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Okay every now and then i will post a New Dark Story
Every time i do one it will get Less and less easier, this one is very Easy, And i can only answer u YES or NO

So a Woman Walked into a Empty Bar Goes up to the Bartender and asked for a drink Straight Away the Bartender Shoots Her and Kills her Now what happened????

1. Try to keep it simple answers don't just Cut straight to the Solution Get it? try to ask Questions like: was the bartender a killer or something like that.
2. Stay on topic with what u already know. E.g So he was a killer, she went into a empty bar now what else could of happened???? Get it?

Whoever WINS will get Ummm nothing but still has the honour of winning! And When someone Guesses it right i will start another one Straight Away.

1. There can only be 3 Answers Per Person For the Easy ones,
Reason: Well so then other people can have a try guessing instead of one guy Asking 1 billion Questions.
2. For Medium There can be 6 Answers Per Person and For Hard there will be 10. (Now remember u only have 3, 6 or 10 Answers u can make so think about it)

And yes this is an Actual Board Game Just copying it on AG from Some Stories that i chose.
I will Post the solution once someone guesses it.

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Will this one be used, or the other one?

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