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Love and Hate
When the walls around you are falling,
Lower into the depths, you are crawling,
The pit in my heart you have dug is now eternal,
The emotion Iâm drowning in has become infernal,
Look at what you have done to me,
My eyes wide open, but I cannot see,
You are the person I love,
We fit so snug, like a well- knit glove,
You are the person I hate,
Determining my fatal fate,
The final war begins at first firefight,
Covering all the happiness and light,
The kingâs throne is killing my soul,
I cannot be made whole,
I give my soul to you,
And in return, my life you imbue,
I can only run away,
Left alone to decay,
You are the person I love,
Holding me high above,
You are the person I hate,
Turning me to my darkened state.

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