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Hi There ,
i came up with an idea of making an RPG game in flash cs4 with AS2. I Have tons of ideas for the game like the story blah blah blah.
I cannot do the game by myself i need some help who are experienced in using flash. I will need the following people :
A programmer[b]
An Artist[/b]
A Music Designer.
I , myself will come up with ideas and the design of the game , i don't want to get greedy here , but i'm not a bad drawer myself
i am using flash for a month and a half now and i can say that i'm experienced in programming and using flash itself. Im not a master tho , that's why i need people to help me.
I am also experienced in using photoshop so that may come in handy.
enough for that , here are the elements i want to include to the game :
Level-up System
and all the other elements that a basic rpg has.
If you are interested , write a message in my profile saying your G-mail (if you have one) and we could discuss it further. if you have any questions just post it here.
Many Thanks
, Clash

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-Hey, if you want a music designer you can search in popular games' credits, like Kingdom Rush, watch the music designer's page and contact him.
-If you want a programmer watch this page and do a topic (you need create an account) . There are much good programmers.

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Clash112 the only way your are going to get anyone experienced enough to actually make a game with you is if you either have an amazing idea with a well set out design document (when I say amazing I mean it, you should probably have a deep understanding of what makes games fun or have studied the subject thoroughly). Or you can be a programmer yourself have a decent idea and have made reasonable progress on it and want to some help. Lastly you have enough money to fund the project and pay people to make your game. Pay as in present tense not some cut of the finished game though I wouldn't be surprised if people wanted a cut of that too.

i am using flash for a month and a half now and i can say that i'm experienced in programming

A month is not nearly enough unless you dedicated a large portion of your time daily to it.

I see these posts all the time and I have never heard of anyone getting anywhere with it.
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