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A small introduction

I've been writing poetry for many years, and still actively write them to this day. I write mainly in free-verse, lyrical, and quatrain, and try and implement a bit of philosophy into each of my works. I hope you enjoy reading these, and I'd love to know what you think!


You strive for greatness,
Yet miss afar,
You intend to change it,
But dismiss the thought.

Take a look at your life,
Your game planâs gone.
The other teamâs winning,
In the game of life.

A leader in life,
A normality,
Usually leading just themselves.

You bend the rules,
To fit your needs.
Yet nobody follows,
Theyâve no need to be.

Going through obstacles is a given,
Blinded by love and revenge,
A road block right in the middle,
Can ruin your life⦠in every way.

Life is the game,
With no clear ending,
A mix of every motion,
Missing a rule set.

Whichever way fate turns,
Cannot be predicted.
You can try to alter your course,
But itâs crystal clear.

A life of happiness,
Is an unknown truth.
Every life is a mix of everything,
Thereâs nothing you can do.

Live to the fullest,
Donât leave the cup half empty,
For the time goes by,
with every move.


A single tear in an ocean,
As lonely as it seems.
From a mournful soul in a far away place,
In midst of tragedy.

Unknown to human eye,
But stuck in onesâ memory.

Fallen from a path unseen,
But commonly taken.
Help is an underlying hope,
It is there,
But forever faltering.

The Human Life

One human life,
Is a memory unmatched.
Although the waves may be high,
And the luminescence is low,
The light at the end of the tunnel,
Forever shows.

Becoming dimmer each second,
A moment a hammer blow,
The sight becomes ever closer,
Through obstacles unknown.

As the time ticks down,
One may think to themselves,
What a waste of breath,
But others,
A memory,
forever known.

The World

In my distress,
I must confess,
How this world has come to be.

The joy is gone,
The world has won,
I, for one, not for me.

To be changed,
A diamond for the poor,

And if you wish,
You may as well be a fish,
In the midst of a poison sea.

If you donât understand,
The world has won,
Therefore youâre still a minor pawn, you see.

If with me,
You shall seem to be,
A king, in a playerless game.

But if the king,
Thatâs o.k.,
Youâve already won.

Though those who appose,
Still canât see.

Youâve followed well,
A cliché being,
But who knows what youâll be?

Though itâll stay unseen,
Until the world will change,
Therefore all of eternity.

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(Sorry for any of you who are seeing this (â�ï¿&frac12. It's an apostrophe. And I'm also sorry for any of you who are seeing this (ÃÂ&copy. It's an e with an accent mark)

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I think you would get a lot more response to it if it would rhyme. I like both, but I know a lot of people who only like rhyming poetry. Good overall. I liked it. If you make another one that rhymes, be sure to let me know. BTW, if you want something to read, look at my "A (mostly true) Thriller Story" on this forum. I wrote it

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