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General tips:
1. This game is all about fuel preservation. So that means don't hold down the accelerate key when in the air and (especially for the beginning car) don't accelerate going down hills -- let gravity do the work.
2. For the pick up truck and the 6-wheeler, you don't need more than the middle transmission (RWD or 4WD sport) to finish the game.
3. For rocks and zombies, you want to make sure you tilt back a little before hitting them so that you can roll over them easily. A zombie on top of the vehicle slows you down significantly.
4. For the large piles of crates, you want to do the opposite and tilt slightly forward so that you don't have to climb over any unbroken boxes, which slows you down considerably.
5. In general, for the pick up truck and the 6-wheeler, you want to be driving a little tilted back, almost like a wheelie.
6. Use the boost when going up hills to launch you into the air and travel farther without needing fuel (remember when in the air, let go of the gas!).

My upgrade path:
Day 1 195 feet
2 tires fuel, accelerate into the first zombie at the bottom of the ramp - $50, 263 feet
3 engine, trans, try to get to 395 feet with 2 zombie strikes
4 tires, fuel, 633 feet
5 engine, boost, boost fuel, 729 feet with a strike 3 bonus
6 max everything, spend the rest on boost fuel - 846 feet
7 max boost fuel, buy gun ammo - 937 feet
8 bought nothing 963 feet with a zombie strike bonus
9 upgrade to pick up truck with fuel - 1082 feet with breach and epic strike
10 engine, tires, fuel - 1180 feet (maybe i could have bought the biggest tires here)
11 transmission (to RWD sport), fuel - 1327 feet
12 engine - 1325 feet
13 fuel - 1602 feet
14 nothing - about the same as before ~1600 feet
15 nothing - about the same as before ~1600 feet
16 upgrade to final truck (6-wheeler) + fuel - 1751 feet
17 all fuel (could have bought the engine) - 1821 feet
18 transmission to RWD sport and fuel - 1914 feet
19 upgrade engine and boost - 2280 feet
20 full fuel, full boost, tires. Remember to use the boost to jump on ramps to minimize fuel usage - end.

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