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A haunted POV story. About a lady with no FACE! I`m having a sleepover soon and I jjust figured out a great story but im only telling it from one person's point of view. Wanna guess? There are 2 main characters. The rich lady and the one with no face.

(Lyra)Rich lady POV:
I went out in my fur coat before sun down. I couldn't wait for the day to end. My friends and family, all going to be going to this dinner! I don't know why I went out, I have allready made dinner. No need for table decorations now yet I feel like i had to. Ah the old house of those annoying neighbours. Well once you look at it they aren't very annoying and their house just burned down. I feel bad for them but I couldn't invite them over to dinner since they just moved away. Even if they didn't I don't have enough cutlary or food for all of us then. I feel guilty and I don't want to be treated like a burden. I walked into the burned down house. Hmmm, no one came to repair it yet? I explored more of the building and I came across this room I never saw before. Things are getting more and more strange now since that room, it was never there. I walk into the room without wondering what it might have been. I start to walk slower and slower and my body became so heavy. I...cant...move...Emily..... As soon as I open my eyes i find myself in a stone no wait, I'M THE STONE! I move my eye lids from side to side and I see blood everywhere. I see a woman, she lies on the ground with her lifeless body. I can't break free and suddenly this creature came right at me. I screamed for a second and open my eyes. I find myself lying on the floor with blood on my hands. Was I really bleeding? I look around and see the woman. This time she was walking towards me, "lyra...Lyra..." I heard her say. I hope she din't mean me because I stood there motionless. I realized the woman had no face as she got closer. Not even a bit of detail. It was flat like paper. Then she ran towards me and I slam the door shut!. This morning, I woke up like a faceless woman.

(Emily)The faceless woman POV:

Ughh, do I slugish. I stride around the room but couldn't see a thiing. I look for a light and tripped a couple of times finding it. I can feel blood on my skin as I keep striding. I found the light switches and turned it on but all I could see was dark. I didn't understand. I turned on all light switches and still...nothing. I put my hand on my face to feel it was completly flat. What! Flat!? Impossible! I feel around it and again but my face, where did it go? I remember seeing a strange spirit during the fire, as if he gave me back my life for my face! That spirit eats faces! I lie down hoopping this was all a dream. Until I heard a woman. I don't know who she could have been but I couldn't see. I can't let her see this or I might die. But instead of the room freaking her out she collapsed! Right there on the floor! I could hear her and feel the thump onthe ground. She started to scream, thats when I knew. LYRA! It was my good ol' friend who trusts me! She didn't know I was still in the fire while my family escaped! I must warn her but it was probably too late. The spirit might have gotten her and now she might have no face. I had to scream out her name but all I could do was let out a little moan "lyra" I said, she must have not heard me. I got up and walked closer. Shouting her name as loud as I can. But to her she just hears moans. She must have saw my face which has no face because now, she ran screaming. God why no face? why not just an ugly bloody one? Just one piece of my face and she would have reconized it was me!" Sudenlly I feel the room shake and then colapse and I fall into a deep dark space.....

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This story is interesting. I like supernatural stories, especially this one. It's just the beginning, so I'm not going to advise. This story is good. By all means, write more! I want to see what happens to Emily.

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