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i wrote this a while back

Why must i sit here and watch this wretched race of man?
they are meaningless people,
doing meaningless things,
for the sake of people that mean nothing to them.
To want is one thing,
but greed is another.
To lie, cheat, hate, and corrupt for the mere sake of their fellow ****ed.
I can not continue to sit here and watch young girls hike their skirts up,
as they slip their bras down,
hoping, wanting, praying, desiring that "that one man" will come for them.
Watch you give is what you recieve,
hence, the fall of man.

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The Way I See You
To my best friend who I fell in love with.

When I stare into your eyes,
I feel like I could see inside.
Inside all your worries and your fears,
And all your problems that you bare.
I know that you may not know,
The way I feel for you so.
I understand what you feel,
For you need no use to say your fears.
Sometimes I wonder if you see me too,
Not my appearance but who I really am.
Yes, I'll always wonder what you feel,
But do you know how I see you?
You are the greatest thing alive,
And I want you to know that I love you dear.

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Nice- I agree... It seems the world is becoming more sexual and greedy. Its like I can hear my grandparents saying stuff when we go into public and muttering under their breath when they see girls.....
Anyways, Its time to post a poem??
I wrote this in my creative writing class.

I Don't Know You

My thoughts turn blue
As It dawns In my thoughts
Thats I don't know you.

I remember we used to giggle and laugh-
But you're not the person that I once knew.
Changing always, like the morning dew.

You think It cruel that I act like this
But you're the one who left me In the abyss.
As I sat In the dark, you branded me a tattoo,
Its unappealing letters spelling 'I don't know you.'

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I wrote this poem when my FAVORITE uncle died in Afghanistan.

With blood and rage of crimson red.

We fill men's souls of darkest dread.

And twist the minds of pain and hate.

We'll burn you all.

That is your fate.

I was the last to find out

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