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I suggest the new armorgames (which will be coming soon) have a "Game of the Week" tab. Every Friday, armorgames members will have the opportunity to vote for the game they favored the most prior to be submitted to the last Friday. The game with the most votes will have the title, "Game of the Week". At the end of the month, the games of the week will have a voting battle to see which game is "Game of the Month". The game of the month will have the member who submitted the game earn x number of extra points for making the best game of the month. Then, maybe at the end of the year there could be a game of the year competition where the games of the month will battle. The game of the year will earn a very prestigous award and be maybe put in the "Armorgames Hall of Fame". It's just a suggestion but I believe this will bring many more players on the site and give armorgames lots of publicity.


"Game of the Week": x number of armorpoints
"Game of the Month": x number of armorpoints
"Game of the Year": Armorgames Hall of Fame and x number of armorpoints

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