. But, a religious missionary, the one who has no name, serves under Garth and Azure. Seeing that Jorge refused the blessing of super powers, he traveled to Jorge secretly and extract a super power from the bolt.
He had the power, Purple Bolt Manipulation and Memory Keeper. He could remember anything precise and he could give the people powers. Azure approves of this action and let him fill the world with super-powered freaks. Each day, he kidnaps a few people and give them powers, powers they actually don't need. The number of super humans rises every day, causing the government to get suspicious of this kidnappings. When the number exceeds the suspicion limit, the government decided to investigate. Until now, no one was able to find out, because the missionary was very good at hiding evidence or destroying them.
This went on for two years, and that's when 80% of the world are super-powered freaks. Since then, the spreading of super-powers also happened on Earth, but less than Jorge. Among the 80% of superhumans, there's a prodigy superhuman. His name is Leopard Allegro and Leopard's life unfolds as he gets shocked by the missionary's purple bolt.

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Chapter 1: Leopard, The Prodigy's Awakening

Leopard Allegro uses his chopstick and picks his noodles up in a chinese restaurant. He slurps the stuff and chows down.
"Yeah!" He shouts, alerting everyone around him.
Some of them whispered, "What a freak," or "Stupid idiot."
But Leopard didn't care. He's in the best chinese restaurant in the world! In his opinion, anyways.
A mysterious man walks in, intruding Leopard by prodding him at his shoulder.
"Hello, young sir."
"No, don't call me sir.." He says with his mouth full, "Call me Allegro!"
"Allegro, please come with me."
"Why? I'm eating here."
The man didn't care. He pulled Leopard by the arm and dragged him away from his table.
"No! I'm not finished!"
"You will be," says the missionary as he makes a purple spark behind Leopard.
"What do you mean?" Leopard seemed drunk when he said that.
"Watch and see."
He pulls his hand back and zaps Leopard-
He falls down, unconscious. The mysterious man smiles and carries him to a nearby hospital with his arms.
"You will soon receive the blessings of Azure, I'm sure of that," He says while tears run down his smiling mouth.

Leopard wakes up and looks around. He sees a set of clothes on a table next to him. He scans the room and notices this room as a morgue.
"I was suppose to be dead? What.." He trails off as he sees his hand conjuring a fireball.
"Wha!! Put it off! Put it off!"
Policemen came in instead of doctors or nurses. They noticed Leopard's fireball and held their pistols up.
"Put it out, now!"
"I-I can't!"
"Don't force me to!"
He closes his eyes shut pretty hard, but nothing happened.
The policeman was about to shoot when Leopard shot his fireball first. The policeman burned alive and was running around in agony. The other one stared at him, then turned back to Leopard. By now, Leopard's power was unstable and his hand conjures a lightning ball this time. The policeman was about to shoot when Leopard shot the lightning ball, again. The policeman shot, but the bullets were sucked into the lightning ball. It electrocuted him too much that he died. The burned one was fried completely.
"Great. How am I going to explain this to Dad?" He asked this question himself, when he saw the newspaper next to the set of clothes.
He stretches his arm and grabs the newspaper back. The front page shows that Leopard Allegro was the only person to be zapped yesterday and his family was captured by the police. Leopard shouts as soon as he read the heading. Now, his head was on fire.
"Great," He says as he calms down.
The fire disappears.
"Nice feature!"
He gets up, then realizing he's in a patient's clothes. He looks around to see if anybody's here and changes into the set of clothes mysteriously provided. He ties his shoe laces and heads out, only to be targeted by more policemen. Worse, almost everyone of them are equipped with shotguns.
Leopard alerts the policemen while putting up his pair of hands, "I'm innocent! I didn't do anything wrong!"
"All superhumans are to be captured and executed!"
"What?! It wasn't even my fault! It was.. a man.."
"And who would that be?" An officer asks.
"Uh.. He was lean, and had a moustache."
"You're not even sure."
"Yes, I'm sure! Wait, maybe not."
"Surrender and you can die peacefully, now!"
"Never!!" Leopard says as he thinks of lightning. A lightning ball forms in his hand and shoots it. The lightning ball made himself fall down. The policemen shot, but electromagnetic waves pull the bullets back to the ball and it explodes when it hits the police car nearest to Leopard. He couldn't believe that he could do it. Again. He ran like the leopards! There was a forest nearby.
"Good. Good!" He says to himself.
He likes forests. It's a challenge to run through the forest without dropping once. He would always drop, but he liked the challenge. This time, he didn't. When he dropped, he was still in the air, or rather, cushioned by air. He didn't know what was happening and he kept on running. He was so confused. Why did this happen to him? Why him and not other people? He just wished every problem would go away. Leopard was getting used to the drops when he was stopped by a boy.
"What are you doing here?! Run! The police are after me."
"Wait here."
The boy waits for the moment the policemen came, then timed his punch to the ground. There was a shock wave of earth traveling towards the policemen, who lost balance and fell unconscious because of the power.
"Follow me!" The boy shouts as he heads off aimlessly.
"Hey! Wait!" The boy didn't stop.
He sighs while shaking his head.
"What's happening to this world..?" He mutters as he walks to the kid, who was slower than Leopard.
The kid stops, making Leopard flinch. The boy puts his hands on the ground and closes his eyes. He took a deep breath and goes towards his right and opened a hatch.
"What is this kid?!" thought Leopard.
Leopard goes in together with the kid. Everything was dark here and the basement is quite deep too. He was getting used to the darkness when light approaches his eyes and blinds him.
"Welcome to our home," says a cocky woman.
"Okay, explain what's happening here!" Leopard demands.
"Patience, young one. You are new, so you'll need time to adjust to your powers."
"I have super powers? Wow! Awesome," He states as he nods.

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Chapter 2: The Small Earth Trains The Big Earth

"Leopard," starts a big man, buff and strong, weak in mind. "I am Gaffnor, super-strength."
He grins a small grin.
"Hi, hi! I'm Caroline and I'm a lava manipulator. Ooh! So much to talk about!" Caroline excites herself.
"Caroline, don't be a child. Grow up, get an ally," says the small kid.
Caroline ignores him and introduces him, "He's the boss, strongest one. His name is-"
"Rayzer. Rayzer Journey. Earth manipulation."
"I haven't finished my sentence-"
"Caroline, look. You're already older and I'm just a boy," Rayzer speaks in a mature tone. "The cocky lady from before.. She has no name. She's-"
"She's a fire manipulator! Hah, gotcha!" interrupts Caroline who poses a smile on her face, quietly laughing to herself.
"Okay, Leopard. It seems you are a elemental manipulator. You're to master the power, then be off with you."
"Wait, why do I even want to join you guys, since this is such a *censored*-"
"You call this place *censored*?!" shouts the big man. "Rayzer helped me through many problems! You have no right to say that!"
"Wait, Rayzer, was it?"
"It's Mister Journey to you."
"Mister-" Leopard gagged. "Why the *censored* do I want to call a kid 'Mister'?! Is this some kind of joke? I'm older than you!"
"Everyone like this once before. I've trained lots of people, but never an elemental manipulator."
"Oh, you're just a single-element manipulator. You can't train me, can ya'?"
"Oh yes, I can. But only at earth for power. For the other elements, you have to train on your own or find other trainers."
"But I'm not calling you Mister Journey. Only Journey."
The kid closes his eyes.
"Okay, fine. But do not, by any means, call me Rayzer. It isn't gentle."
"Okay, Journey. Where'll we start?"
"Right this way, Mister Allegro."
This made Leopard feel respected.
"Anyways, how did you know my name was Leopard Allegro?"
"We keep track of whoever will get super powers. As written in the Azura, all superhumans will fight against Earth. They will not use their own powers for their desires. Should that happen, they will be condemned with death."
"Way to go, Journey.."
"If you use your powers for your own desires, say robbery or crime, you will die. The missionary with no name doesn't care who dies and don't, we do. And his mission was to only spread the power in Jorge."
"So, if I serve Azure, I won't be killed?"
"Sure, you're not dead here."
"But who'll kill them?"
"We do. Those working here. For now, it's just us. But we'll grow, eventually."
"Here we are!" Rayzer Journey shouts as they enter the giant arena. It's vast, yet empty and quite dusty.
"Okay, you're gonna teach me earth. C'mon! I'm ready! I did lightning and fire! What's more to earth?!"
"Well, you're the lively one."
"Okay, the basics to earth manipulating is that you think that you are the earth."
"Well, the time when I got confused, like when I woke up, I summoned up a fireball. Fire comes from confusion?"
"No. Fire is excitement. You were always excited, even when you were just sleeping."
"How do you know? You a stalker?!"
"No, I have an orb that sees the whole Jorge. I also have Memory Keeper, like the missionary."
"Are Memory Keeper users common?"
"No, of course not! Memory Keeper are those that were genius and wise before they got shot. So far, only about ten are users."
Leopard's eyes widened.
"Ten? There must be more!"
"Nope, ten. Until some wise people got shot. Depends though."
"Back here. You become the earth. Be hardy, but soft. Don't anger yourself when using earth. You'll break the earth you grabbed up. Be calm too."
Leopard made a small version of the Eifiel Tower. About Leopard's height.
"What the?!"
"What?!" Leopard flinched as the tower drops and he caught himself on fire.
The kid looks down and covers his face with his tiny hand.
"We'll need to work on your emotions.."
Leopard's fire went out.
"I see. My second time using fire! Woohoo!"
Leopard's hand exploded in fire and the kid raised an earth wall to defend against the fire.
"Oops," Leopard says as fire went into his eyes.
"Woah! It's like eye massage!"
"It's because you absorb fire.."
"Wait, if I can absorb fire, I can absorb other elements."
"Yes. I'll prove it to you. Don't do anything."
He forms sand out of the earth and shoots a sand wave at him. Leopard didn't know what was happening, but he trusted Journey on this.
The sand wave hits him and sand was absorbed into him.
"You can take elemental attacks, but not physical."
Journey raised his hands, but nothing came up. But behind Leopard, a hammer of earth, small enough to even poke, went straight down to Leopard's head. The hammer hit Leopard's head with a 'cluck' as the hammer gets absorbed as well.
"Argh!" says Leopard as he holds his head. "What was that for?!"
"You could have just made soft earth and hit me."
"Nah, I wanted to see if you could sense. You can't. You're going to, right after your emotion control."
"Alright, fine."

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Chapter 3: Trouble

"Caroline, what's your status?" says Gaffnor.
"Sure, I'm fine. Don't worry about me!"
The two superhumans confront a lightning manipulator, who is crazy fast and high. But the pair got outmatched by him, spreading lightning shots at the almost-broken barricade.
"So, what's the plan?" asks Gaffnor. Super-strength can't take on lightning directly.
"Okay, I'll go first and distract him. You move in behind me-"
"He can see."
"But not realize."
Gaffnor nods at this statement.
"Okay, let's go!"
Caroline makes a lava wall in front of the barricade. Crazy Jenkins (Not his name) sent barrages of lightning after lightning to the lava wall, when Caroline took up the courage and ran forwards. He sees the moving figure and directs his hands towards Caroline, then shooting lightning.
But Caroline was fast enough to raise another lava wall. That's when it's Gaffnor's cue.
He jumped over the barricade and charged towards him, who is probably still focused on Caroline. Gaffnor jumped again, but higher this time, and raises his elbows and clenched his fists tightly. He was like a frog when he landed on the man, crushing bone and flesh.
"Good job, Caroline. Hope we get a blood manipulator soon," Gaffnor congratulates as he swipes the mass amount of blood off him.
Caroline made a disgusted face, then said, "You could use a bath."
"Well, obviously."
"But we'll need to do one more assignment.
"And what is that?"
"There's a water manipulator down this street. Lava and water mix and become earth, so it's only you and him. Of course, I give the smarts."
"Water again? Water's been too common these days."
"Well, yeah."
They both walk down this street.

Leopard took up a giant ball of earth and shot it at Journey. Journey splayed his fingers and the ball separates itself.
"How are you doing that?"
"It's called Earth-Counter. Not many can use it. If this comes right at you, just defend yourself with water."
"Why that?"
"Most water manipulators defend against my attacks pretty often."
"The criminals?"
"Yes, we don't kill innocents like you for no reason."
"Do you mind if I used fire on you?"
"Sure, knock yourself out."
He makes an explosive fireball, probably a miniature size of the Sun and shot it at Journey.
"Simpletons.." Journey murmured.
He took up thick earth and made a wall. He then bends it to become a ball and he shot it to the fireball. They collide with each other for several seconds, then they both explode. But Leopard didn't give up yet.
He childishly does those hand signs in Naruto and shot fiery cloaks of fire from his mouth.
Journey just shakes his head. He stomps the ground and made an earth wave, hording the fire until no more.
Leopard was angry when this happened because he can't penetrate Journey's defenses. Fire exploded in front of Leopard, but he didn't care. He makes an earth ball twice as big as Leopard and filled explosive fire inside. He sends it to Journey. This was a problem for Journey, because he can't sense fire.
"Simple enough."
He stretches his hand to the ball and touched the earth. He absorbed it and there, the fire exploded and Journey was sent back, scorched and burnt.
"Aargh!" grimaced Journey.
Leopard smiles at his victory. He also shoots his fist up, but the fist got caught in fire.
"Argh! Stupid-" The fire fused with lightning.
Journey gets up. He was amazed when the transformation happened.
"Your emotions are different. They are all mixed, but how?" Rayzer thought.
"Okay, emotion fixed."
Journey didn't object, even though it's not fixed.
"I have a mission for you. Hunt down a light manipulator just in Shape-Shift City."
"Aye'. That's my hometown."
"Okay, good. You know your way. He looks like this."
He hands Leopard a picture of him. Leopard nods.

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