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Hi, welcome to my Hot hydraulic sonny 2 legend run guide! The aim of this is to get the over the ashes achievement in sonny 2 and beat the corrupter in Zone 7, without using mind freeze, flash freeze, or ice wall. but I greatly suggest that you have already got this achievement before attempting to follow this guide because its not the best build something I will try to explain why later. But it is the only in depth hot hydro Guide I know of.. if youâre having trouble following this and want an easy guide to follow, some of the best ones are:
soccerdude2's: this is a walkthrough for biological.
kingpong001âs: this is a hydraulic build like mine, but is very different because we follow two very different ability trees.
transitive's: this isnât really an in depth guide like the others, but you donât really need it for physiological because itâs by far the easiest build to master of the three, but if youâre having a go at this and get stuck on a level, feel free to gimmie a shout.
Just because itâs hard to follow this guide doesnât make it impossible, it can be very frustrating and difficult through the first 2 zones but after that things get a lot easier and I would go as far as to say that a lot of the battles in zones 5, 6 and 7 are easier played as hot hydro than as the legend run builds above.
All the words of this guide are mine other than the stuff highlighted in green witch I have taken from another one of the legend guides, also I copied the way soccerdudeâs and Kingpong001 set their guides out, so thanks for that! I do cheat on one occasion as you will see and I know some of the battles can be harder than I make out, but donât give up!
also, please, I only want constructive criticism so please donât harass me or I will just ask for the thread to be locked.
Thnx , inflict.
This is a guide for achieving the 'Legend' Achievement so therefore unlocking Zone 7 and defeating the Corrupter, so finally achieving the 'Over the Ashes' achievement.
In this guide the achievements you will/should achieve are:
- 'Tape'
- 'Predator'
- 'Legend'
- 'Jail Break'
- 'Over the Ashes'
You can try and get âold Ghostsâ, âBlack Magicâ and âpacifistâ. But I would STRONGLY advise against doing Black Magic because later on it stops your teammates from levelling up before some very difficult battles.

Sonny: 1st priority: strength and focus. 2nd priority: vitality. 3rd priority: speed and physical piercing. You donât need instinct for obvious reasons.
Veradux: 1st priority: instinct. 2nd priority: vitality. You don't really need Strength as he will be on Phlanx 95% of the time and Speed isn't needed his healing spells never miss.
Roald: 1st priority: strenght. 2nd priority: vitality. 3rd priority: Speed and fire piercing instinct is useless.
Felicity: 1st priority: strength and vitality. 2nd priority: speed. 3rd priority: physical piercing instinct again is useless.

I have achieved 'Legend' with all 3 classes and 7 different builds my order of builds on how easy they are to get the âlegendâ achievement is:
- 1st: Stun Psycho (my own super powerful build.)
- 2nd: Psycho Shocker
- 3rd: Speed Bio
- 4th: Cold Hydraulic
- 5th: Hot Hydro
- 6th: Strength Bio
- 7th: Shadow Psycho
(If youâre wondering what stun Psycho is the skip to the bottom of this guide to read about it.)
As you can see itâs not an easy build, but keep in mind the last three are all marginally more difficult from the first four and about the same level of difficulty.
I would say the main reason for that order is what I call the legend run necessityâs:
Do you like the name, I made it up myself ï. When you look at all the ways of doing a legend run, all the more successful ones have something in common. 4 abilityâs, I call them âThe Four Dâsâ most abilityâs, and all the useful ones can be put in to one of these four categories:

Drugging are performance enhancing abilityâs that boostâs one of your stats, such as charged blood (psychological) which increases your lightning piercing by 200%.
Disarming are enemy neutralising abilities, such as stuns.
Defensive are surviving abilityâs such as healing spells.
Damaging are offensive spells designed to smash the enemy to pieces.
Nubble, an AG member once said: Defensive abilities decide who wins a battle, Damaging abilities decide when.

The reason hot hydroâs are so weak is they lack a disarming move. This means you will be taking all the damage from all your opponents, you have no stun and regulate often misses and you have to sacrifice your health for it. So this mean you will become a very defensive player through tough battles and need to have high vitality. Luckily we counter this problem with immense damage output.
When you finish the final battle your stats should be like this:
Vitality: 275
Strength: 725
Instinct: 110
Speed: 100

At this point you should be doing more damage than a shock psycho. (about 7,000 damage a go, including Dot from decimate. And with avenger form its about 9,000!) nothing in the game can match that level of damage!
This is due to some very powerful passive combat effects; hot blooded, lasting pain and warm neurology, all of which give immense damage buffs. The only thing that could be made better would be a buff for physical piercing.
Also turn auto save off so you can replay battles and get certain weapons.
Anyway, to the guide, here goes:
ZONE 1: NEW ALCATRAZ - The Iron Prison
Out of all the zones for hot hydro this is one of the hardest. Didnât see that one coming...
Battle Progression:
1: (Level 1) - Prison Guard
2: (Level 1) - Prison Guard (2)
3: (Level 2) - Brutal Convict, Agile Convict
4: (Level 3) - Brutal Convict, Cunning Convict, Agile Convict
5: (Level 4) - Doctor Leath, Prison Guard (2)
6: (Level 4) - Twisted Experiment
7: (Level 5) - The Warden
8: (Level 5) - Doctor Hedger, Frankie
9: (Level 6) - ZCPI Elite
10: (Level 6) - Felicity
Ability progression:
Level One impair 1/4 regulate 1/4 hot blood 1/4 wreck 1/4 restore 1/4
Level Two wreck 2/4
Level Three wreck 3/4
Level Four wreck 4/4
Level Five restore 2/3 (the reason for using restore and not dead manâs plea is: dead manâs plea simply isnât strong enough to keep up with healing when things get tough in my opinion. But it does mean you will find yourself healing 60% of the time through zones 2 and 5. If you want you can use dead manâs plea instead
Level Six Decimate 1/4
First things first respec, put all your points in to vitality and get the above abilityâs, your ability bar should look like this:
Vapour canon x1
Slam x1
Wreck x2
Restore x3
Regulate x1
After this just put all your points into strength.
(The number before the enemyâs name is my difficulty rating, and numbers after are the amount of them.)
1/10-Prison Guard: if only all the fights were this easyâ¦
2/10-Prison Guard (2): you know what to do. You should nearly always start a battle with wreck.
2/10-Brutal Convict, Agile Convict: just keep smashing them up.
3/10-Brutal Convict, Cunning Convict, Agile Convict: Just kill the weakest one and keep Veradux on Phalanx if you need to although you shouldn't.
4/10-Doctor Leath, Prison Guard (2): Kill Doctor Leath first then take out the Prison Guards.
5/10-Twisted Experiment: A bit of hassle this one, do as much damage as you can and keep Veradux on Phalanx. There's nothing you can do about Withdrawl so you just have to wait it out. This might be the first battle were you might have to heal defensively to stop one of you from dyeing. Shouldnât have to many problems though.
7/10-The Warden: Uh, I hate this battle. Again keep Veradux on Phalanx as he can hit for up to 300. Rux will die, then go all out and try and kill him before he kills you Donât be afraid to heal. Wreck is your best attack.
4/10-Doctor Hedger, Frankie: Again it is quite easy. Donât be tempted to kill Frankie first due to damage buffs. Play it safe and take out the doctor first, then itâs no problem, just time consuming. After this battle switch a slam and a restore for 2 decimates.

Ability wheel:
Vapour canon x1
Decimate x2
Wreck x2
Restore x2
Regulate x1

4/10-ZCPI Elite: Easy, use regulate when he uses 'Aim for the Heart' When he uses his healing spell put Veradux on Relentless and hope he casts his Lightning Bolt.
10/10-Felicity: unbelievably difficult, one of the hardest fights in the game. both of you forget about healing unless black metal isnât cast. go all out. I use, wreck>wreck>decimate>decimate>vapour cannon>vapour cannon>vapour cannon. Then when she talks, switch to a defensive build and heal like youâve never healed before. If you both survive this then youâre very likely to win. If not harsh luck, try again, donât worry if you lose I think I redid this battle at least 15 times. Itâs just luck. (grrrr. If only we could use flash freeze..)
Congrats, you have now reached Zone 2!
ZONE 2: OBERURSEL - The Frozen Village
You wonât be glad to hear things donât get any easier, If zone 1 isnât the hardest of the lot, zone 2 is. The item store is stocked with goodies you can't afford and are too low a level to use, so you can safely ignore it.
Battle Progression:
1: (Level 7) - Frost Zombie
2: half fight/Cut scene
3: (Level 8) - Frost Terror, Frost Zombie (2)
4: (Level 8) - Knight
5: (Level 9) - Knight, Priest
6: (Level 9) - Frost Lord
7: (Level 9) - Knight, Priest, Mage
8: (Level 10) - Knight, Mage (2)
9: (Level 10) - Cult Leader
10: (Level 11) - Baron Brixius
11: Cut scene
12: (Level 11) - ZPCI Elite, Armored Hound (2)
13: (Level 11) - Captain Hunt, ZPCI Sniper, ZPCI Medic
Ability progression:
Level Seven decimate 2/4
Level Eight lasting pain 1/4
Level Nine lasting pain 2/4
Level Ten restore 3/3
Level Eleven lasting pain 3/4
2/10-Frost Zombie- Easy, keep using. wreck>wreck>decimate>decimate>vapour cannon>vapour cannon>vapour cannon. It your strongest attack.
0/10-Roald, Insurgent- wohoo Roald. You might want to steal some of his gear at a later stage.
6/10-Frost Zombie (2), Frost Terror- this battle takes almost as long as a normal cold hydro battle. Keep Vera on phalanx and Roald on tactical so he can cast greater purpose. Attack the upper frost zombie wreck>wreck>decimate>decimate>vapour cannon>vapour cannon>vapour cannon. Also use restore too when necessary. If the zombies try healing use regulate. With one zombie down, the battle gets easy.
2/10-Knight- really easyâ¦
4/10-Knight and Priest- Use regulate on the priest several times and he will cast a move of his called re-focusing that stuns him for several turns. While he is knocked out hit him as hard as you can. Once the priest is dead you can 3v1 the knightâ¦. He must be felling picked on. This wont be the last time we leave him till lastâ¦
3/10-Frost Lord-heal if necessary. Make sure auto save is OFF and keep replaying the battle until you get the weapon frosted fate. Easy battle.
8/10-Mage, Priest, Knight- regulate the priest first to make him cast refocusing. Then go all out to kill him. Hopefully you should get him down pretty far. Keep Veradux on phalanx if he gets behind, and if the mage casts doom thereâs not much you can do, you just have to wait it out. You might find this battle takes quite a while due to needing to heal your allies. Then Regulate the priest after he wakes up to minimize his healing and you should take him down moderately easily. After that, go after the mage . At around 800 health the mage will heal, theres nothing you can do about it. The healing also causes a very annoying buff with means temporarily he does double damage but also takes double the damage .make sure you your stocked up on focus at this point you need to take him down fast with the strongest attack possible. After that, itâs a walk in the park
10/10-Mage, Mage, Knight- One of the hardest fights in the entire game. For this battle you may want to swap a regulate for another restore. Start attacking the bottom mage (the knight only uses guarded on the top one) and put Roald on aggressive. If Vera is doing well, just keep attacking, if he if not you can heal. Again you might find yourself playing extremely defensively. Eventually you should get the bottom mage to about 1000 health at this point stock up on focus and make sure your teammates have enough life to see them through the mage doing 2x damage for 4-6 rounds. Then kill, fast. Its very easy to die here. After the first mage is down its still hard but at least youâre not mainly healing, repeat what you did in the last battle so your only left with the knight. Then it easy. If you want you can Put Roald on tactical too so he casts greater purpose witch is unbelievably useful as a buff against doom. This is a very, very tricky battle, I had to redo it a number of times, but donât worry, youâll get there! This can be a very long battleâ¦and it relies on luck
6/10-Cult Leader -very long battle indeed. His attacks are like yours and scale with focus so use regulate on him till he has no focus keep at it if he trys to regain. Now its really easy, Itâs not too difficult, just time consuming. Towards the end he turns into the baron.
10/10-The Baron- this battle is literally impossible under normal circumstances. So: a lot of legend run guides have a problem with respecing. I have no such issue and it makes the game considerably easier. So respec and get: regulate 1/3, restore1/3, reconstruct 4/4, safe guard 4/4, mirage 1/4, stiff upper lip 4/5. Put all your points into vitality. Then on your ability wheel take 1x vapour cannon, 1x regulate, 1x mirage, 2x reconstruct, 3x safe guard. When you get into battle your first move should be to use mirage on Rux. If it runs out, do it again. Now use regulate as much as you can but donât die!, keep both players on the most defensive setting. If a player starts to die, usually because of tick tock use safe guard. It will normally be Roald cause he will have the lowest life. If safe guard runs out but tick tock hasnât, cast it again. After using safe guard 3 or 4 times your health will be seriously low (safe guard cost health) so cast reconstruct. Use vapour canon and regulate to gain focus again so you can use reconstruct when you next need it. This battle is still very difficult and time consuming, all the best of luck! When you respec back to a hot hydro build you donât need to put any points into vitality.
6/10-ZPCI, Blood Hound(2)-finally a relief from all the difficult battles. For a laugh you might want to try doing it without respecing but it takes a very long time. Anyway assuming you respec, go back to the old ways. Smash up the bottom dog, and heal if you get low on life. Once heâs gone the battle gets easy. Regulate the ZPCI if he does aim for the heart. I would take the other dog next and leave the ZPCI till last.
6/10-Captain Hunt- Some say this is even harder than Mage, Mage, and Knight. Not for hot hydro itâs not. This is where we can really laugh in the face of cold hydro. Go for the sniper first. Use your strongest attack W>W>D>D>VC>VC>VC and regulate the sniper whenever he has both Crouch and Lock and Load on. It doesnât take long to kill the sniper. After he is dead take the medic. You might have quite low life, so healing at this point is ok. Put Roald on tactical so he can use greater purpose and minimize the damage when Hunt starts using Marked for Death. You should kill the Medic unless you get unlucky, then turn on Hunt. His desperate shield is nothing next to your firepower. Now Roald talks about how you can get out by train and the battle ends.
ZONE 3: IVORY LINE - The Train
This is a very easy zone, even for hot hydro.
Battle progression:

1: (Level 12) - Spectre
2: (Level 12) - ZPCI Elite (2)
3: (Level 12) - Spectre (2)
4: (Level 13) - Phantom, Antagonist, Beast
5: (Level 13) - The Hobo
6: (Level 13) - The Real Hobo
7: (Level 14) - The Host
8: (Level 14) - Spectre (3)
9: (Level 14) - Clemons The Deceiver
Ability progression:
Level Twelve lasting pain 4/4
Level Thirteen decimate 3/4
Level Fourteen decimate 4/4
3/10-Spectre: Easy, i recommend re-doing this battle till you get Annihilation as it is a really good weapon for you/roald.
5/10-ZPCI Elite (2): Again quite easy, take out the weaker one first with the combo. Regulate when they use 'Aim for the heart'. It can be annoying when they both do it at the same time.
4/10-Spectre (2): Easy. I recommend redoing this battle until you get the katana. Another good weapon for you/roald.
5/10-Phantom, Antagonist, Beast: Slightly difficult, take out the Phantom first. Then beast and finally Antagonist. Use restore if it is needed but you should have no problems. I would use decimate on the antagonist near the beginning, so by the time your attacking him he has already lost a massive amount of life.
2/10-The Hobo: Easy.
2/10-The Real Hobo: Easier
3/10-The Host: easy. His suit looks so cool.
5/10-Spectre (3): You shouldn't have much of a problem; just keep on healing. There isn't much of a strategy but still can be quite difficult. Just try to get rid of one of them asap.
6/10-Clemons The Deceiver: you might want to keep redoing this level to get a weapon. And the battle is really easy, even when he shows his true form. There are 3 stages to this battle. Firstly he will be casting 'Unknown Condition' on you will is basically the same as Subversion or Retrograde so turn Vera off defensive. After that he starts casting some nasty shadow abilities, Finally, once he gets to around 5000hp he will heal himself fully and reveal his 'true form' when he does its really easy to kill him. Keep redoing this till you get the weapon sun struck horrors. It will be your weapon until the end of the next zone and Roaldâs from then on. Believe me, its worth it. It took me 17 tries! You have to be really patient.
ZONE 4: LABYRINTH - Tunnel of Illusions
Probably the easiest zone for a Cold Hydraulic but us hot hydroâs have a bit of trouble with gregor and that lot.

Battle Progression:
1: (Level 15) - Tunnel Beast
2: (Level 15) - Vivian Vixen
3: (Level 15) - Gregor
4: (Level 16) - Shunny
5: (Level 16) - The Magical Monkey
6: (Level 16) - Mokoshotar
7: (Level 17) - Bunny
8: (Level 17) - Flower Zombie
9: (Level 17) - The Hydra
10: Cut scene
Ability progression:
Level Fifteen warm neurology 1/4
Level Sixteen warm neurology 2/4
Level Seventeen warm neurology 3/4
From here on in, it important to have higher vitality if possible than at least one of your teammates. This is because warm neurology makes you take more damage for the same attack that your allies. Higher vitality mean you wonât be so much of a target for attack and therefore will take less of it. Also you might not understand why your putting points into warm neurology seeing as none of your attacks use focus, but they do scale with focus so the more you have the more damage you do.
5/10-Tunnel Beast: Not too difficult, if youâre having trouble keeping up with his damage remember to heal.
Vivian Vixen: At first glance everyone thinks yay 1HKO but unfortunately thatâs never the case. Keep using vapour canon until her buff runs out and you can hit proper damage. Then go all out. Expect to be redoing this level a lot of times to get Posidions fury (best weapon for Rux). You can get it on any battle in zone 4 but I think this one is the easiest and would strongly suggest redoing it until you get it, having it helps a lot in zone 5.
6/10-Gregor: would be ridiculously difficult under normal circumstances, but, weâre doing this differently: respec. Get 4/4 vascular arrest and after that fill your bar with anything because heâs nothing without healing,. Use vascular arrest whenever it runs out.
4/10-Shunny: respec to the usal and the extra point goes in to warm neurology. Its an easy battle. Just watch out for Withdrawl. It deals around 2000 damage, once he has cast it if youâve survived its easy.
5/10-The Magical Monkey: healing is essential, cause he can hit big. But you can hit bigger. Smash him up!
3/10-Mokoshotar: hahahaha, so easy. Whoever she uses Were-Wolf on, put them on relentless. You can do the healing if Vera has Were-wolf on him.
5/10-Bunny: Actually can be difficult as Bunny deals up to 2k damage. Just heal it off.
4/10-Flower Zombie: Easy.
7/10-The Hydras: Make sure auto save is OFF. This battle isnât so difficult as it is annoying. Make sure vera is plananx and roald is relentless. Take either fire claw first and do it as fast as possible with Vapour Canon, yup you head it: vapour canon. The fire claws are very weak to it. If somebody is dyeing, heal though. When one goes down take time out for healing witch will dispel the fire effects. Then kill the second. Believe it or not, now the battle gets difficult due to a lot of very powerful poison attacks from the hydra, such as a 5 turn stun that cant be dispelled. It takes time and you will find yourself healing quite a bit, but youâll get there. As i said i recommend re-doing this battle untill you get Emerald Death, as it will be the best weapon for you. Hope you get lucky. Seriously if you donât redo this battle to get emerald death it makes the rest of the game a nightmare.

0/10-City Miners: Donât throw the items away. The hats come in a lot of use agents blood hounds because of physical defence. And the tops are excellent for Roald and yourself. Same with hats.
Zone 5: HEW: The Dystopia
This zone is tricky for any legend run. But youâll be glad to hear its not particularly difficult for hot hydro. Donât throw spare items away. Partly because of felicity and also because its awshome!
Battle Progression:
1: (Level 18) - Riot Police
2: (Level 18) - Riot Police, Blood Hound
3: (Level 18) - Secret Police (2)
4: (Level 19) - Police Colonel
5: Cut scene
6: (Level 19) - Care Taker, Blood Hound (2)
7: (Level 19) - Android Guard, Riot Police (2)
8: (Level 20) - Specialist, Android Guard (2)
9: Cut Scene
10: (Level 20) - City Council
11: (Level 21) - Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist
12: (Level 21) - Specialist, Blood Hounds (2)
13: (Level 21) - Secret Police, Android Guard (2)
14: (Level 21) - The Mayor
Level Eighteen warm neurology 4/4
Level Nineteen avenger form 1/1
Level Twenty reconstruct 1/4
Level Twenty-One safe guard 1/4
When you get avenger form switch if for regulate on your ability wheel.
4/10-Riot Police: Easy
6/10-Riot Police, Blood Hound: Uh, blood hounds. **** them. Were lucky that hot hydro are good with bloodhounds because they have high physical defence due to hats decent life and high damage. The bloodhound goes first then the riot police.
5/10-Secret Police (2): brilliant. You can now use emerald death and avenger from! Your enemyâs shall bow down before you. And these two are away to be destroyed. I suggest using avenger form at the start of the battle (second turn) and again when you are below 60 focus.
8/10-Police Colonel: I hate this battle so much. Because if you get a bit unlucky it can cost you the whole fight. The fight is mainly about 2 buffs. Reloading and Guns Blazing. When he's using Guns Blazing you need to heal, use vapour cannon and decimate. When he is reloading its wreck,> wreck then whatever you have left. He will take about 6K damge a turn with 2 decimates on him and wreck does about 12K damage. So although youâre really vulnerable when hes guns blazing it sould tale you a max of 3 reloadingâs to kill him. Watch out though because he sometimes uses them at the same time; so you don't want him to be attacking you. So its ok to heal. Having Roald defensive is a very good idea because greater purpose stops rux from being 1HK. Donât worry if you die. I did as well the first few tries. If your feeling confident I would suggest redoing the battle with auto save off so as to get his weapon supremacy witch is the best one for Roald/felicity if your using emerald death.
0/10-Cut Scene: You get Felicity in this battle. I highly recommend swapping Roald for her. This is because she is 2 levels higher and hits an average of 1000 damage which is more than Roald. Give her Roaldâs gear and other gear you have in your inventory. She is often criticised for having low vitality so make sure you give her stuff that takes her vitality over 120. I would suggest keeping felicityâs items seeing as some of them are very good for yourself because not only do they have high strength, physical piercing and speed, but they also give you extra focus and wreck scales with your focus. There perfect, only problem is you have to wait until your level 21 or 22 to use them.
8/10-Care Taker, Blood Hound (2): This battle is difficult due to the Blood Hounds . I didn't find it too hard though. Remember to keep Veradux with the miners hat. with Felicity you are dealing much more damage and the Hounds will drop very quickly. Once one is dead the battle is quite easy. After the 2nd goes down you're guaranteed victory. Healing is something you will find yourself doing a lot of throughout this zone and this battle might take quite a whileâ¦
7/10-Android Guard, Riot Police (2): hahaha brilliant. cherish these memories: seeing as this is the first point in the game were hot hydro excels above all the other builds, electric phsco included. Take the lower riot police first ASAP, this shouldnât take more than 3 hits. once he went it was fairly easy. Then take the other one. I hate it when the android guard casts those annoying Force Field buffs. But you gotta keep going. Finaly kill the android guard. Healings ok and you might lose a team member⦠this a very tricky battle though. Just thank god youâre not cold hydro.
6/10-Specialist, Android Guard (2): Kill the Specialist ASAP, because if you get Black Metal cast on a team mate you can say goodbye to him. After that the battle is easy, although expect to get annoyed with those pesky Force Field buffs. The android guards would be a force to be reckoned with if they stopped buffing each other up and stated doing somethingâ¦
0/10-Mayor, ZPCI- yayayay, free Xp.
6/10-City Council: Wow, i wish the Twin Guardians were as easy as this. Bring them down together so they both within under 3k of each other when one dies. When one dies the other dosnt do any dangerous for 2 or 3 turns. So kill, fast. As i said easy. I suggest auto save is off and you keep redoing it to get the weapon Wrath Of the council witch is an insane weapon for rux. With over 150 instinct. It might take quite a few goes.
7/10-Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist: Kill the Specialist first because, as i said, once a team mate is de buffed with Black Metal you can count them out. After that go for the Secret Police and finally Android Guard. After the specialist is down it becomes easy.
9/10-Specialist, Blood Hounds (2): equip rux with the miners hat. What a horrible fight. Under normal circumstances I would say specialist first due to black metal, but due to hot hydro being useless at defence you just cant keep up with damage and when I played it I never had black metal cast on meâ¦.. so, put felicity on relentless and rux on planex. Dec>Wreck>wreck on a hound and if any of those miss restart the battle. If not, you have one less hound to deal with. Itâs really easy to lose a team member but its ok cause one 1 hound is gone things get a bit easier. After the first hound take the specialist. Healing is crucial and you will find yourself healing 70% of the time. Good luck! If your really struggleing equipt any extra physical defence armor you have and purchase 3 lavastone barriers from the zone 4 shop. And use them, this way the hounds do even less damage although you do less yourself.
6/10-Secret Police, Android Guard (2): surprisingly easy. Kill Secret Police first. However if you can catch the Android Guard without his Shield on, turn on him and finish him quickly.
6/10-The Mayor: if youâve got as far as here, im proud of you cause its not easy! Kill the Guardian Cannon first cause hes rubbish. Then the Mayor. He only does 400 damage untill he Buffs himself with Enrage. However he dispels it from himself. You can't stop him from casting his 3 buffs, although they increase your Health by 300% i think so it doesn't really matter. Brilliant, Well congratulations you have now achieved the Legend achievement I will be going through Zone 6 and Zone 7 now.
Hola. You no longer need to restrict yourself from training so go back and repeat the mayor a lot to get all the instinct equipment for rux and train you characters to level thirty before attempting zone 6. If youâve levelled up a bit and want to gain xp quick I suggest the training battle on zone 6. Its really easy as hot hydro cause you just go in there and tear them to shreds. I would also suggest. Ditching felicity and regaining Roald because he is more reliable, looks cooler has a better stun, a much better defensive move and about equal damage at the same level. He will be bad at first cause he will be a couple of levels behind and not much stuff, but go back to the hydra and get emerald death again for him. To be honest the hot hydro has all the abilityâs it needs without going into ice wall and flash freeze at level 19 but never mind that cause Iâm not complaining I have to many ability points, so the rest of the points go like this

Level ability
22 mirage 1/4
23 stiff upper lip 1/5
24 stiff upper lip 2/5
25 stiff upper lip 3/5
26 stiff upper lip 4/5
27 stiff upper lip 5/5
28 subversion
29 flash freeze 1/4
30 flash freeze 1/4

ZONE 6: IL SANCTUS - The Supreme Court
Battle Progression:
1: Metal Warden
2: Time Bomb
3: Nostalgia
4: Judge
5/10-Metal Warden: Probably the easiest achievement on the game. You have to defeat him only using 1 team mate. So bring along Veradux for healing. He deals high damage and you canât stop that, but you can hit him back. The battle doesnât take long you should equip the weapon he drops.
4/10-Time Bomb: this is what us hot hydros love best. If you want to win fast I suggest you respec to this:
Hypothermia 1/4
Impair 4/4
Bloodshed 4/4
Hot blooded 1/1
Regulate 1/3
Wreck 4/4
Warm neurology 4/4
Avenger form 4/4
Decimate 4/4
Lasting pain 4/4

Your abilityâs should look like this and the number to the left of the ability is the order you should use them from 1-8:
(1)-Impair x1
(2)-Bloodshed x1
(3)-Hypothermia x1
(4)-avenger form x1
(5&6)-Decimate x2
(7)-wreck x1
(8)- vapour cannon x1

You should only really be using vapour canon if you run out of focus and if you miss an attack then do it again at the soonest possible time. After your fist eight turns you should be using a mix of decimate and wreck and impair and bloodshed when they run out. Good luck and I hope you get doomsday. The bodywere you get from here is the best and you should equip it. And the hat is quite good for vera.
9/10-Nostalgia: if you want, you can do it alone, but I think thatâs an achievement easiest done with cold hydro, so im not going to bother. Respec to the original but switch both restores for a flash freeze and a subversion. He does some decent damage but rux should be able to heal it off. Hit him as hard as you can in your first few turns because in a few turns he casts his buff meaning you do virtually no damage. Thereâs nothing you can do, you just have to keep hacking him down very slowly. Decimate is now your strongest attack, make sure you use it as often as possible because, Every now and again he will cast a buff meaning both him and you do 10x damage. When he does this you must stun him. And seeing as that does little damage you main force of attack will come from felicity and the Dot from decimate. When his health is just above 10,000 stun him. Then use wreck, then cast subversion. If his health is under 10,000 he will heal himself but due to subversion he will kill himself. Congrats you have defeated one of the hardest battles in the game. This battle takes absolutely ages.
Judge: woppie. Take back restore on your bar and just take her to pieces. Her stun can be annoying but it doesnât matter cause if she hits Rux you can do the healing and vies versa. She goes down in 8-9 turns. And she drop a set of armour worth quite a bit.
ZONE 7: SHO'TUL SHELF - The Divided Cliff
This zone is, difficult. But no worries cause the armour sets in the shop are unbelievable! Hopefully you have collected enough money through the game to purchase 3 full sets of armour. Take 1 full furious set(red), another furious set but without the bodywere this will be for you but the platinum cage is better. And one cryptic set(yellow) for vera. If you donât have enough for all this then I suggest replaying the judge till you do.
Battle Progression:
1: Doctor Klima
2: North Guardian, South Guardian
3: Yosuke
4: Versu the Corruptor
7/10-Doctor Klima: Doctor kilma has it all, style, weapons, fashion, looks, health, healing and damage. I bet you the guy lives in a mansion and has 6 wives, so: Replace a restore on your ability bar with a subversion. he will heal himself on the third turn and every fifth turn afterward. All you need to do is cast subversion when he heals. Only take rux cause if felicity or Roald stun at the wrong time it can mess up his healing pattern. Often I have herd peole say that the suit he drops is the best in the game for Vera. Theyâre wrong, The cryptic set at the Z7 shop is.
10/10-North Guardian, South Guardian: God knows what gastly mind created these beasts. They are a nightmare. And one of the hardest fights in the game for a hot hydro. I spent hours failing this level. The only way to do it is to attack them both and bring their hp down to around 1000, then kill one then kill the next. Attack the North Guardian first as he is the healer and i don't think he heals himself. So whittle him down to around 5000hp then go to work on the South Guardian. Felicity will stop him recovering too much health however if she is starting to kill him put her on Aggresive mode. Once then are both down to 5000hp attack one, and then the other untill they are on around 2000hp. Then kill the one with the higher health and hope Felicity kills the weaker one. The deliver the finished blow to the other one. Then congratulations you have completed the hardest battle on the game. You have to keep trying. Its sooo hard.
10/10-Yosuke: Erm, yeahâ¦..sorry guys, there is no way to complete this using a hot hydro build, believe me I tried. Respec and take all four levels of mind freeze and flash freeze and equip 2 of each on your ability wheel other than that take some damage dealing abilities. He wont be able to do a thing as long as you make sure and least either mind freeze or flash freeze it active on him. This battle isn't hard, just extremely long. And if you want to shorten it you can just take vera and not felicity. There is no way to penetrate his Immortal Flame buff so you're just going to have to put on some music and wait it out for 99 turns. Remember to keep the combo on him though because if he attacks you with focus, you're done for. Once the buff is off you attack him like any other battle and since he doesn't re-cast the buff the battle is yours. If you make one mistake your dead.
6/10-Versu the Corrupter: paahahahahahaha, easy. Respec to the original. And just own her. DONâT KILL THE ORBS and donât let them die. If one dies she reveals her true form and owns you no matter how hard you try. Just keep using decimate and you should damage more than shes healing. And then CONGRATULATIONS! You have achieved Over the Ashes and completed the game!
If your still with me and have made it to the end, give yourself a pat on the back, it wasnât easy was it. Please donât come shouting at me about it being to difficult cause I know its hard! Also, I know how bad my spelling is so you donât need to tell me that.Please do give your feedback below and congrats to krin for making such an awesome game! Its taken me ages but I hope your happy with the end result. Good luck playing sonny and may the next one be just as good! If you think there is a more efficient way to play hot hydro, Iâm open for discussion.
P.S Stun Psycho: this is a build I invented and im wondering if anybody would like me to make a guide for it. Using this build its so easy to get a legend run and you thrive in 3v3 battles like no other. Its an instinct based psychological build and is defensive is the same way as cold hydro only battles take way less time. Its by far the easiest way to do over the ashes, bar none. Also you dump vera at Zone 5 and take felicity and roald! Its soo simple.


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yeah, your right. using flash freeze, mind freeze and possibly ice wall makes a lot of the battles much easier. but then its not really hot hydro which is why i wasn't using them.
warm hydro is one of the most effective builds in the game.
thanks for posting though and i do agree warm hydro is better but not what i was aiming for..

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also its more fun to stick to one tree!!!

1,673 posts

Well in most cases I think it's more fun to challenge yourself with a hard build as well.

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spot on, and its also good to see a very powerful end result!!!

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Reflect Fire Strike Cast By Yosuko.

About the Corruptor:
Kill the upper orb and destroy every healings. The Lower Orb will help the job down. Go to maximum Strength and pierce the Corruptor's buff(You know, damage-over-time works on her). (I'm lvl30)

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got a problem in getting emerald death.
is there any special condition for the players to get the blade from hydra?

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Drops are random, from that stage, you will either get Broken Emerald Shard, Emerald Death or both at random.

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thx Dark123456789

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What if I dont get supermacy?
Out of curious, i wanna know the stat of supermacy
thx u all sonny players

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I have problem surviving the felicity fight, I just can't seem to be able to allow veradux to survive long enough for felicity to stop using black metal.Should I get him something with high vitality instead? Should I let veradux attack felicity like mad or keep healing?
The longest Veradux could survive is after 2 turns when felicity uses serious business, because black metal is still on.

P.S.: The stat of a supremacy weapon is 106 speed,
106 strength,
106 instinct.

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yeah its a very difficult fight vit armour is a good idea... but yeah you just got to keep persevering, its very hard..

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Good Tips althought it could have been better

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care taker bloodhound 2 i had big trouble with it could not keep up with heals or 1 of us got killed because both hounds attacked same target i tried like 30 times without no effort so i remade my skills then and i was able to kill them
Skills 3/3 restore 1/4 reconstruct 1/4 safe guard 4/4 mirage 5/5 stiff upper lip
1/4 impair 1/1 hot blooded 1/3 regulate 4/4 wreck 2 points left over
make sure you have decent vitality on sonny 140 120 rux and felicity or so rest on strengthwhen battle starts you put mirage on both of them or restore if
needed let felicity kill 1 of them meanwhile ou keeep up heals and can attack also few times with wreck now ou should be able to keep up with healing cose no warm neurology and you got stiffer up lip and mirage ioth on them means they mostly attack you hope it helps others also who have trouble

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The guide is great, but I think Speed should be up higher on Sonny's priority. Why? Speed influences accuracy, and even if Wreck can hit for upwards of 7K, it hits for 0 if it misses. It's not just raw power, it's if it hits or not.
Otherwise, really good! Thanks.

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damage is the key, don't get overly defensive.

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