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My friend is writing a story. (No previews) There's a character who's kind of depressed and after his village got burnt by a dragon, he's living with some people in the woods. he wrote a poem. (technically my friend in disguise)
One choice.
One road.
One voice.
One human.

One sound.
One sight.
One ground.
One sky.

One word.

There is only one.
I hate it.
There isnât even a rerun.
That would mean two.

If I cry I have only one tear.
It falls to the ground so alone,
Sparkling bright, and crystal clear,
So I do not cry.

If I laugh, I laugh only once,
Because I am alone.

Some say itâs because I was bad,
Some say itâs just luck,
But I say that itâs just sad,
And I have no luck to speak of.

Life keeps getting longer and longer,
There is no end for me.
I get weaker while others get stronger,
It simply isnât fair.

"Depression is the godless,
The place thatâs cold and lawless,
So find another way,
Lest you go astray."

what do you think?

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