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New story, about a wolf, credit to my friend Emo for the idea.

CI: A Water Song

A breeze swung the wet matted fur of Nacht, son of Dunwel, grandson of the Clan Machtir's Chieftan. He had just escaped with his life from the attack from the Clan Auze, the new but powerful Clan led by a tyrant wolf. Only a few nights old, but still stationed at a camp, an unstable one; they needed every wolf, no matter the age, to stop Auze.
I watched the great Feuer die! He recalled the deputy's death. From under the claws of Meucheln, he had fought bravely. His last command ever uttered was, "Flee! Flee little one! Tell Dunwel that Auze has taken our borers!".
He had fled, and was taking a break at a pond. He was both mentally and physically exhausted. Sitting by a rock, he places one of his paws in the water. He remembered a song his father had taught him, a slow song about water.

"Vedrua, Vedrua, all is calm Vedrua,
a lake on the edge of Vedrua.
A small taste with just enough haste,
will be enough not to waste.
That's why Vedrua, Vedrua,
We rely on you-a,
Vedrua, Vedrua."

It was about the spirit of water, Vedrua, not noticing a small bit of water being stolen without thanks in a hurry. He did have time to thank her, and did, and began licking up the water until he fell asleep.

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CII: Missed Warriorship

Nacht woke up. He remembered he had to get back to Machtir and Dunwel. He forgot how tired he was, and ran. He considered himself lucky not to have been murdered in his sleep by the soulless Auze.
He reached camp by sundown, half because of how long it was, half because of how small he was. Though he continued through to the center of the camp, where he found Dunwel talking to his Grandfather, Grau.
"It has been too long, Grau. If the Geschwin were to help, we would have gotten our answer already. I fear so that Verhan was murdured either on his way, or at their territory line." Dunwel said.
"Nonsense! Yet, maybe not," Grau said slowly, "It has been dark times, dark times indeed! The Clan Geschwin could get out of this with enough luck, and sense, not joining this war. But we are fools without them."
"For that there is nothing I can do. Our choices shall be to either attack or surrender. Feuer is a great fighter. With him, we are sure to win atleast the borders. Oh, Nacht! You there," Dunwel said, noticing the little wolf, "Why are you here? You were placed at our borders. And if you are here, why is not Feuer?"
"I-I..," Nacht stumbled, "Feuer is dead. Our borders are taken." The two older wolves looked at him with amazement.
"Feuer... impossible! Very well, if we can't beat this war, we will go to war with Geschwin if they will not help." said Grau.
"That is incredibly unethical! We wouldlose more-" Dunwel started, but Grau inturrupted.
"We would have a whole forests-worth of squirrels less casualties in this war than with Auze. But this will be a diplomatic mission. We shall ask what happened with Verhan, and ask them once more if they will fight." He glanced around, and noticed a few more wolves were staring at him, clearly with confusion. This time he spoke louder so every wolf leader in Machtir heard him. "We will send a party of three wolves at dawn to Geschwin territory, three being the sacred number of course. To intimidate them, we shall send three young wolves. The leader being... ah, yes! Nacht, son of Dunwel!"
"But mighty Grau, I am not even a warrior yet!" Nacht pointed out.
"And none of you shall be. When you come back, you will be an Einzelgangar." Nacht knew what it meant, an in-Clan rogue. Solo missions, and passes the ranks of pretty much everyone except the Deputy and Leader.
"You shall go with Stein and Rinde." And with that, Grau walked out of the area, probably to his cave.

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